The Ascended Master Jesus was embodied as the historical Jesus 2,000 year ago, yet his actual mission and message was very different from what is portrayed by mainstream Christianity. Jesus came to demonstrate the path to a higher state of consciousness (personal Christhood) that all of us have the potential to follow. It was dark forces that perverted this message and turned Jesus into an exception so no one can follow him. You can read much more about this on Jesus’ own website.

For the past 2,00 years, also known as the Age of Pisces, the Ascended Master Jesus was the main spiritual overseer for earth. This position is now taken over by Saint Germain, who will oversee the evolution of earth for the next 2,000 years, the Age of Aquarius. Jesus still holds the office as Planetary Saviour and he hold the office of World Teacher together with Kuthumi.

Contrary to mainstream Christian beliefs, Jesus was not created any differently from the rest of us, and he had many previous embodiments before he reached the level of consciousness that qualified him to carry out his mission as the historical Jesus. You can read about some of his previous lifetimes in the book: My Lives with Lucifer, Satan, Hitler and Jesus.

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INV27 Invocation for Christ discernment

INV06: Jesus’ Invocation for Victory over Death

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