How you can help the ascended masters change the world

Most of the people who are attracted to ascended masters teachings have had an intuitive feeling (often since childhood) that we are here for a reason. We are on earth to help improve things, to make a positive difference and to leave the world in a better place. The ascended masters explain that this is because many lifestreams volunteered to take embodiment on earth at this important transition time.

The earth is in the process of leaving behind the spiritual cycle known as the Age of Pisces and moving into the next cycle, called the Age of Aquarius. The spiritual overseer for this next 2,000-year cycle is the Ascended Master Saint Germain, and he has plans for making this a golden age with immense progress in all areas of life. Many of us have volunteered to take embodiment in order to help Saint Germain make the golden age a reality. How do we do this?

We each have a Divine plan that is unique for each one of us. We made this plan in cooperation with our ascended teachers before coming into this lifetime. For some people their contribution to the golden age is to go into a specific field of society and help bring about change in that field. Such people may not need to hear about ascended masters or study their teachings.

Many people have it in their Divine plans to find an ascended master teaching and make a conscious effort to help the masters manifest the golden age. We can do this in several ways:

  • We can increase our awareness and understanding of how the world functions and the basic dynamic that determines the rate of progress. Thereby we can contribute to a raising of the collective awareness of what is happening behind surface appearances. The ascended masters have given numerous teachings and books to give us this understanding.
  • We can raise our personal consciousness by walking the spiritual path offered by the ascended masters. As we raise our consciousness, we pull up on the collective consciousness (because we are in physical embodiment), and this makes it easier for people from all walks of life to accept the ideas that bring progress. Again, the masters have given numerous teachings on the websites and in books to help us walk the spiritual path.
  • As we can invoke spiritual light from the ascended masters in order to transform the fear-based enemies in our personal energy fields, we can do the same for the energies in the collective energy field. This will purify the collective consciousness and help people break free of old thought patterns, thereby opening them to the acceptance of new ideas. There is a section on the Transcendence Toolbox website that contains numerous tools for this purpose, released by the ascended masters. There are also many books that contain such tools.
  • We can become aware of the dark forces that aggressively work against progress and how these forces are manipulating and blinding people. We can then make a decision that these phenomena are no longer acceptable to us on this planet. Because of the Law of free Will, when a critical mass of people in embodiment make such a decision, the ascended masters are allowed to remove the dark forces that penetrate certain phenomena. For example, if a critical mass of people decided that pedophilia is no longer acceptable, the forces behind it can be removed.
  • We can make specific calls given by the ascended masters to call for the judgment of Christ upon the dark forces, which will authorise the ascended masters to remove them.

The basic dynamic on earth is that the ascended masters have the power to remove all darkness from this planet very quickly. Yet they do not have the authority to do this because people in embodiment must decide what we allow on earth. By making the calls given by the masters, we authorise them to use their power here on earth. The masters have the power, we have the authority. When we use our authority to call the masters into action on earth, they are authorised to use their power and this is the only factor that can truly bring significant change to this dark planet.

Additional teachings

This section contains a small selection of the many teachings that the ascended masters have given on how we can help change the planet. They have been organised into the following sections:

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