Who are the ascended masters?

The ascended masters are beings who have risen beyond the human level of consciousness and are dedicated to helping us do the same. The masters offer us teachings and tools that can help us reconnect to the purpose for which we are in embodiment on this difficult planet.

It is important to consider that the ascended masters can help us because they have risen to a state of consciousness that is fundamentally above ours. Therefore, if we think we can fully understand or grasp what ascended masters are from our level of consciousness, we make it harder for ourselves to transcend our current level of consciousness. We need to be careful to realize that there is much to say about who and what ascended masters are, and no simplistic explanation will suffice.

However, the most universal way to explain who the ascended masters are is to say that they are the spiritual teachers for all human beings on earth. The ascended masters have chosen to take on the task of helping all of us raise our consciousness (individually and collectively) to a higher level than what we have now. This is not an easy task because human beings are at many different levels of consciousness.

A quick look at history and the present situation shows that people’s outer behaviour, their beliefs and opinions cover a broad spectrum. Therefore, the ascended masters cannot help all people in the same way. The masters must adapt what they offer people to their level of consciousness, and we can talk about two different levels:

  • The vast majority of people are not at a level of consciousness where they are ready to consciously acknowledge the existence of ascended masters.
  • Some people have risen to the level of consciousness where recognizing ascended masters is the next logical step in their personal growth process.

The ascended masters have worked with earth for a very long time, but for most of that timespan they have remained anonymous or unknown. They have attempted to give both spiritual and practical ideas (such as inventions, technology, art and culture) that could raise people’s consciousness. This has resulted in a raising of the collective consciousness, as can be seen by the emergence of democracy and an increasing sensitivity to life and human rights.

The collective consciousness is always raised by a few people becoming open to certain new ideas that then gradually spread to more and more people, until a shift occurs. Examples of such shifts are the emergence of democracy, the abolishment of slavery and the increasing equality given to women.

As the collective consciousness has been raised, the ascended masters have started making their existence known in ways that all people can find (books and the internet). This has caused an increasing number of people to become aware of the existence of ascended masters, to consciously study the teachings given by the masters and to use the spiritual tools released by the masters.

This website is not meant for all people. It is dedicated to those who are open to the existence of ascended masters and who are willing to make conscious use of the teachings and tools released here. By making use of these teachings, you can:

  • Raise your own consciousness and improve your outer situation.
  • Make a contribution to raising the collective consciousness.
  • Help this planet rise above many of the problems we see today.
  • Find the sense of purpose and direction that you have probably been searching for all of your life.

How will you know if the teachings of the ascended masters are for you? You can only know from within, through your intuition. If you are ready for these teachings, you have probably already developed your intuition. It is a matter of tuning in to the sensation you get in your heart as you study the teachings or experiment with the tools. If this is for you, you will know so from within.

How the ascended masters give direct teachings

The ascended masters have given teachings publicly for over a century, using several different people as messengers for a direct teaching. With a “direct teaching” is meant a teaching that is given by the ascended master through a human messenger. This means:

  • The teaching is openly declared to come directly from the ascended masters, meaning the human messenger is not the originator of the teaching.
  • The teaching comes through the mind of the messenger, and this may give the teaching a certain cultural coloring, but the teaching is far beyond what the messenger’s mind could produce on its own.

The ascended masters have used different messengers in different capacities, but the most direct teaching given is through what is called a “dictation.” This is where a messenger has been trained to raise his or her consciousness to a higher level than normal and tune in to an ascended master, who then speaks directly through the messenger’s mind and vocal cords. The master is dictating a message through the messenger, hence the name of such messages is “dictations.”

A dictation is not what is normally called channeling because a messenger for the ascended masters is not in a trance and is fully conscious during a dictation. The messenger could stop the process at any time. The messenger is in a neutral state of mind and is therefore not deliberately coloring or distorting the message.

However, the message is coming through the messenger’s mind, meaning it is adapted to the messenger’s language and knowledge (both words and concepts) and the cultural background and knowledge of the messenger. For example, if the messenger knows very little about quantum physics, the masters cannot give a dictation about that topic. The masters work by multiplying what is in the messenger’s consciousness.

Although this limits what the masters can say, it also has the advantage of making the message more relevant and understandable to people from the same cultural background as the messenger. Of course, this also means that no single messenger can bring forth all of the teachings that the masters want to release on earth. No messenger or organization ever has had or ever will have a monopoly on the ascended masters.

Why are the ascended masters valuable to us?

The greatest – potential – value of the ascended masters is that they are in a distinctly higher state of consciousness than we are. The masters have transcended all human selfishness, opinions, prejudices, fears and illusions. They are also beyond any particular authority figure, organization nationality or culture on earth. The ascended masters seek to help all human beings regardless of their background. The only question is whether people are open to the masters.

The ascended masters see the world from a distinctly different perspective than we do. The value of this is that the masters can offer us a frame of reference that does three things:

  • It shows us that there is a state of consciousness that is above and beyond what we call normal human consciousness. There is something outside our mental box.
  • It is possible for a self-aware being to rise above the normal human consciousness and reach the higher consciousness of the ascended masters. We can all do this, but in order to do it, we have to become more aware than we are now.
  • There is a systematic path that we can follow, and it leads from wherever we are in consciousness right now to the expanded awareness of the ascended state. We too can become ascended masters and thereby rise above all human suffering and limitations. This is called the spiritual path.

This higher state of awareness is the way whereby  we can rise above all personal problems and limitations. It is also the only viable way to help the planet rise above all man-made problems (and all problems are man-made). This can happen because we are all part of the collective consciousness and when we raise our awareness individually, we pull up on the collective.

However, while the expanded awareness of the masters is the greatest potential value, it is also the most difficult to grasp. The reason is that while we are still blinded by the veil of illusions that make up what we call normal human awareness, it is very difficult to grasp what it is like to be free of this veil. We tend to evaluate everything based on our limited vision, wanting every new idea to conform to and validate what we think is truth.

This is illustrated by the Greek philosopher Plato’s allegory of the cave. The allegory states that there was a cave in which a group of people were chained in such a way that they could only see a wall that was opposite the entrance to the cave. Outside the cave, other people were walking around, but the people inside the cave could only see the shadows that these people cast upon the wall. The people in the cave were trying to figure out what life was like outside the cave, but they could only see the shadows of the real world.

People have traditionally used any idea (be it a religion, a philosophy, a political ideology or a spiritual teaching) in an attempt to validate what they already believe. It is possible to do this with the teachings given by the ascended masters, but if we do this, we cannot free ourselves from our current state of consciousness.

The question we face is: Will we try to pull the teachings of the ascended masters into our current mental box, or will we use the teachings to gradually challenge our illusions and expand the box? If we do the former, we will not raise our consciousness to a distinctly higher level. If we do the latter, we can gradually expand our mental box until there is no more box and we can walk out of Plato’s cave and see the world as the ascended masters see it.

The entire purpose of this and the other websites is to help you walk the spiritual path that leads to a higher state of awareness. Everything has been done to explain this path and its different stages. How you apply the teaching is entirely up to you, as the ascended masters have ultimate respect for free will.

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