What the ascended masters can do for us

Most people who are open to the existence of ascended masters see themselves as “spiritual, but not religious.” We could never accept the version of God and the spiritual side of life presented by mainstream religion. Neither could we deny all spirituality and accept scientific materialism. We always sensed intuitively that there is more to know about the spiritual side of life than what either of these thought systems provide.

The ascended masters can first of all validate that our intuitive sense that life has a spiritual side is correct. There is indeed a spiritual realm or world beyond the physical, and there are intelligent, self-aware beings in that world. These beings are willing to teach us about the spiritual reality and help us raise our awareness so we can connect to them directly without going through any authority figure, guru, pope or organization on earth.

Giving us a sense of purpose

Most spiritual people have a strong intuitive sense that life must have meaning, that there must be a purpose for us being on a planet that most of us consider very difficult or even primitive. The ascended masters have gien many teachings to explain why we are here and what the purpose of life really is.

Although this will be explained in greater depth in various places, these are the immediate purposes for why we are in embodiment on this planet at this particular time:

  • We are here to raise our consciousness on an individual basis. We are here to learn certain lessons for which planet earth (with all of its turmoil) is the best possible learning environment. The masters have given many teachings to help us discover what our individual purpose is.
  • We each have a life plan or Divine plan that we made in cooperation with the ascended masters before we came into embodiment. This plan specifies where we are born, which people we meet, what occupation to have, what spiritual lessons to learn and what we can do to improve the world.
  • Most people open to the ascended masters have already raised our consciousness to the level where we can do something for other people, even do something for our society or the planet as a whole. The masters give many teachings on what we can do for others and for the masters themselves. More on this later.
  • The ascended masters teach that there are certain spiritual cycles on earth. The past 2,000 years was the Age of Pisces, and the main ascended masters overseeing the earth during that time was Jesus. We are now in the Age of Aquarius and the main ascended master overseeing this age is Saint Germain who has plans for manifesting a Golden Age on earth. Many spiritual people have volunteered to take embodiment at this time in order to help manifest Saint Germain’s Golden Age. However, many have also come to help Jesus bring about a greater understanding of his true teachings, teachings that have become distorted by mainstream Christianity. It is necessary that a greater number of people grasp the true teachings of Jesus before the planet can fully move into the Aquarian age. The true teachings of Jesus are explained in great depth on the Mystical Teachings of Jesus website.

Spiritual teachings

Again, the ascended masters serve as universal teachers who are seeking to help all people grasp the spiritual side of life and how it affects our lives in the material world. For most people, the most immediate benefit we get out of discovering the ascended masters is that we find an enormous amount of material that we can study. This can greatly expand our understanding of not only spiritual topics, but also the practical side of life on this very difficult planet.

This website is part of the Ascended Master Resources Network, which also has two other sites that give you a large amount of teachings to study. The Ascended Master Answers website contains a large number of questions submitted by people like you and answered by the ascended masters through their human messenger. Ascended Master Light website contains hundreds of direct messages, dictations, from the ascended masters on a wide variety of topics. This material is freely available to all. The ascended masters have also dictated a large number of books that can be purchased on Amazon or through our bookstore.

Helping us discern between reality and illusion

In this Internet age with claims, counterclaims and conspiracy theories, how do we determine what is real and what is just some illusion conjured up by either well-meaning but naive people or people with the intent on manipulating society? The ascended masters offer us a good place to start because their teachings are given from a state of consciousness that is above all selfish intentions.

We can use the teachings of the masters to increase our ability to discern between reality and illusion. The masters have also given extensive teachings on the methods being used to manipulate humanity, including the duality consciousness and the epic mindset used by many dictators throughout history.

The ascended masters have also given us extensive teachings on the existence of a power elite (or rather several power elite groups) who are intent on manipulating society to gain power and privileges. The masters have even explained that the power elite is made up of a special kind of beings who have rebelled against the purpose of the universe (which is self-transcendence). These fallen beings are completely selfish and have the psychological profile of narcissists, psychopaths and sociopaths. They have no empathy with human beings, they have no humanity, and they only seek or manipulate us through a wide variety of lies.

These lies have been exposed by the ascended masters and you can use the teachings of the masters to free yourself from these very subtle lies. Doing this is essential for reaching a higher state of consciousness.

Giving us spiritual energy

As explained in greater depth in several other places, raising our awareness is not only a matter of acquiring knowledge and understanding. It also has an energetic side.

As proven by Albert Einstein, everything in the material world is made from energy. This means that every action we take and all feelings and thoughts we have produce energy impulses. We simply cannot act or even exist without using energy, both physical and psychic energy.

We have been given free will, so we can do whatever we want with the energy that is available to us. However, we are also responsible for what we do with energy, or rather how we qualify the energy we use. We have two basic options:

  • We can qualify energy with a higher vibration, meaning a vibration that is love-based. This causes the energy we qualify to cycle up into the spiritual realm from where it is multiplied by our higher selves and the ascended masters. We therefore receive more energy to act and to raise our consciousness.
  • We can qualify energy with a lower vibration, a fear-based vibration. This form of energy cannot rise to the spiritual real, so it must remain with us, and it becomes accumulated in the energy field that surrounds the physical body (More on this here). This fear-based energy will limit our growth in awareness and can over time even limit our physical situation. This is the equivalent fo what many spiritual teachings call karma.

The basic human equation is that we are all limited by fear-based energy that we have generated in the past. If we are serious about spiritual growth and improving our practical situation, we need to find a practical way to raise the vibration of this lower energy. The only way to do this is to gain access to high-frequency energy and direct it into the low-frequency energy whereby the vibration of the lower energy will be raised and we are free from this dead wight.

One function of ascended masters is to give us this high-frequency or spiritual energy so we can free ourselves from lower energy. However, because the earth is a teaching institution, the masters cannot simply take away our lower energy. We must give them something to multiply and we must be willing to raise our consciousness so we stop producing more lower energy.

The ascended masters give us many teachings to help us free our minds from all selfish tendencies, and the masters also give us a set of practical tools whereby we can invoke and direct spiritual energy. By using these tools, the masters can multiply our efforts and we can gradually free ourselves from the burden of lower energy (or balance our karma as many spiritual teachings say).

You will find a wide variety of such tools on the Transcende Toolbox website.

Personal guidance

It is not the goal of the ascended masters that you should become dependent upon the teachings on these websites or the human messenger bringing them forth. The goal of the masters is that you gradually raise your awareness so you can build a direct, inner, personal relationship with the masters.

Because of the wide gap between normal human awareness and the consciousness of the ascended masters, this may take some time (depending on what you have done in the past). It is a goal open to everyone and the purpose of these websites is to help you come to the point where you can receive guidance directly from the masters, or where you can receive it more clearly than you do now.

Since you have found this website, it is likely that you have already raised your consciousness above what is called normal. There is a spiritual law that states: “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Since you have found these websites at this point on your personal path, it is likely because this is the teachings and the tools you need in order to make progress from your current level.

As you do make progress, you will eventually reach a level where the ascended masters can work with you more directly. When you are ready for this, the teacher will appear.

New ideas and inventions

As explained, the Ascended Master Saint Germain has plans for a Golden Age on earth. However, because of the equation of free will, he cannot simply manifest this age out of thin air.

Manifesting the golden age requires many shifts in the collective consciousness so a critical mass of people will be able to grasp and accept the profound changes Saint Germain has planned. Many spiritual people are here to help bring about these changes.

Manifesting a golden age requires that many new ideas are brought into the material world in all areas of life. Again, because of the equation fo free will, these ideas cannot simply drop from heaven. There must be people in embodiment who are able to attune their minds to the ascended masters and receive one or more ideas.

This requires both an intuitive openness to and attunement with the ascended masters, but it also requires some expertise in a certain field. Many spiritual people have volunteered to receive such ideas, and by using the tools and teachings offered on these websites, you can greatly increase your ability to receive new ideas directly from the ascended masters.

Attaining a distinctly higher state of consciousness

The ascended masters teach that the vast majority of people on earth are trapped in a state of consciousness that gives them a distorted perception of life and at the same time prevents them from seeing that their perception is distorted. People see only illusions but believe them to be reality.

This is demonstrated by the readily observable fact that people have many different beliefs and opinions and most people are firmly convinced that their view is not a belief or opinion but represents some ultimate reality. It is all the other people who have beliefs and opinions because they don’t acknowledge the one and only truth.

Common sense tells us that when people hold opposite and mutually exclusive opinions, they cannot all be right. But there is another possibility: They could all be wrong.

The ascended masters teach that most people are trapped in a state of consciousness that is charaterized by people seeing themselves as separate beings. People think they are separated from their source (God) , from their environment (nature) and from other people. It is this state of consciousness that gives rise to all conflicts between people.

The illusion of separation is based on what the ascended masters call the consciousness of duality. In this state of mind everything is seen as being charaterized by two opposite polarities, such as true and false, good and evil. It is thought that we have to choose between one of these two polarities because there is no alternative. There is also a value judgement associate with this, namely that something can be either good or evil, and there is again nothing in between.

The ascended masters teach that as long as people are trapped in the consciousness of duality, they can always find an argument that to them validates that they are right and that anyone who does not share their one and only truth is wrong. That is why people can justify killing other people. This state of consciousness can never lead to peace, as history has abundantly proven.

The ascended masters teach that there is an alternative to the duality consciousness, and it was demonstrated by both Jesus and Gautama Buddha. It begins with an ability to discern between the dualistic illusions (always divided into two polarities with a value judgment) and a higher view. The masters call this Christ discernment, and it is an ability to see beyond divisions and see the underlying oneness of all life.

The Christ consciousness is a state of consciousness that can be attained by all people who are willing to apply themselves, and the masters have given many teachings and tools to help us attain this state of mind. The masters teach that there are 10,000 people in embodiment right now who have manifested various degrees of the Christ consciousness, but many are not consciously aware of it and what it means. If all of these people became aware and united, they could raise the collective consciousness and thereby bring dramatic changes to this planet.

Christ consciousness is not a static state but a dynamic process of raising consciousness. As we go to higher levels, we reach what the ascended masters call the Buddhic consciousness, which is where we begin to see a deeper degree of oneness, especially oneness between ourselves and our source, including our own higher selves. The masters have also given profound teachings on how to attain this level of consciousness.

The ascension – exiting the cycle of rebirth

According to the ascended masters most religions and even many New Age or spiritual teachings give an unrealistic view of what it means to enter heaven or be saved. They portray it as an almost automatic or mechanical process, where it is enough to be a member of a religion and follow its rules or to balance all of your karma. However, the reality is that none of the human selfishness that we see on earth can exist in the spiritual realm. Thus, in order to enter the spiritual realm, we must deliberately and consciousness raise our consciousness above all selfishness (which springs from the illusion of separation and the duality consciousness).

The ascended masters teach that earth is an educational institution in which we are given an opportunity to experiment with what it is like to act as if we are separate beings. This illusion of separation can give rise to the belief that we can do something that affects other people or nature, but it will not affect ourselves. It can even give rise to the illusion that we can do whatever we want and it has no consequences for ourselves (at least not beyond this lifetime). These illusions are reinforced by the duality consciousness because by using dualistic reasoning we can basically justify any human behaviour. This is exemplified by many dictators throughout history who have used dualistic reasoning to justify killing large numbers of human beings.

The masters teach that as long as we are trapped in this illusion and acting like separate beings, we cannot exit planet earth. The reason is that the only way to exit the educational institution of earth is to pass the final exam, and this means overcoming the illusion that we are separate beings.

Everything we do on earth is done with energy, primarily psychic energy. We receive this energy from our higher selves and the ascended masters. We have free will to do with the energy as we want, but we are responsible for how we qualify the energy. We have two options:

  • Energy that is qualified with a vibration of love (because we partially see beyond the illusion of separation) will rise to the spiritual realm where it will be multiplied and sent back to us. We can then use it to raise our consciousness further beyond separation.
  • Energy that is qualified with a fear-based vibration cannot rise, but becomes stores in our subconscious minds, where it forms a dead wight that prevents us from raising our consciousness beyond separation. This is what some religious and spiritual teachings call karma.

The ascended masters teach that the consciousness of separation becomes a self-reinforcing downward spiral. This happens partly because of the fear-based energy we accumulate, but also because every time we act from separation we reinforce the illusion that we are separate beings. And separate beings cannot enter the spiritual realm. This is what the masters call the School of Hard Knocks and it becomes a self-reinforcing illusion. The only outcome is that people make their lives increasingly harder until they become willing to question their approach, their state of consciousness.

The problem is that when we are trapped in the illusion of separation, we think we live in a separate environment with other separate people. This gives rise to the common belief that our external circumstances were not created by us, they are not the outpicturing of our own state of consciousness. In reality, the ascended masters say that the material world is like a cosmic mirror that simply outpictures as physical conditions what is in our minds (individually and collectively). The limitations and conflicts currently seen on earth are simply an outpicturing of the collective consciousness.

As long as we believe in the common illusion, we cannot exit the schoolroom of earth. Instead, we tie ourselves to the cycle of death and rebirth. The ascended masters recognize the reality of reincarnation, but they have given profound teachings on karma and reincarnation that go beyond what you can find anywhere else.

We can eventually come to a turning point where we begin to question the common illusion and consider if there is another way to look at life. We can then take responsibility for our own situation instead of projecting that we are the victims of external circumstances. When we come to this turning point, we are ready to start what the masters call the spiritual path, which leads us beyond separation and duality into a progressively higher experience of the spiritual reality beyond the dualistic illusion.

When we do attain this higher state of consciousness, we can come to a point where we no longer have to reincarnate on earth. We can then enter a process that leads to our ascension, which is our permanent exit from earth.

The ascended masters are called this way because they have all ascended, either from earth or from other planets. Many of the ascended masters who work with earth have ascended from here, which makes them uniquely qualified to help us do the same. They have experienced what it is like to be in embodiment on a dense-matter low-consciousness planet like earth so they know how to help us see through the many illusions found here. The ascended masters do have all the answers that can help us ascend from earth and become ascended masters ourselves.

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