How we can help remove dark forces

The truth about dark forces – including the devil and Satan

Gautama Buddha gives a foundational teaching about dark forces and how they are organised into a false hierarchy. He explains why some leaders and large segments of a population can come under the spell of these forces and engage in conflict. He also explains how the spiritual people will not serve to raise the planet by ignoring this. Neither will we help the planet by giving power to these forces. He explains how to find a middle way and take the power away from dark forces.

This world is designed to give certain beings an opportunity to deny God’s Presence

Mother Mary explains that the earth is an educational institution and it gives certain beings an opportunity to deny that there is anything beyond the material world—and this has given rise to many of the manifestations of anti-love that we see on the planet. As spiritual people we came here to bring love in order to show such beings that there is something beyond their self-created spiral of anti-love. We can reconnect to the love that brought us here and learn to express it.

Your rosaries bring forth the judgment of the power elite

Saint Germain explains how a group of people giving invocations and decrees can bring forth the judgment of the power elite and the dark forces behind it.

The Mother’s love is not an end in itself and should not become circular thinking

Mother Mary exposes the lie from the dark forces, which says that when we are on earth, we should adapt to conditions on earth instead of allowing the power of spirit to change those conditions through us. She explains why the only way to preserve the environment and natural resources is to raise the consciousness so we bring earth back into alignment with spiritual principles.

Until you speak out, the Golden Age will not be manifest

Gautama Buddha explains that the dark forces have made many people think that if we are not perfect in ourselves, we have no right to speak out against the elite of society. Yet when we are willing to deal with a limitation in our own psychology, we have a right to speak out against it in society. And unless we do speak out, the golden age cannot come into manifestation.