The law of balance

When the material universe was created, the light in this sphere had a certain level of intensity and a certain level of vibration. This represented the starting level, the “cosmic background radiation,” and co-creators are meant to use their creative abilities to raise both the intensity and vibration of the light, until the material universe can become part of the spiritual realm. If co-creators had multiplied their talents, there would have been no suffering on planet Earth. Yet because of free will, it is possible that a co-creator can misuse its creative abilities and generate light of a lower vibration than the original level. This will then create an imbalance in the universe, and for you to grow, the imbalance you have created must first be restored to balance.

As you descend into the material universe, you are given a certain portion of light and the free will to do with it whatever you want. If you use the light in a loving manner, you will raise its vibration and intensity, thus being in harmony with the purpose of creation. If you use the light in a selfish or even self-destructive manner, you will lower the vibration of the light and create an imbalance in the universe.

You do have free will to do whatever you want, but the law of free will does not work alone. It is inseparably linked to the law of consequences. This is what science calls the law of action and reaction and what many spiritual teachings call the law of karma. It basically states that you are responsible for what you do with the Ma-ter Light. If you use it lovingly, you will raise up yourself and all life and your powers will be expanded. If you use it selfishly, you will create a debt to life and you cannot move on until you have paid back the debt, balanced the karma, purified the misqualified energy or however you prefer to describe it. In other words, you have complete freedom to do whatever you want, but every action has consequences and you cannot escape experiencing those consequences. You do not have freedom to do what you want without experiencing any consequences.

The purpose of the universe is your growth in self-awareness, meaning that you are here to learn. You learn by conducting an experiment and then learning from the consequences of your actions. If your actions did not have consequences, how could you possibly learn? And if you did not learn from your actions, how could you grow in self-awareness and fulfill your reason for being? In other words, you were not created for the purpose of enjoying – forever – what this planet has to offer. Nor does your own higher self want you to remain stuck forever in a limited sense of identity as a miserable sinner or a sophisticated animal. You descended here in order to grow in self-awareness and eventually ascend to higher levels of learning. The question now becomes how you chose to learn from the consequences of your actions.

The Fall of human beings

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