Guru Ma

The Ascended Master Guru Ma is unique because she has recently ascended. In her last embodiment, she was Elizabeth Clare Prophet who was the messenger for the Summit Lighthouse, an organization sponsored by El Morya.

The spiritual polarity of Guru Ma is the Ascended Master Lanello, who was embodied as Mark Prophet, the other messenger for the Summit. They now reside as the leaders of the healing retreat that is in the identity realm over Lake Titicaca. This was announced in the following dictation by Lanello.

Dictations by Guru Ma

Decrees to Guru Ma:

5.09 Decree to Guru Ma

Invocations to Guru Ma:

There is an invocation to Guru Ma in the book mentioned below.

Books by Guru Ma:

Gur Ma has released a book that gives a unique perspective on what it takes to ascend and what it feels like to have newly ascended.

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