Diversification and differences do not actually bring conflict

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Gautama Buddha, December 31, 2007

The Buddha I AM, and I come to this Earth to bring peace, but not a peace that is brought about by making everyone the same or forcing everyone to become members of a particular religion or to live in a certain way. For my beloved, such a peace cannot be peace for the simple reason that when you seek to force all people into a particular system of thought – be it a religion or political ideology – you create a closed system that will inevitably break down under its own internal conflicts and contradicting forces.

Thus, my beloved, you have seen this movie earlier,* of a society that in periods had a great deal of harmony between different religions, so that the members of those religions could live in peace and tolerance, thus allowing their society – their shared community – to flourish. And although the people did not truly understand the cause, the cause, my beloved, was precisely that when diversity exists in a harmonious setting, then the creative tension between different lifestyles and beliefs will lead to growth and prosperity, both materially and spiritually.

Yet you have also seen how – when one force becomes dominant and seeks to destroy diversity and create uniformity – well then a society enters a downward spiral that will eventually lead either to its own destruction or to a revolution of some kind that brings that society to a new and higher level. Thus my beloved, the lesson to learn from a society such as the one outpictured in the film is that – contrary to the beliefs held by many people – uniformity will not bring peace. And my beloved, it is important for you to understand why this is so.

Diversity does not cause conflict
And you can understand it by looking at a very simple fact, my beloved. God – before anything was created – was One. This is uniformity. But God did not desire to remain the One. God desired to create, and in order to create anything, God had to become more than the One, the undivided whole. So God expressed itself as the first polarity of the expanding and contracting force—the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending, the Father and Mother, or whatever you desire to call it.

And then, out of that first polarity, sprang all of the diversity that you have just seen in these images of the material universe.** But I can assure you that in the spiritual world there is even more diversity than what you find in the material realm. So thus, you see that the driving force in creation is the drive to be MORE through diversification, my beloved. And thus, you can see that the human desire to force everyone to fit into a particular system or society is against the basic force of life.

And thus, my beloved, that human desire to stop diversity can never bring peace. It is an illusion, my beloved. For you see, it is actually so that if human beings do attain a state where they have forced uniformity, well then the conflicts that will inevitably arise are actually brought about by the River of Life, by the force of life, because the River of Life will create tension that will eventually manifest as a diversification in society. And when there is a force that seeks to stop diversification, then conflict is the inevitable result and you then see a society that divides into separate factions.

And if there is no tolerance for diversification, well then those separate factions must inevitably be at war with one another, possibly even leading to a state where the society is fragmented or destroyed. So you see, my beloved, it is not that the River of Life actually brings conflict. It is not that diversification and differences actually bring conflict. It is when human beings adopt the mindset that they need to stop diversification and create an artificial state of uniformity—well then, my beloved, conflict is the inevitable result.

You see, my beloved, if human beings are focused on becoming more and are focused on bringing their societies into a state of being or becoming more, well then there is no time or attention or energy left over for conflict. For if you know that you can manifest more by applying yourself, by expressing your creativity, then why would you have to have conflicts with your neighbors?

Why would you have to control others, to take from others, when you see that all are growing and becoming more? And so my beloved, you see that the very foundation for a Golden Age is that human beings enter into a state of consciousness, where they are focused on becoming more rather than focused on seeking to control others—which is the consciousness of becoming less.

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