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Sangha of the Buddha

The community of people dedicated to walking the path towards Christhood and Buddhahood. Not limited to a single organization.

Sanat Kumara

An ascended master of high attainment. In a previous age, so many people on earth had descended so far into the duality consciousness, that the Karmic Board and other cosmic councils had determined that the earth was no longer a viable platform for growth and thus would be allowed to self-destruct. Sanat Kumara then came with 144,000 lifestreams from Venus in order to hold the spiritual balance until enough people on earth had been raised in consciousness, to where they could hold the balance for the planet.

Many of the 144,000 lifestreams that came with Sanat Kumara are still in embodiment and they are often very spiritual people with a great desire to help other people or improve the world. Yet there can come a point, where such people will hold back their own ascensions unless they let go of the desire to help or change others.


In its most specific meaning, Satan was one of the beings who fell with Lucifer in a previous sphere. However, in a more general meaning, Satan is a state of consciousness that prompts, forces or tempts us to adapt to current conditions in the material realm.

We were created to be co-creators with God and have dominion over the earth. As Jesus said, “with God all things are possible.” Satan is a consciousness that wants to prevent us from exercising our highest potential by causing us to voluntarily limit our creative powers and accepting that current conditions cannot or should not be changed.

The role of the Living Christ is to demonstrate to people that we can transcend the consciousness of Satan. That is why Jesus rebuked Peter when Peter wanted Jesus to conform to his expectations. Jesus said: “Get thee behind me, Satan.”


A symbol for a certain state of consciousness that induces doubt into our minds. The specific purpose is to create a division in our beings, so we start to distrust our divine direction, our intuition, our own inner knowing and our spiritual teachers. Can also refer to a specific group of fallen beings.

Serpentine lie, plot

The primary serpentine lie is that the Christ consciousness either does not exist or is not attainable for us. Instead, the ultimate reality is the duality consciousness, in which we set ourselves up as gods, who believe we have the right and the capacity to define good and evil by ourselves. This inevitably causes a relative definition of good and evil, because good is seen as that which confirms our existing beliefs and desires, whereas anything that challenges them is labeled as evil.

The serpentine plot is to either get us so paralyzed by doubt that we blindly follow the fallen beings, or to get us so blinded by spiritual pride that we really do believe we are always right. In the latter case, we are also following the leadership of the fallen consciousness, which is in complete opposition to the Christ. We now seek to raise the ego to a godlike status, instead of seeking the Christ consciousness as a means to raising all life.

One aspect of the serpentine plot is to get us to believe that even God can be fit into a dualistic world view. God is portrayed as the opposite of evil or the devil. Thus, we are tempted to believe that in order to further God’s cause, it is acceptable to do evil, including killing other people. History has many examples of how people have been deceived into fighting these epic battles against a self-defined evil. In order to win this final victory for good, it is necessary and justified to commit this ultimate act of destroying the enemy. In reality, such struggles only serve to misqualify more energy, that feeds the dark forces and thus give them power to deceive people into continuing the endless struggle. The only way out is the Christ consciousness that sees the oneness of all life.


Traditionally a part of the Hindu trinity. However, the deeper meaning is that Shiva is a cosmic being who is especially helpful for cutting us free from dark forces and the astral plane. We can make a very effective call to Shiva by simply repeating his name 9, 33 or 144 times.


In ascended master terminology the same as karma, meaning misqualified energy that we need to balance before we can ascend.

Spiritual Rays, seven rays

Everything is made from energy. Even Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, says that matter is created from a very high form of energy that is reduced in vibration by a factor (the speed of light squared). The masters teach that while Einstein’s theory is basically correct, there are seven of these reduction factors. In other words, the material universe is made from seven types of spiritual energy that are combined to form all phenomena in the material realm. These types of energy are called rays or spiritual rays. There is a total of 15 rays used to build the entire world of form. The following list describes the main qualities of each ray:

  • First ray: Creativity, the creative drive, expressed as will and power
  • Second ray: Illumination, understanding, the ability to see through the lies of the duality consciousness
  • Third ray: love, but a form of love that is beyond all conditions
  • Fourth ray: Purity, discipline and acceleration
  • Fifth ray: Truth, clear vision, healing and wholeness
  • Sixth ray: Peace and service, especially service to raise all life
  • Seventh ray: Freedom and the willingness to make creative decisions
  • Eighth ray: Integration of the previous seven rays
  • Ninth ray: Equilibrium
  • Tenth ray: Transparency
  • Eleventh ray: Transcendence
  • Twelfth ray: Rebirth
  • Thirteenth ray: Creative flow
  • Fourteenth ray: Sharing your Presence
  • Fifteenth ray: Unconditionality


The ascended masters sometimes use this word as it is commonly used, namely as that part of our beings that reincarnates. However, the masters also give a deeper understanding, namely that it is the Conscious You that originally descended into embodiment. The soul is a vehicle that the Conscious You has created in order to express itself in this world, and it is often highly affected by the duality consciousness.

Jesus’ crucifixion is a symbol for the fact that the Conscious You is crucified (paralyzed) by its own creation. Thus, the soul cannot be raised up or perfected. The soul is made from limiting beliefs and misqualified energies. As the energies are requalified and as the Conscious You transcends the limiting beliefs, the soul gradually dies, until the Conscious You gives up the Ghost of the final illusion of separation. The Conscious You can then claim its true identity as an extension of the I AM Presence and can ascend.


The world of form was created by the Creator defining a spherical boundary and withdrawing its being into a singularity in the center of a void. The Creator then created a sphere in the void by using the Ma-ter light. The Creator defined structures in that sphere and projected self-aware extensions of itself into it. As these extensions grew in awareness, they raised the vibration of their sphere until it ascended and formed the first sphere in the spiritual realm. The Creator then created a second sphere, and the ascended masters from the first sphere then defined structures and sent extensions of their own beings into the second sphere.

This process of one sphere ascending and a new sphere being created has continued, so that we now exist in the seventh such sphere. In the first three spheres, all beings ascended without going into the consciousness of separation and duality. Yet in the fourth sphere, some beings refused to ascend, and they became the first fallen beings. As the fourth sphere ascended, these fallen beings could not ascend, and thus they “fell” into the sixth sphere. Because the newly created sphere had a generally lower vibration, the fallen beings could still exist there. This fact is the basic explanation for the existence of evil in our world.

Spoken word, Sacred word

The spoken word is a technique whereby we use the human voice to invoke spiritual light or energy.

Saint Germain

An ascended master who is the leader for the coming Age of Aquarius. He also represents the seventh spiritual ray, the ray of freedom. Thus, he is sometimes referred to as the “God of Freedom for the earth.” Saint Germain will play an important role for the coming 2,000 years and he has a plan for taking the earth into a Golden Age.

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