What is unique about Ascended Masters?

If you are open to this website, you are most likely aware that there is an alternative to living your life the way most of us were brought up to live our lives. Instead of a life without meaning (except to be a good consumer and accumulate material possessions) it is possible to find a clear purpose.

This means we are following a systematic path that leads to higher states of awareness than what most people see as normal. This is generally called following the spiritual path.

Most people who are aware of the spiritual path are also familiar with the concept of a teacher, sometimes called a guru. There are many different spiritual teachers on earth, and you may already have come in contact with one or more of them.

What kind of teacher are you ready for?

In a sense, all people are following the spiritual path, but most people are not aware of it. There is a universal law that guides the process of raising our awareness:

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Most people are not ready to consciously follow a spiritual teacher. They are following an unconscious path whereby their life circumstances become their teacher. This is also called the School of Hard Knocks.

In todays age, a growing number of people are awakening to the point where they can begin to consciously follow the spiritual path. The law states that when a person reaches this point, that person must find some kind of spiritual teaching or teacher. This explains why you have found the teachings and teachers you have personally encountered.

Many people adopt an artificial loyalty where they think a particular teaching or teacher must be the highest possible and that they should follow it for the rest of their lives. However, a very important realization is that the spiritual path has stages.

You start the path at a certain level of consciousness, and the teacher you find at that point can take you to a higher level. However, once you reach that higher level, you may need another teaching. Thus, in order to make maximum progress, we must constantly be open to finding the next teacher.

Many people have found several teachers and can see that they form a progression. Once you have raised your consciousness so you are open to a higher teaching, the next teacher appears in your life. Where does this lead?

Human teachers versus ascended teachers

There are many genuine and sincere spiritual teachers on earth. Many different claims are made about such teachers, for example that they have some special abilities or have reached some ultimate state of consciousness.

However, by the very fact that they are still in a physical body, you can know that they have not transcended all human idiosyncrasies. So when you feel you have had enough of such teachers, what is the natural next step?

If you consider the concept of a spiritual path, it must lead to a final step. Like the school system, there must be a final exam, and after passing it, a person no longer needs to take embodiment on earth.

This final exam is called the ascension process. The ascension is not just a gradual step up, but a decisive change, a quantum leap in consciousness. In order to qualify for the ascension, a person must let go of ALL self-interest and all human idiosyncrasies.

This means a person must resolve all reactionary patterns in its psychology and come to the point where there is no ego, no separate self. When the last aspect of what we can call human psychology is resolved, a person can go through the ascension spiral. This means the person is no longer a human being but becomes an ascended being. This can also be called an ascended master because you qualify only by mastering your own psychology.

After ascending, some masters move on in the spiritual realm above the material universe. Yet some ascended masters take a vow to stay with earth and serve to help those of us who have not yet ascended.

The important point to realize about ascended teachers is that they have completely transcended all human self-interest. An ascended master needs absolutely nothing from you, not your money, your psychic energy, your adoration or your obedience.

The advantage of ascended teachers

An ascended master has no hidden agenda for seeking to help you. Ascended masters have overcome all sense of being separate beings, meaning they realize all life is one. They see that the only way to raise themselves is to seek to raise the whole, meaning us.

An ascended master only seeks to help us become free of the human illusions, just as the master has become free. Because an ascended master has walked the same path we are all following, the master is in a unique position to help us overcome the limitations we face.

It is essential to recognize that ascended masters have absolute respect for free will. We human beings have lost our awareness of the spiritual reality because in past lifetimes we have made certain choices. The only way for us to be free of our current limitations is that we become aware that it is our own past choices that limit us. We must therefore be willing to look at our psychology and discover the illusions that we take to be true.

The ascended masters realize that we cannot overcome all of our illusions at once. We must follow a gradual path of overcoming one illusion at a time so we do not lose our sense of continuity, even identity. Thus, the ascended masters will never force themselves upon us. They offer us assistance only to the extent that we are willing to accept it.

Why you have never heard of ascended masters

There are several explanations for the fact that most of us never heard about ascended masters as we were growing up. The most universal is that humanity has created a collective consciousness. That collective mind is currently at such a low level that plausible deniability must be maintained.

This explains the fact that it is possible for people to deny that there is anything beyond the material universe or any other type of spiritual beings than what is defined by mainstream religions. The ascended masters are not allowed by law to reveal their existence in a way that cannot be denied by those who are not ready for the spiritual path.

As a result of this, the masters currently seek to help us by giving teachings through people who have been trained to bring forth teachings from the ascended level. This website is brought forth by one such person, or messenger.

Many of the teachings on this website are brought forth as direct dictations by the ascended masters. The person serving as the messenger has been trained to set aside his personal interest and go into a neutral state of mind (not a trance). This allows an ascended master to speak through the messenger and give a direct teaching.

This does happen through the consciousness of the messenger, as explained elsewhere. The advantage of this is that it fulfils the requirement of plausible deniability. It is easy for people who are not ready for these teachings to deny their validity and deny the authority or neutrality of the messenger.

How do you know if these teachings are genuine?

Naturally, when contemplating a new spiritual teaching, it is important to consider whether it is genuine. The uniqueness about this website is that the messenger claims no particular authority or ability.

The proof of the genuineness of the teaching is the effect it has on your consciousness. You have the ability to sense vibration in your heart. Does reading these teachings give you an uplifting sensation in your heart, or does it give you a sinking feeling? Do the teachings give you deeper insights that you sense are liberating you from present illusions?

If you get an uplifting feeling, in other words, if the teachings resonate with something in your own being, then you were guided to this website because there is something here that you need in order to take the next step on your personal path.

Take note that there is no claim made here that these teachings are the ultimate or the highest teachings on earth. There is no comparison to other teachings and you will not be asked to join a certain organization or have a feeling of loyalty towards the teaching or the messenger. There is no demand that you should stop studying other teachings.

Use these teachings as far as they give you growth and as far as they resonate with your inner being. But also be aware that in order to grow, we will from time to time have to give up illusions that we have so far taken as truth. This can be a challenging process because something in our psyches will resist it. That something is normally called the ego, and the question we often face is whether we will listen to the teacher challenging an illusion of to the ego defending that same illusion.

The teachings on this website are designed to challenge all of the illusions people hold on earth. If you are willing to challenge your illusions, at your own pace, there is no limit to how far the teachings of the ascended masters can take you.

Of course, these teachings are not an end in themselves. The ultimate goal of these teachings is that you come to a point where you no longer need them, because you have used the teachings to establish a direct, personal, inner contact with the ascended masters. May these teachings serve only to shorten the time it takes you to reach that point.

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