How Mother Mary’s rosaries can prevent a war

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Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2007

Status for 2006
Indeed, my beloved, as it is customary to do status at the end of the year, let us take a quick glance back at the year 2006. What were the most significant events that happened in 2006? Well, I must tell you that indeed the most significant event of 2006 was an event that did not happen, namely that we did not have the outbreak in the physical of a major war. Surely, you have seen unrest. Surely, you have seen the seeds of war planted. But they have not yet sprouted to full fruition, as they truly could have done, had it not been for one particular factor. And that factor, my beloved, is indeed Mother Mary’s rosaries and the peace rosaries that so many people have taken up during this year.

Now, in the interest of not causing you to be tempted to be engaged in any form of superiority, I will give you a realistic assessment. There truly are not enough people giving these rosaries that it can have the maximum affect that we desire. Nevertheless, if you look at world history, you will see that the first world war broke out after the assassination of one person. And thus the shot that was heard around the world did indeed become many shots heard in many parts of the world. Truly, it was not that one assassination that caused World War I, for there was much tension between the nations that had been building for several years. But that one event was the catalyst, the trigger that caused hostility to break out.

My beloved, in those days it was virtually inevitable that a war would have broken out. So had it not been for that one assassination, then surely some other event would have triggered the outbreak of war. Nevertheless, in today’s world the situation is different because the planet has risen to a higher level, and the consciousness of humankind has indeed been raised.

So there is no absolute guarantee that a major war will break out. And we are indeed at a point where the more time that passes without a war breaking out, the more likely it is that this will not happen. Thus I can tell you that for each day that passes without the outbreak of such a war, the probability of the war decreases.

And so you see, my beloved, had the trigger event that started World War I been avoided and had no other trigger event come up, then even the tension that was there would not have been enough to cause a war to break out. And eventually, over time, that tension would have decreased and a war could have been avoided. Thus, I ask you to consider that the very factor that has prevented a trigger event that could have started a third major war has indeed been the rosaries of Mother Mary.

For when the pressure behind the dam builds, there comes a critical point where the dam is still holding but another few pounds of pressure could cause the dam to break. Yet if something prevents those few pounds of pressure from manifesting, well then the dam will hold until the rain subsides and the waters start to sink.

And so you see that while a few people cannot have a planetary effect and remove all tension, they can indeed have the planetary effect of preventing a trigger event that would otherwise have made the tension that exists in the emotional and mental realms spill over into the physical. This my beloved, is truly the significance of prayers, meditations, spiritual rituals of every kind.

So obviously, all of the people who have performed spiritual rituals have contributed to this event. And thus one could say that there are other groups who have had a significant influence on the prevention of a war. And while this is true, it must also be said that had any one of these groups not done what they did, then the trigger event would have happened. And indeed, as they say in the West, “The cat would have been out of the bag.”

Thus, my beloved, I do not want you to overvalue your service, but I do not want you to undervalue it either. I do not want you to become frustrated or attached to your service. But I do want you to be realistic in knowing that you do make a difference. For this is a time when the few can have a major impact on the life of the many. And I must tell you that if a third major war will indeed be avoided, then Winston Churchill’s famous remark after the battle of Brittain could be restated, and it would be even more true in this age, namely that never have so few done so much for so many. For the spiritual people in this age are indeed the only reason, the only factor, that prevents this planet from sliding into the black hole of war.

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