All people are connected in consciousness, like a pyramid

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Jesus, May 20, 2007

Understanding the pyramid of consciousness
For I tell you, humankind can be put on a scale of consciousness that is like a pyramid, where there are various levels, just like you see at the Great Pyramid of Giza that has levels and steps. And so each of those levels represents a certain state of consciousness. And at the lower levels of consciousness, the pyramid is the widest, meaning that there are more people at that lower level of consciousness. And as you go up higher, you find more and more aware people, until you reach the apex of the pyramid where you find the highest—the top 10 percent, or even those who are in the top 10 percent of the top 10 percent.

Yet, my beloved, the entire pyramid is connected, and you will know that if you could lift up the pyramid of Giza by lifting at the top, you would lift the entire structure. And that means that when those in the top 10 percent raise their consciousness, they are not just pulling up one person below them. For below you is a greater number of people, and below them at the level down is an even greater number of people, for the pyramid widens as you go down. So when you pull yourself up, you pull on everyone who is below you, and therefore – suddenly – a shift can occur when enough people raise their own consciousness.

This is the magic, my beloved, of individuality and the interconnectedness of individuals. And this is why the fallen ones, the serpentine mind, wants you to deny your individuality so you do not even try to raise yourself up, so you believe that nothing you do could make a difference.

But I tell you, my beloved, all of us who have made a difference in the world have started out from this simple premise. We changed ourselves. And once we had overcome the duality consciousness, well we could then go out and do outer things. But I tell you, there are many people around the world who are unknown to history who have never been known to the public and have never done any outer manifestation, but they have still raised their own consciousness and thereby raised up many other people who were below them in the pyramid of life.

And this, my beloved, is the greatest potential that cannot be stopped by the power elite—unless they can manage to stop the individuals at the top from starting the chain reaction by changing themselves by getting them to deny their individuality, their spiritual potential.

Thus, my beloved, deny not the God that is within you. Reject not that God. Do not take unto yourself the graven image of an external God [an external word] and worship that image as the true God. Instead find the kingdom within you. Find the true God in that inner kingdom, and realize that your conscious self is an individualization of that God. And therefore, you have the potential to become more of that God in manifestation and thereby bring the kingdom of the true God to Earth. Even the awareness of the true God, where people begin to see the reality that God is beyond any religion or man-made belief system.


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