Can spiritual people prevent natural disasters?

By Kim Michaels

A few centuries ago, most people believed illness was caused by evil spirits. Natural disasters were routinely seen as God’s punishment for people’s sins. Many modern people see such ideas a superstition, and they believe science has effectively disproven such beliefs. However, while science may have caused most people to abandon the belief in evil spirits, science has only strengthened the basic reasoning that led to the belief in such spirits. Science has abundantly proven one thing: hidden causes lead to visible effects. 

Scientists may not recognize evil spirits, but science has taught us that many visible effects have unseen causes. In other words, everything happens for a reason. When we see an effect in the material world, we can be sure there is a cause, and although we may not detect it with our senses, the cause is there and it is real. Science has also shown us that such hidden causes can be very complex. In fact, we might say that modern science, especially after Albert Einstein’s discoveries, has been a process of gradually expanding our awareness of just how complex and interconnected our world really is.

Just a few decades ago, most people – even many scientists – would have scoffed at the idea that spraying for mosquitoes could pose a threat to the survival of the human race. Then we began to realize that certain man-made chemicals cannot be broken down by natural processes and therefore accumulate as they are passed up the food chain. Eventually, such chemicals reach our bodies, and in higher concentrations they can influence our genes with potentially catastrophic results.

We have since become aware of many other ways in which man-made pollution can have planetary effects, and today scientists are debating whether the production of greenhouse gasses can affect the global climate with a potential increase in violent weather. While scientists do not agree on this, the very fact that we are debating it proves the point that science is a process of helping us see deeper connections and complex causes behind visible phenomena. This opens up the very real possibility that in coming decades scientists will begin to see connections and causes that today seem like science fiction or modern superstition. Perhaps we will soon see that some of our present paradigms and assumptions are as primitive as the medieval belief that the Earth was flat?

Is it possible that modern science has already discovered a connection between our consciousness and the physical planet upon which we live? Such a connection has been theoretically possible since Albert Einstein published his famous equation, E=mc2, a century ago. The problem is that because of certain scientific paradigms (that the mind is unreliable and undermines scientific objectivity) most scientists have ignored the connection between mind and matter. Yet let us explore this connection from the perspective of a lay person.

It’s all a matter of energy
Before Einstein, scientists believed the universe was made from matter and energy, and although they could interact, one could not be converted into the other. In this world view, there was no connection between mind and matter, and scientists would have scoffed at the idea that humankind’s consciousness could influence the occurrence of natural disasters. Since that time, things have changed considerably and although most scientists still scoff at the idea, they have far less basis for doing so.

Let us start by considering the implications of Einstein’s equation, E=mc2. With a mere stroke of the pen, Einstein shattered the dualistic paradigm. His equation proves that matter and energy are not separate elements and that one can indeed be converted into the other. However, it does even more than that. Einstein proved that the universe is not made from two elements but is made from one basic substance—and that substance is energy. In other words, all of the seemingly solid matter is simply energy that has taken on a different form. Matter only appears solid and unchangeable to our physical senses. When you take a closer look, you find that “solid” matter is mostly empty space. Even the classical theory of the atom as a miniature solar system shows that atoms have very little actual matter, namely a few so-called elementary particles and a lot of empty space. Yet later discoveries have raised the question of whether there are any solid particles at all.

Based on Einstein’s theories, physicists developed quantum mechanics, which found that elementary particles can be divided into smaller particles. Yet these smaller particles don’t behave as miniature billiard balls and in many situations they act as waves of pure energy. Although quantum theory is complex, the bottom line is that when you go into the very heart of matter, you reach a line where the distinction between solid particles and pure energy waves becomes blurred or perhaps nonexistent. This is not hard to understand in light of Einstein’s equation, which says that matter is another form of energy. The consequence is that matter is created when pure energy waves take on a form that makes them stationary and makes them appear to our senses as solid matter. In other words, there is a perfectly natural process whereby energy waves are turned into matter and this is how the entire material universe was created.

Scientists cannot fully explain how this process takes place, and there are currently several theories that attempt an explanation. Some of these theories talk about a different realm in which everything is pure energy, and some call it a different dimension or a parallel universe. This concept is easier to understand when we consider that scientists see energy as a form of vibration. It moves in waves, and the waves can be described in terms of frequency. We all know that infrared light is invisible to our eyes because it has such a low frequency that we cannot see it. Ultraviolet light has such a high frequency that our eyes cannot detect it. Thus, it becomes possible that there is a realm, or dimension, in which we find energy waves of such high frequencies that neither our physical senses nor current scientific instruments can detect them. It is this high-frequency energy that is lowered in vibration, whereby it appears as physical energy and physical matter.

Of course, the existence of such a higher realm has been known to humankind for ages. Religious people have called it Heaven, and spiritually minded people have talked about a spiritual realm. The question is whether the latest scientific findings link physical matter and the human mind?

Mind over matter revisited
For a long time, religious people have believed in the possibility of mind over matter. For example, most Christians believe Jesus was able to perform a variety of miracles, and healing the sick was one example of using the power of the mind to change physical matter. Many modern spiritual people believe in faith healing, and even most doctors now realize that the patient’s mind has a profound impact on the healing process. Obviously, if the mind can influence the healing of a disease, it follows logically that the mind can have an impact on creating the disease. It has already been proven that many stress-related illnesses are caused by the fact that a person’s mind has an impact on the physical body. In other words, there is a growing awareness that our consciousness can have a direct impact on our physical bodies.

A scientific materialist will have to deny such findings, but Einstein’s theory raises fundamental questions about the validity of pure materialism. By removing the barrier between matter and energy, Einstein also removed the barrier between mind and matter. In the post-Einsteinian world, it is theoretically possible that thoughts can influence physical matter. Why so?

Einstein proved that matter does not produce energy—energy produces matter. In other words, energy is the underlying cause behind the existence of the matter universe. Behind the phenomena we can observe with our senses and scientific instruments, there is a deeper cause, namely the behavior of pure energy. As an example, consider that you throw a rock. The effect we can observe is that the rock flies through the air. This is caused by the fact that you threw the rock, meaning that the cause of the rock’s behavior is found in the material universe. We don’t need to consider the existence of a hidden realm of pure energy in order to explain why the rock defied gravity.

Yet what happens when we take our considerations to the next level and ask why the rock – and your physical body – exist in the first place? Einstein says we cannot explain the existence of matter by looking only at the level of matter. In order to explain the existence of matter and the basic behavior of matter, we have to look vertically—we have to look for invisible causes in the realm of energy. Quantum physics has pointed to the existence of a realm that is beyond even physical energy and thus the cause behind the existence of matter probably cannot be found by looking at what we have traditionally called the material universe. That is why a growing number of scientists are looking beyond traditional paradigms for a deeper understanding of energy.

During their pursuit of such an explanation, quantum physicists made – back in the 1920s – a discovery that stunned physicist and that still has not been completely explained. They found that at the level of subatomic particles, there is an undeniable interaction between the human mind and the so-called matter “particles.” When physicists observe a subatomic particle, they are not actually seeing the particle. Although few dispute that there is an actual “something” that is being observed, quantum physics has proven that what we see is a product of “the entire measurement situation.” This involves the phenomenon being observed, the instrument used (such as a particle accelerator) AND the consciousness of the scientist who is making the observation. The consequence is that the scientist is actually creating the particle he is observing. The particle was not there before the scientist made the observation!

This is a stunning discovery because scientific materialists have traditionally claimed that their findings are objective because their minds do not influence the phenomenon they are studying. In other words, scientists are outside observes who have no impact on the world they study. Both the theory of relativity and quantum physics have proven this claim to be wrong—at least at the deeper levels of reality. In other words, when you observe and measure a rock flying through the air, you can do so without influencing the rocks speed or course. Yet when it comes to making observations at the most fundamental level of matter, your mind WILL influence the subatomic particles/waves that you observe.

This is actually not difficult to understand, when you consider that at the subatomic level the line between matter particles and energy waves becomes blurred. Thoughts are obviously a form of energy waves, and it can be measured that thoughts vibrate at frequencies that are far higher than physical matter, such as brain tissue. Thus, it becomes possible that the energy waves of your thoughts can interact with the energy waves that are in the process of becoming physical particles but are not yet vibrating within the material frequency spectrum.

A new look at reality
When you take these scientific findings to their logical conclusion, you see that we are on the brink of breaking through to a new understanding of the universe. It is likely that within a decade or two our view of the material universe will be expanded,and we might develop a world view that will make our present paradigms seem as primitive as the flat Earth theory. Can we glimpse where this might go? It is likely that the new world view will have the following elements:

  • Everything is made from energy, and energy is vibration. There is a – possibly infinite – range of vibrations, but the scale of frequencies can be divided into several levels. Physical matter is made from energies that vibrate within a certain spectrum of frequencies. Above that is a realm of energy that is still in the material realm but has higher frequencies than “solid” matter. Beyond that is another realm of even higher frequencies that are beyond material energy.
  • What has created the material universe is a “stream” of high-frequency energy that flows into the material universe. Or one might say that the material universe was created from this high-frequency energy that was lowered in vibration and thus took on the appearance of material energy and matter “particles.”
  • The process whereby energy is lowered in vibration and takes on a particular form involves a conscious mind that has some form of intelligence. Even the human mind has the capacity to influence this process, although it cannot start the process.

Taken together, this opens up for a new view of the connection between matter and mind. Scientific materialists claim that thoughts are the products of chemical or electromagnetic processes in the physical brain. In other words, the brain is the cause and thoughts are the effects. Even Einstein’s theory made this claim questionable by proving that matter is the effect of a deeper cause in a realm of pure energy. Thoughts are obviously a form of pure energy and vibrate at much higher frequencies than the brain. Thus, it is not logical that the gross matter of the brain can produce the finer energies of thoughts. But then how can we explain that the chemical conditions in the brain can affect thoughts? By applying the scientific findings mentioned above!

The new scientific paradigm says that everything made of matter is at a lower level of the cause-effect sequence, meaning that behind all material phenomena is a deeper level of causality in a realm of higher frequencies. Thus, we can propose that the physical brain does not produce thoughts but acts as a transformer that steps down a stream of high-frequency energy from a higher realm. As this energy passes through the physical brain, it is lowered in vibration and takes on the form of specific thoughts and feelings. The actual form of these thoughts can be affected by chemical processes in the brain. This is similar to a glass prism that splits a ray of white light into the colors of the rainbow. The prism obviously affects the light beam but it does not produce it. Another example is a movie projector. The images that are projected unto the movie screen are shaped by the images on the film strip. Yet the driving force is the white light coming from the light bulb in the projector. Without this light, no images could be projected unto the screen.

The consequence of these observations is that your mind acts as a transformer. The driving force is a stream of high-frequency energy that flows from a higher realm (possibly from a higher part of your being) through your mind and then through the physical brain. As the energy is turned into thoughts and feelings, it is converted to actual thought waves, and the form of these waves is determined by the contents of your mind. Some scientists have already developed instruments that measure the frequencies of thought waves, and they have – not surprisingly – found that feelings of love produce waves of a higher frequency than feelings of anger. This is confirmed by our everyday experience. If we are exposed to other people’s negative feelings, we often feel burdened, whereas positive feelings make us feel uplifted.

This opens up the possibility that our thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies. Einstein speculated that the space-time continuum forms a closed loop. If you travel into space and keep going in the same direction, you will return to your starting point from the opposite direction. Most religions on this planet contain similar ideas, for example the Bible tells us that we will reap what we have sown. Many religious people see this as God’s punishment, but what if there is a more mechanical explanation? We might say that the energy continuum in which we live acts like a mirror. If we focus our minds on certain beliefs and images, we are sending certain thought waves into the universe, and these waves are reflected back to us in the form of physical conditions. If we send out disharmonious energy, the cosmic mirror will reflect back to us chaotic conditions in the form of natural disasters or even upheaval in society. Certainly, this is not part of the high school curriculum, but modern physics cannot rule out this possibility. It may be that we simply have not connected the dots and recognized the connection between matter and mind—a connection that has been a real possibility since Einstein.

The mind-body connection revisited
We now need to add to this picture what scientists call the law of the conservation of energy. Once an energy wave has been given a certain frequency, it will stay at that frequency indefinitely. It is possible to change the vibration of energy waves, but if they are left alone, they will remain at a given frequency. Why is that important? Imagine what happens when you go through a traumatic experience that generates feelings of anger or sorrow. Your mind is generating energy waves of a certain frequency, and they do not simply disappear. They must go somewhere, so the question now becomes where such energy waves are stored?

Science can already provide the answer because it has long known that energy can act as either a free-flowing wave or as a stationary field. We all learned in school that a magnet has an invisible energy field around it, and we were taught that the physical magnet produces the field. In light of quantum physics, this view is too primitive and we need to expand our understanding of cause and effect. It would be more correct to say that the invisible energy field produces the physical magnet. In other words, the physical magnet is simply the tip of the iceberg of a larger energy field. An iceberg has only ten percent of its volume above the surface of the water. Likewise, a physical magnet is the visible part – the most dense part – of a larger energy field.

This applies to all matter, and we now understand that every material form – such as the human body – has an invisible energy field around it. The existence of such a field has been known to people for thousands of years, and the ancient science of acupuncture is based on this fact. Some modern scientific instruments can measure this energy field, and emerging technology can make is visible on a computer screen. It is likely that within the next decade or so, new scanners will make it possible to study the human energy field in unprecedented detail. This might make it possible to diagnose a disease before there are any physical symptoms, making it possible to cure a disease with the power of the mind.

So where do the energy waves of thoughts and feelings go? Is it possible that they are stored in the energy field around our bodies? This energy field is tightly linked to the physical body, and obviously one of the interfaces between the body and the energy field is the brain. We might soon discover that a part of our minds – such as the subconscious mind – is an energy field surrounding the body. According to acupuncture, a healthy body is produced when the energies flow freely through the energy field. When the flow of energy is blocked, physical disease is the result. The disease can be cured by restoring the flow of energy. This can be done with acupuncture needles, but a preventative measure is various relaxation techniques.

Modern medicine has proven a clear connection between stress and physical disease. What is stress? Is it possible that stress is a feeling of uneasiness that is produced when low-frequency mental and emotional energy accumulates in our energy fields? As the energy reaches a certain intensity, we begin to feel it as a sense of agitation. If it becomes even more intense, or if the effect is maintained over a period of time, even the physical body can be affected and disease is the result. Some doctors claim that over 90 percent of all diseases are psychosomatic, meaning that they are effects of psychological causes. This proves a clear connection between the mind and the physical body. In other words, a purely psychological cause can generate the effect of a physical illness.

A planetary perspective
Let us take these considerations to a larger scale. A scientifically minded person is likely to dismiss the mind-body connection because it isn’t yet recognized by official science. Yet any spiritually minded person should be open to the existence of such a connection. It is not hard to expand our awareness of the mind-body connection to the larger scale of the mind-Earth body connection.

Consider the fact that in most large cities, people generally feel stressed and they often long to leave the city to “get away from it all.” What is it that these people want to get away from? Could it be that in a large city there is such an intense accumulation of low-frequency psychic energy that any sensitive person can feel it as stress, lack of clarity or even emotional turmoil? Isn’t it likely that such an accumulation of energy can explain that there is a higher concentration of per capita stress-related diseases in cities than in rural areas?

Now go to the next level and consider the sheer amount of atrocities that have taken place on this planet in known history. Consider the many wars, torture, abuse, murders, crime and other examples of man’s inhumanity to man. Is it hard to envision that this has produced a large amount of misqualified energy that has accumulated in the planetary energy field? Don’t forget that the existence of a planetary field that stores energy is basic science. Most scientists don’t apply this science to speculate on a planetary energy field, but then again most scientist don’t recognize a spiritual side to life. So if you do recognize the spiritual side of life, it becomes difficult to deny the existence of a planetary energy field that accumulates humankind’s misqualified energy.

Let us now consider how an accumulation of energy could possibly affect the physical planet. We have already seen that as the energy in your personal energy field becomes too intense, it starts affecting the body. When you have a cough, it is like a hurricane in your body. When you have a fever, it is like an earthquake in your body. Is it really that far-fetched that the Earth body can become sick and that some of the symptoms could be various natural disasters? Surely, this is a primitive metaphor, but we can be a lot more specific.

A materialistic scientist will say that a hurricane or an earthquake is produced by purely mechanical causes, such as a warming of the ocean waters or a buildup of tension between two tectonic plates. Yet given the reality that everything is energy, we can now see that such an explanation is too superficial. We have all been lured by our senses into seeing an impentrable barrier between matter and energy, but as we have discussed, science proves that such a barrier simply does not exist. Energy is not separated from matter—energybecomes matter and the human mind seems to be involved in this process.

We need to consider that behind every material phenomenon there is a deeper level of causality that relates to what goes on in the energy field. So a natural disaster is not simply a material event, it also has a component that can be understood only by studying the planetary energy field. And because thoughts are energy waves, it becomes theoretically possible that thoughts can impact the planetary energy field and possibly lead to changes in the realm of matter.

The warping of space-time
Are there any scientifically credible theories that might support such a claim? Einstein theorized that we need a new understanding of space and time, and he talked about “the fabric of space-time.” For example, most people were taught in school that the Earth exerts an invisible force of gravity that pulls on objects in its vicinity, such as the moon. Einstein said that in reality the Earth produces a warping of space-time. He theorized that light from distant stars would be bent around the sun because the sun causes a warp in space-time. He predicted that light rays would flow along the contours of space-time, and this was later confirmed by scientific observations.

The consequence of these scientific findings is that we need a more holistic approach to natural disasters. We need to consider that the physical event of an earthquake could be produced by deeper causes that take place in the planetary energy field and could be related to the fabric of space-time. For example, we know there are a number of tectonic plates that are rubbing against each other and produce a constant state of tension along certain lines. Yet this tension can exist or keep building for decades or centuries without releasing an earthquake. Or it can be released in a series of smaller earthquakes that don’t cause damage on the surface. So why does a particular earthquake happen in a particular location, such as the recent earthquake in Northern Pakistan and Kashmir? We must consider that some event led to an overload of tension that triggered the earthquake. It is like bending a strip of metal until a stress point appears and the metal finally breaks.

The tension along a fault line is not simply a mechanical phenomenon; it has an energy component. Is it possible that the mechanical tension itself is not the real cause of an earthquake? The quake is actually triggered at the level of energy and this happens when the accumulation of energy reaches a certain intensity. We know that all matter is made from energy, and therefore it is basic science that energy can affect matter. As an analogy, we might say that the matter component is like a dam and the energy component is water building behind the dam. The water puts pressure on the dam, and for a while the dam can hold back the pressure. Yet if the pressure goes beyond a certain limit, the dam breaks and the destructive force of the water is released. Likewise, we might imagine that as energy builds along a fault line, it can reach an intensity that the physical matter cannot withstand and an earthquake is the result. If the energy buildup is particularly intense in a certain location, it might release an earthquake in that location even though there are thousands of miles of fault line with similar physical conditions. We might also imagine that such a buildup could trigger one large earthquake instead of many smaller ones that gradually release the tension.

We know that a hurricane is linked to the warming of ocean water, which causes the air to start spinning. Yet what determines the course of a hurricane? Take for example the recent hurricane Katrina. After Katrina crossed Florida and entered the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, it could have gone almost anywhere along the Mexican or the American coast. Why did this hurricane hit New Orleans—the biggest city on the Gulf coast? Is it possible that a mass of misqualified energy – created by the city’s well-known lifestyle – had accumulated over this city? The energy warped space-time which caused the formation of a groove that literally caught the hurricane and guided it toward the city.

Perhaps such explanations are too superficial, but they do point to the possibility that science might one day discover a cause-effect sequence that links the collective consciousness to natural disasters. We have already seen that our physical actions can have global effects, so it is only a small step to make the connection between the energy waves of our thoughts and the energy waves that create the physical planet.

From butterflies to M-fields
Some physicists have formulated theories that describe a much deeper interconnectedness and causality than we find in the current – rather mechanical – scientific paradigm. For example, Chaos Theory talks about the “butterfly effect.” The idea is that because the Earth is one interconnected whole, even small variations in one location can have large effects in another location. The famous analogy that gave the effect its name is that a butterfly flapping its wings on one continent can set in motion a chain reaction that eventually builds and causes a major storm on another continent. According to Chaos Theory it is not impossible that energy produced by humankind could create more chaotic conditions in the planetary energy field, which could trigger an increase in violent storms.

The physicist David Bohm theorized that the realm of matter and physical energy forms only one level of reality. Beyond it is another realm, which he called the “implicate order.” In this realm of pure energy we can find the deeper causes that can explain the many effects for which materialistic science has no explanation. For example, quantum physicists have observed in laboratories that a subatomic particle can suddenly appear as if out of nowhere. The particle spontaneously divides into other particles that then collide and disappear. According to materialists, there is no explanation for this phenomenon and if it had not been observed, it would likely have been labeled as an impossibility.

Yet Bohm’s theory says that the cause is found at the deeper level of the implicate order. As mentioned earlier, this could prove that there is a stream of high frequency energy that flows into the material universe from a higher realm. If our thoughts can influence this stream of energy, thoughts can influence – as quantum physics has already proven – the most fundamental level of the matter universe.

The biologist Rupert Sheldrake proposed the existence of energy fields, so-called M-fields, that form an invisible blueprint for the formation of material “things” such as the human body. In other words, when the first cell of the embryo comes into existence, there is already an invisible energy field that forms a complete blueprint for the person’s adult body. That first cell does not divide randomly because new cells gradually fill in the invisible blueprint. This blueprint was created in a higher realm, and physical matter simply conforms to it. The body is the effect and the energy field is the cause.

Other scientists have realized that the basic building block of the universe is not subatomic particles but information. We know information is stored in the genes, but in order to become useful, information must be processed by a conscious mind. We might say that the genes do not really store information any more than your computer does. Your computer stores bits of data and has no awareness of what it is storing and what it means. It takes a conscious mind to turn bits of data into information that can be used for practical purposes. This would point to the fact that the incredibly complex universe in which we live could not have been created randomly but requires the participation of conscious minds.

If there is a realm of higher energy, this realm might contain intelligent beings who started the process of creating the Earth—perhaps by formulating an invisible blueprint that was gradually filled in by matter particles and organic life forms. This opens the possibility that our consciousness could be part of this process, perhaps even at a very deep level. Could we one day discover a scientific explanation for the Biblical description that God created the Earth and human beings, whereupon he told us to “multiply and have dominion.” Perhaps “multiply” is more than simply reproduction? Perhaps it means that we are meant to multiply the capabilities of our minds until we attain dominion over matter itself. Perhaps we are designed to be co-creators with God who have the ability to alter the design of the Earth—for better and for worse? In other words, God built a foundation and we are building upon that foundation. It is up to us whether we build a beautiful castle or a rickety shack.

As we discussed earlier, science has continually expanded our understanding of how interconnected the world really is. It has also revealed deeper layers of complexity and cause-effect relationships. Is it really so far-fetched that humankind could produce such an intense accumulation of psychic energy that it warped the fabric of space-time or in other ways started a chain reaction that could release an earthquake in a particular location or guide the course of a hurricane? Is it possible that in a decade or two we will have developed scientific methods for measuring this effect, methods that will allow us to predict or prevent natural disasters?

The question now becomes whether you are going to wait for the scientific proof or whether you are willing to go on faith and make an effort to purify the planetary energy field. Your personal answer to that question might depend more on your approach to life than on what is real. It might actually depend on how willing you are to take responsibility for your own life.

The buck stops where? 
Many spiritually minded people have heard the slogan, “Think globally, act locally.” Well, how about thinking globally and acting globally? How about taking responsibility for planetary conditions and looking for ways to do something about them? Why are so many people prone to scoff at this idea?

The brutal fact is that you cannot take responsibility for the planet until you have taken responsibility for yourself. Most people actually prefer to see themselves as victims of circumstances beyond their control, and they are happy to believe that they can do nothing about planetary conditions. This allows them to continue living the way they want to and perhaps criticize the government for not doing enough while feeling that they can do nothing. Yet if you see yourself as a spiritually aware person, this approach simply doesn’t work.

If you accept that life has a spiritual side, you recognize that you are not a helpless victim of forces beyond your control. You can do something to raise your personal consciousness, which improves your life experience. It follows logically that if you raise your own consciousness, you will help raise the consciousness of the whole, what Carl Jung called the collective consciousness. And if there is a connection between the state of the collective consciousness and natural disasters, it follows that you can make a personal contribution to purifying the collective consciousness and thereby preventing or mitigating natural disasters. You simply cannot be a spiritually aware person without being open to this possibility.

What can you do to purify the collective consciousness and the planetary energy field? Scientists have proven that if you direct a wave of high-frequency energy at a wave of a lower vibration, you can accelerate the vibration of the lower energy. Thus, purifying the planetary energy field can be done by a limited number of people who are using spiritual techniques for generating high-frequency, harmonious energy waves. Perhaps all spiritual and religious rituals are actually tools for helping us purify our personal as well as the planetary energy field? Why do so many people feel uplifted after they participate in a spiritual ceremony or practice a spiritual technique? Is it not because we generate high-frequency energy that transforms some of the low-frequency energy that normally burdens us.

If you are willing to accept a planetary responsibility, it becomes logical that the most spiritually aware people are the ones who have the option to do something to purify the collective consciousness and the planetary energy field. People who are not spiritually awakened are not likely to do so, and neither is the government. Thus, the buck stops here. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. If you are not making an effort to raise your consciousness and produce high-frequency energy, you are contributing to the degradation of the planetary energy field.

The question now becomes how you can find a spiritual technique that works and that appeals to you. There is a large selection available, and if you are willing to put forth an effort and spend the time, you just might contribute to preventing future natural disasters.

If you are open to looking for a technique for transforming negative energy, this website contains several of them. 

Copyright © 2005 by Kim Michaels