Glossary – I, J

I AM Presence

Your higher or spiritual self. The Conscious You is an extension of your I AM Presence, and your highest potential is to achieve complete identification with the Presence, so you serve as an open door for it to express itself in the material world. Your spiritual identity and individuality is anchored in your I AM Presence, which means it could never be destroyed no matter what happens to you on earth.

Identity body

An aspect of your aura/mind that houses your sense of identity.

Immaculate concept or vision

This refers to the vision of the highest potential or a pure vision that is not polluted by duality. For example, Mother Mary held the immaculate vision that Jesus would fulfill his mission.


A gradual process whereby you raise your consciousness towards the Christ consciousness. This can be an individual process, where you are guided from within, but it usually involves you following an outer teaching or even a guru or organization.


The ascended master Jesus was the hierarch or leader for the Age of Pisces. He holds the office of planetary Christ, and we cannot ascend without going through this office. This means that all people need to make peace with Jesus – by transcending the distorted images of Christ created on earth – in order to ascend.


There is a group of ascended masters, called the Great Karmic Board, who oversee the overall planetary growth. One of their tasks is to determine which lifestreams are allowed to embody on earth and for how long. When a being falls into duality, it is assigned a certain time to turn around and start the path back to God. However, if a being violates the free will of other beings, this time can be shortened. The being is then judged by its own actions. However, the ascended masters also teach that it is lawful for people in embodiment to call forth the judgment of fallen beings. If such beings will not change, then the Karmic Board can authorize their removal from embodiment.

Take note that the concept of judgment is not the same as the kind of value-laden judgment exercised by beings trapped in the duality consciousness. Such beings judge based on their own state of consciousness, often labeling as evil anything they do not understand or agree with. This is what Jesus called judging after appearances.

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