How a few people can change the world

How a relatively small number of people can affect an entire nation

A foundational teaching from Jesus explaining that society can be divided into three groups of people, the lowest ten percent, the top ten percent and the eighty percent in the middle. The lowest ten percent work aggressively to pull the majority down, and the key to progress is that the top ten percent fulfil our potential to pull the majority up. He explains that by overcoming the spiritual poison of non-will and non-being, a small number of spiritual people can have a decisive influence on society.

Understanding who can bring positive change to society

Jesus explains that the most powerful people in society are not the ones who bring toward change. It is the top ten percent who have the greatest potential to shift the collective consciousness upwards. When we manifest personal Christhood, we can shift the spectrum of the planetary consciousness upwards.

How one person can – and cannot – make a difference

Saint Germain explains that one person making up his or her mind does make a difference, but it takes a critical mass of people to change things on the collective level. He also talks about how we were brought up to think we have no power to change this planet.

One or two people will not save the Earth

The Divine Director explains that although one or two people can make a difference, they cannot save the earth. The earth is designed to help the many raise their consciousness and this is what brings about change.

Overcome the illusion that the individual cannot make a difference in society

Mother Mary explains the delicate balance where we do not allow the dark forces to make us believe that we cannot make a difference, but also we do not seek to force others. He explains how we can avoid making decisions with the outer mind and instead go within and reconnect to our higher beings  and flow with the River of Life. And this is how we can make a difference because it will awaken the many people who are ready to come up high run consciousness.