About ascended masters – main page

In this section you will find articles about who or what ascended masters are.

Who are the ascended masters?

Basic information about ascended masters and what they can do for us as spiritual seekers.

What is an ascended master?

A discussion about what ascended masters are and the two main types of ascended masters.

What the ascended masters can do for us

Learn what the ascended masters can do for those of us who are spiritual seekers, including giving us a sense of purpose, giving us teachings, and empowering us to escape the cycle of birth and rebirth.

What we can do for the ascended masters

The ascended masters have the power to solve any problem on earth, but we have the authority to decide what happens here. Learn how we can give the masters the authority to use their power on this planet.

What is unique about Ascended Masters?

Learn what the ascended masters can offer spiritual seekers who are ready for a new kind of teacher.

The hierarchy of ascended masters

Different types of ascended masters, their functions and how they are organised.

How are the teachings on this website brought forth?

Learn how the ascended masters give direct teachings, called dictations, through a trained messenger.

The spiritual rays

The universe is made from seven main types of spiritual energy, often referred to as the seven rays. learn about their qualities and which ascended masters are associated with them.

You can experience that the masters are real

This is a transcript of a talk given by Kim Michaels immediately after a dictation by Ascended Master Venus,  given at the 2020 Webinar: Being the Divine Mother.