The Fall of human beings

When the Conscious You first descended into the material realm, you had a limited sense of self-awareness. You were an extension of your I AM Presence, but you were not consciously aware of this fact nor of your spiritual individuality. You did not know the laws of God, and thus you would violate these laws and misqualify energy without realizing what you were doing. It might seem unfair to hold you responsible for violating laws you did not know, but that is not what actually happened.

When a new co-creator first descends into the material realm, it is not simply sent into the jungle without a compass. Instead, it descends into a protected sphere, where it is under the supervision of a teacher from the spiritual realm right above the material universe. The teacher will guide the new co-creator and lovingly explain the consequences of its actions. The teacher will also take responsibility for the student’s karma, meaning that when the student has learned its lesson, the teacher will actually balance the karma so the student can continue to learn without being held back by its mistakes.

Many of the world’s religions contain stories and images of such an ideal state. The most well-known example in Western society is the story of the Garden of Eden. This story illustrates in a mythological form what has happened to every human being on Earth, meaning that Adam and Eve were not literally the only beings in Paradise. Every human being started out in such an Edenic state and had the direct supervision of a spiritual teacher. Yet as the Garden of Eden story illustrates, people then started doubting the teacher and they had to leave the garden. In reality, they were not forcefully cast out, but by lowering the vibration of their consciousness, they simply lost the conscious awareness of the garden and lost contact with the teacher.

After co-creators lost contact with the teacher, the spiritual law mandates that the teacher can no longer carry the karma made by the students. The teacher cannot be responsible for the student’s karma when the student is no longer under his supervision. Before this separation, co-creators learned from the consequences of their actions through the loving guidance of the teacher. After the Fall, co-creators learned from the consequences of their actions by experiencing how the cosmic mirror reflected back to them what they had sent out. Genesis describes it this way, “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread” (Genesis 3:19).

In other words, Plan A was for co-creators never to experience human suffering but always have the guidance of the teacher as a buffer between them and their karma. Yet after co-creators lost contact with the teacher, Plan B took effect. And since co-creators were no longer open to guidance, they had to learn by experiencing the consequences of their actions. This is, so to speak, the school of hard knocks, as opposed to the school of Divine Direction.

Those co-creators who separated themselves from their teacher lost his direction and consequently made more karma, which they had to carry themselves. The law of balance states that if you make karma in the material realm, you cannot ascend back to the spiritual realm until the karma is balanced. In the spiritual schoolroom, co-creators lived in purer bodies that did not age or get sick. Yet because of their karma, the physical bodies started to age and manifest diseases that shortened the life span further. Thus, it became impossible for many co-creators to balance their karma before their physical bodies died. As a way for such co-creators to receive additional opportunities to redeem themselves, reincarnation became Plan C. Thus, you will continue to reincarnate on Earth until you have learned your lessons and balanced sufficient karma.

Reconnecting to your spiritual teacher

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