Creation of the universe – main page

The teachings in this section give you a brief explanation of how the universe was created, including the process whereby it unfolds. This gives you a sense of the basic structure of the material world and what is its higher purpose.

Where did God come from?

Basic teachings about the origin of the Creator of our world of form

How did the Creator create the universe?

How our world of form was created and functions

God’s law is not punishment

How our universe functions as a learning institution to facilitate our growth in self-awareness.

The law of balance

How we can exercise our free will without creating unwanted consequences (karma) for ourselves.

The Fall of human beings

How we have fallen into a lower state of consciousness that is the origin of all human conflict.

Reconnecting to your spiritual teacher

How to start the process that can lead you out of the lower state of consciousness.

Christ and anti-christ — to BE or not to be

Christ is a universal term for a higher state of consciousness, above the lower state that humans have fallen into.

The fruit of the knowledge of good and evil

The lower state of consciousness creates the illusion that we can define what is good and evil—and this si the origin of all evil and no good.

Why is there evil in the world?

Explains the origin of evil, how it survives and what spiritual people can do to help remove it from this planet.

Your Divine plan to rise above evil

How you have created a plan for how you can help remove evil from earth.