Glossary – A,B

Akasha, Akashic records

An energy of a higher vibration than anything else in the material realm. It serves as a recording device, recording everything that has ever happened in the material world. People with developed faculties can read the Akashic records. In the future, it will be possible to read them with technological devices.


In popular belief, the process of transforming base metals into gold. The deeper, mystical meaning is the transformation of the base human consciousness into the gold of a more spiritualized awareness, such as Christ consciousness.

Alpha and Omega

Two spiritual beings who reside in the central sun, the highest level of the world of form.


A self-aware being that is not created to take physical embodiment. Angels serve in a variety of capacities, the most commonly known for us is as messengers who deliver a message from the spiritual realm to human beings. Another important function is angels who protect us against lower energies or dark forces.


The consciousness of separation and duality. This consciousness forms a filter that distorts perception in such a way, that it seems plausible that we are separate beings, separated from God, from each other and from the material universe. The more firmly beings are trapped in this consciousness, the more real the illusion of separation seems to them. Thus, they will be acting as if they truly are separate beings, meaning they will believe that what they do to others will not affect themselves. This is the origin of man’s inhumanity to man and the origin of evil. Human beings can be trapped in this consciousness, but so can non-material beings, forming the dark forces.

Archangel, Archeia

Angels are organized into bands, and each band is led by an archangel. Each archangel has a feminine complement, called an archeia. There is such a pair for each of the seven rays, but there are also other bands of angels. THe following list contains the names of the Archangel and Archeia for each ray:

  • First ray: Michael and Faith
  • Second ray: Jophiel and Christine
  • Third ray: Chamuel and Charity
  • Fourth ray: Gabriel and Hope
  • Fifth ray: Raphael and Mother Mary
  • Sixth ray: Uriel and Aurora
  • Seventh ray: Zadkiel and Amethyst

Ascended Master

Normally refers to a being who was embodied as a human being on earth and who, often after many embodiments, qualified for the process of the ascension. The term can also be used more broadly to refer to all beings in the spiritual realm, even those who have not taken embodiment in the material world.


A process whereby a being evolves to the self-awareness represented by the full Christ consciousness. In this state of consciousness, one can see through all of the lies created by the illusion of separation and duality. Thus, one sees the underlying reality that nothing can be separated from the Creator and that all self-aware beings are extensions of the Creator. One therefore seeks to raise all life, instead of seeking to raise oneself as a separate being. After a being ascends, it resides permanently in the spiritual realm and does not have to reembody.

Astral Plane

Everything is made from energy, and energy is a continuum of vibrations. There are certain divisions of this energy continuum, for example the material universe is made from vibrations within a certain spectrum. Yet the material universe has four divisions: the etheric (identity) level, the mental level, the emotional level and the physical level.

The emotional level itself has further divisions, and the lowest of these are created when people engage in negative emotions, such as fear, anger and hatred. The astral plane is a division within the emotional realm, and it resembles the visions of hell that people have had throughout the ages.


A previous civilization that inhabited a continent in the mid Atlantic. This continent disappeared around 10,000 years ago due to the actions of the inhabitants. The atlantean civilization was technologically superior to our time, but due to the lack of spiritual awareness, the inhabitants caused the civilization to self-destruct due to a misqualification of energy, which led to warfare and cataclysm.

Aquarian Age

There is a precession of astrological cycles, lasting approximately 2,150 years each. The previous age was the Age of Pisces, for which Jesus was the spiritual master. For the Aquarian age, the ascended master Saint Germain is the master. According to Saint Germain, the Aquarian age was officially inaugurated on March 22, 2010.


An energy field surrounding the human body. There are levels of the aura, corresponding to the levels of the material realm. You have an identity body, a mental body and an emotional body beyond the physical body.

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