Natural disasters: Become part of the solution instead of the problem

By Kim Michaels

You can find many prophecies that talk about dramatic Earth changes, such as reversing the magnetic field, three days of darkness, a mighty wind, massive earthquakes, volcanoes that create “nuclear” winter or even wars that do the same. Yet this website does NOT in any way promote a doomsday scenario or say that the end of the world is coming. On the contrary, Mother Mary presents a message of profound hope based on practical realism—namely that a Golden Age is a distinct possibility. She makes it clear that upheaval in both society and nature happens only when we refuse to learn our main lesson through spiritual guidance. What is that lesson? It is that EVERY condition we face is influenced by our individual and collective consciousness. We have the power to uncreate any imperfect condition found on this planet—because what we have created, we must also uncreate.

This article is a brief summary of Mother Mary’s teachings on the connection between humankind’s consciousness and natural disasters, including how we can help prevent disasters. As an introduction, consider that many people, over the past several decades, have become increasingly aware that our actions can have subtle and far-reaching consequences. We now know that we could potentially destroy all life on this planet through pollution or weapons of war. Is it really that big of a step to raise your awareness and see that our tendency to pollute and create weapons of war springs from a fundamental problem in our consciousness, a problem that has a far-reaching impact on the planet?

As the old saying goes, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” As a spiritually aware person, you can choose to ignore the connection between your consciousness and natural disasters, or you can choose to explore this connection. In the first case, you remain part of the problem because ignoring the facts never made the problem go away. Only when we understand the deeper causes behind natural disasters will we empower ourselves to do something to stop the increasing severity of these events.

This article summarizes Mother Mary’s extensive teachings on natural disasters and describes them as a series of ideas.

Idea 1: Why are we seeing more disasters
Mother Mary teaches that we truly are seeing more natural disasters than in recent decades. However, this is not God’s punishment for our sins, as some doomsday prophets claim. The increased number of natural disasters is a product of the fact that we have not learned our lesson. This lesson involves the following elements:

  • Planet Earth was created as a cosmic schoolroom for our souls. We are here to learn how to use our creative abilities in a way that does not destroy ourselves, other people and the planet upon which we live. Everything is designed to help us learn the most basic lesson of all, namely that when we harm others, we are truly harming ourselves.
  • We have two options for learning our lessons in life. One is to use spiritual guidance to increase our understanding of life, until we have truly internalized the basic lesson that all life is one. Spiritual guidance does not necessarily mean an outer religion or doctrine. In fact, only when knowledge is internalized will it truly change our lives. To internalize spiritual principles, we must experience their validity through a direct, inner, intuitive experience. This is what Jesus called “the key of knowledge” (Luke 11:52).
  • If we do not learn through spiritual guidance, we enroll ourselves in the school of hard knocks, whereby we are given the opportunity to learn by experiencing the consequences of our actions. This is what the Bible describes in the saying that as a man sows, so shall he also reap (Galatians 6:7). Virtually every religion on this planet contains similar teachings, for example Eastern religions talk about the law of karma.
  • Mother Mary teaches that the universe is designed as a kind of mirror. Whatever we do to others, will come back to us. Therefore, we will inevitably experience in our own lives what we force others to experience. For example, if we take things from others through force, we will experience that others do the same to us. This even extends to a planetary scale. The Earth was designed to give us all the abundant life. Yet if humankind collectively projects an image of lack, struggle and conflict into the cosmic mirror, the entire planet will reflect this back to us. It will then seem as if we live on a planet where there is not enough abundance for all, and thus the only way to get wealth it is to take it by force. This can create a downward, self-reinforcing spiral that leads to greater lack and poverty.
  • Humankind reached a low point at the age of the caveman. Since then we have been in an upward spiral, but the progress is very slow because so many people are still caught in the consciousness of lack and struggle. So instead of a steady, rapid progress, we have an uneven progress with periods of great conflict that slow down the overall movement, making it seem like we are going backward (which we sometimes do on a temporary basis). Nevertheless, nothing has stopped the overall progress.
  • To speed up the growth in the collective consciousness, the Ascended Host – a group of spiritual beings assigned as our teachers – give us various spiritual teachings that are designed to take us to a new level of awareness. For example, Jesus did not come to start a dogmatic religion. He came to present humankind with a universal spiritual teaching about the oneness of all life, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matthew 25:40). Jesus came to inaugurate a new spiritual cycle, lasting a little over 2,000 years. In this cycle, we are meant to learn about the oneness of all life.

As the headlines in any newspaper clearly reveals, we have not learned our lesson about the oneness of all life. The consequence is that we are now reaping what we have sown, meaning that the cosmic mirror reflects back to this planet what humankind has collectively projected into the mirror. The result is that people are experiencing more turmoil in their personal lives, there is more unrest in society and we are seeing more natural disasters. Again, this is not the punishment of an angry God but the result of natural laws. The current turmoil will continue – and possibly intensify – until we wake up and learn the lesson that what we send out will come back to us.

Idea 2: All life is one
Mother Mary teaches that the universe in which we live – the material universe – is like the tip of an iceberg. As you know, an iceberg has 90% of its volume beneath the surface of the water. Likewise, the material universe is simply a small part of a larger whole, namely God’s creation, or what Mother Mary calls the world of form. The material universe is simply that part which is visible to our physical senses and scientific instruments made out of matter. Beyond this universe is a vast spiritual realm that has many different layers, or levels.

The material universe is not made from a fundamentally different substance than the spiritual realm. As science has proven, everything is made from energy, and Mother Mary teaches that what scientists call energy is simply what the Bible calls Light, “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light” (Genesis 1:3). Light is a substance that can be molded into any form. God first created the highest spiritual realm, which is made of light of a very high vibration. There are many other levels, and the material universe is the latest level of God’s creation. It is made from light that vibrates at a lower vibration than the light in the spiritual realm—yet it is the same substance, “Without him was not any thing made which was made” (John 1:3).

In reality, the Creator creates everything out of its own Being and substance, and thus God’s Being, God’s consciousness, is embedded in everything. That is why all life is one, meaning that it all came from the same source and is made from the same basic substance.

We have been given the gift of self-awareness, meaning that we are conscious of the fact that we exist, and we have a sense of identity as individual beings. Yet this gift presents a fundamental and inescapable challenge, namely how we balance the fact that we have individuality yet we are still part of a larger whole, namely the Body of God on Earth. This is the basic lesson we need to learn before we can become what we were created to be.

Idea 3: Free will and God’s law
Mother Mary teaches that the Creator of this universe is a God of unconditional love. One aspect of this unconditional love is that our Creator has given us free will. We can literally do whatever we want—yet the Law of Free Will does not exist alone.

When our Creator gave us free will, God knew that the combination of free will and individuality makes it possible that an individual being can build a sense of identity as being separated from the rest of Creation. This can give rise to a fundamental illusion, namely that one individual is independent of other individuals. This leads to the flawed assumption that I can harm you without harming myself, and from this one illusion springs all human conflict. This has led to all of “man’s inhumanity to man” and it has trapped many people in an endless quest to take what they want through force, making it necessary to defend what they have through force. In order to get and defend, some people become trapped in a quest for ultimate power and control. Not only do these people cause suffering for others, they also condemn themselves to live in a mental prison of their own making.

Obviously, a God of unconditional love does not want to see us trapped in the illusion of separation for an eternity. So to prevent this from happening, God designed the law of free will in conjunction with the law of cause and effect. We have a right to do whatever we want, but if an individual being harms other parts of life, that being will inevitably experience the same conditions in his/her own life. Jesus told us to do unto others what we want them to do to us because he knew that what we do to others will inevitably be reflected back to us by the cosmic mirror.

We might say that when the Creator created this universe, God designed a set of spiritual laws that are meant to make the universe sustainable and help it constantly expand. God has a desire to see everything become more—which is why the universe was created in the first place. God’s laws are set up to ensure that all life is constantly becoming more. For example, planet Earth was designed to give all people the abundant life. As Jesus said, “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom” (Luke 12:32). God then sent us into this world in order to multiply what we have been given. When we “multiply” and “have dominion” (Genesis 1:28), meaning that we multiply our creative powers and learn to use them in harmony with the whole, we will expand the abundance available on Earth. Thus, we create an upward spiral in which the amount of abundance is constantly being expanded, meaning that no one needs to take from others through force.

God’s laws are not set up to restrict our creative freedom and expression. On the contrary, when we follow God’s laws, there will be harmony between our individual actions and the whole. We will therefore continually expand our creative powers, leading to unlimited creativity and abundance. We are projecting an image of abundance into the cosmic mirror, and this is reflected back to us from the material universe. The whole is more than the sum of the parts.

When we lose the sense of oneness with God’s law – the sense of oneness with all life – we think that instead of bringing forth abundance through our creative powers (drawing on God’s infinite supply), we have to take it from a limited, finite supply—we have to take it from others. We then start to project an image of lack into the cosmic mirror, and the universe reflects back to us material conditions that make our lives a struggle. That is why the Bible says that after Adam and Eve were cast our of the Garden of Eden (as a symbol for the sense of oneness with God and with all life) they had to work out a living by the sweat of their brow (Genesis 3:19).

As long as we are trapped in this illusion of separation, we keep projecting an image of lack into the cosmic mirror, and this will only reinforce the current state of lack of natural resources, conflict and struggle. Neither God nor the Ascended Host want to see this continue, but they will respect our free will and can only wait until we learn our lesson—one way or another. They are ever hopeful that we will wake up and realize that we are creating our own misery and decide to stop doing so.

Idea 4: Trapped in a relative “truth”
Originally, we were meant to learn by following the guidance of a spiritual teacher. This is illustrated in the story of the Garden of Eden in which Adam of Eve (as archetypes of every human being, not as the only human beings) had direct contact with a spiritual being (called “God”) acting as their teacher. The description of how Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit is a symbol for the fact that people on Earth have descended into a lower state of consciousness in which they have lost the direct contact with their spiritual teachers. The “fruit of the knowledge of good and evil” is a symbol for this state of consciousness, which is dominated by two relative opposites, such as good and evil.

These are relative extremes in the sense that they are defined by us. Evil is defined as the opposite of good, but our definition of good might be out of alignment with God’s higher truth—what we might call “reality.” Many cultures have defined good as what was best for the ruling elite of that culture, everything else being automatically labeled evil. In the mind of God, good is not good in opposition to evil. God has no opposite because God is all that exists. Thus, what we call evil or the devil is not in opposition to God but only in opposition to relative good. Relative good and evil exist only in the realm of duality, which exists only because beings with free will chose to separate themselves (in consciousness) from the whole. The devil has created the illusion that he is in opposition to God, but that is why Jesus said about the devil, “When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it” (John 8:44).

The devil is a symbol for the consciousness of duality, the consciousness of separation, which is completely based on an illusion, a lie. Once we are trapped in the duality consciousness, we cannot see that we have defined our own standard and that it is out of harmony with the higher truth of God. Instead, we think that our self-defined “truth” is the absolute and infallible truth. Thus, it becomes justifiable and necessary to defend our “truth” against all who do not agree, leading to the attempt to convert everyone else to our belief system. This is what leads to religious wars – such as the Crusades – in which people can kill each other in the name of the same God.

When we are trapped in this state of consciousness, we cannot see ourselves as one with God, as sons and daughters of God, and we lose the direct contact with our spiritual teachers. If we do not see ourselves as one with our source, we do not see ourselves as one with all life, and this gives rise to the illusion that we can harm others without harming ourselves. We think there is a conflict, a duality, between ourselves and our God and between the individual and the whole. This also gives rise to the illusion that some people are more important or valuable than others, an illusion that cannot exist when you recognize that all people came from the same source and thus have infinite value.

Another effect is that we no longer have an absolute way to tell when our actions are in harmony with God’s law (meaning that our actions benefit all life) or out of harmony with the law (meaning that our actions seem to benefit ourselves but in reality hurt all life—including ourselves). The reason is that we are no longer open to the absolute truth of our spiritual teachers. Instead, our minds are trapped in a relative, dualistic “truth,” and we think we can define good and evil, right and wrong according to our own, self-centered desires.

When we become trapped in duality, the learning process does not stop but we now have to learn in a different way. Because we can no longer receive loving guidance from our spiritual teachers (we are not open to it, we are not willing to look beyond our relative “truth”), we must now learn by seeing the consequences of our actions. These consequences are reflected back to us by the cosmic mirror. The problem is that when we become trapped in the duality consciousness, we can completely forget our spiritual origin.

We can become paralyzed or stuck without making any kind of spiritual progress. We do not have enough spiritual awareness to overcome our self-created limitations. We fail to see that our outer conditions are the product of our state of consciousness, thus rejecting the idea that the only way to change our outer situation is to change our state of consciousness.We might even think that we belong to the only true religion or spiritual philosophy, feeling like we are the most spiritually sophisticated people on the planet while in reality making no progress at all. This is what had happened to the scribes and Pharisees who did not recognize the Living Christ in Jesus.

Idea 5: Only one solution
Mother Mary makes it clear that the only way out of the trap of duality is to reach for the higher vision of the Christ mind. That is why Jesus said, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light” (Matthew 6:22). The inner meaning is that when we no longer see through the filter of a dualistic vision, we will see the underlying oneness of all life.

Jesus came to give us an example of a person who has reached this higher state of consciousness, but there have been many other true spiritual teachers. The goal of all real spiritual teachers is to help us rise above the consciousness of duality and reestablish our sense of oneness with our source, thus seeing our oneness with all life. The true goal of a spiritual teaching is to give us a systematic approach to rising above duality.

Unfortunately, people who are completely trapped in duality cannot understand this truth. Thus, they believe a spiritual teaching represents an absolute and infallible truth. This inevitably leads to conflict because if your teaching is an infallible truth, all other teachings must be false. In reality, it is quite possible that two spiritual teachings can disagree on certain details yet both of them are true teachings in the sense that they have the potential to take their followers beyond duality.

However, to rise above duality, you musty use a spiritual teaching only as a stepping stone for having a direct, inner experience with the “Spirit of Truth.” That is why Jesus said, “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth” (John 4:24). To do this, we must seek an direct experience that is beyond the outer rituals and words of a spiritual teaching. This is what Jesus called the key of knowledge, “Woe unto you, lawyers! for ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering in ye hindered” (Luke 11:52).

The lawyers are those trapped in the duality consciousness, which causes them to focus on the outer word. The true way to follow any spiritual teaching is to reach for the inner experience that is beyond words. Those who cling to the outer words and rituals are actually trying to buy their way into Heaven, thinking that if they do all the outer things just right, God simply has to save them. In reality, such people are following a false path that cannot lead them beyond duality, “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man [a person trapped in the duality consciousness], but the end thereof are the ways of death” (Proverbs 14:12).

Instead, we need to follow the true path of self-transcendence by overcoming the human ego and putting on the new consciousness, the Christ consciousness.

22 That ye put off concerning the former conversation the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts;
23 And be renewed in the spirit of your mind;
24 And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. (Ephesians, Chapter 4)

Until we reach for the Christ consciousness, we will continue to hold on to the belief that life is a dualistic struggle. As long as we project this image into the cosmic mirror, they universe will continue to reflect back conditions that seem to confirm that life is a struggle and that dualistic conflicts are real.

Idea 6: Spiritual cycles
As mentioned above, God has given us free will and God allows us to use that free will to go against his laws and thereby descend into the duality consciousness in which we forget our origin and our true potential. Yet precisely because God loves us unconditionally, he does not want us to stay stuck in this lower state of consciousness forever. Therefore, God has created certain spiritual cycles that guide the growth in humankind’s consciousness.

Such cycles – or ages – last a little over 2,000 years. Jesus came to Earth 2,000 years ago to inaugurate a new spiritual cycle, often called the Age of Pisces. This cycle is coming to an end, and we are moving into the next cycle, normally called the Age of Aquarius. The important point is that, during any given cycle, humankind is meant to learn certain spiritual lessons. We are meant to leave behind a certain level of consciousness and rise to a higher level of understanding. The main lesson we needed to learn during the Age of Pisces is described in the Golden Rule, namely “Do unto others as you want them to do to you.” The underlying message is that there is a basic oneness of all life, so if you harm other parts of life – be it other people or the planet – you are harming yourself.

As mentioned before, most of us have not truly learned this lesson. Many people do not see the underlying oneness of all life and they think they can treat other people or Mother Nature any way they want without reaping the consequences of their actions. Mother Mary teaches that as we come to the end of the Age of Pisces, it becomes absolutely essential that humankind learns the lesson of oneness with all life. If we do not learn this lesson through spiritual guidance, we must learn by having our self-centered, egotistical actions reflected back to us by the cosmic mirror.

We have now entered a cycle in which we are reaping the consequences of our selfish actions. When a new cycle starts, the consequences of our actions are often held back as a grace. This gives us an opportunity to grow without being burdened by our past actions, and that is why Jesus volunteered to carry the weight of our sins (misqualified energy) for the past 2,000 years. Yet Jesus did not do this to give us a free ride. He did it to give us an opportunity to multiply our talents, so we could rise above the duality consciousness—the state of consciousness that causes man’s inhumanity to man. Because so many people have not risen above this state of consciousness, Jesus can no longer carry our misqualified energy. It is therefore descending upon us in greater and greater intensity, and that is why we see so many people experiencing personal calamities at the same time as we are seeing upheaval in society and natural disasters.

Mother Mary makes it clear that it is absolutely essential that humankind learns the Piscean lesson before the year 2012. And until we learn that lesson, the frequency and severity of natural disasters and man-made calamities will only increase. We must realize that our actions and even our state of consciousness have a direct impact on the physical conditions on this planet. If we will not learn this lesson through spiritual guidance, we must learn it in the school of hard knocks. The knocks will simply keep getting harder and harder until we realize that we are creating the knocks and that only we can stop the disasters.

Mother Mary gives us a set of very effective tools for consuming the returning karma/sin/misqualified energy, as explained later.

Idea 7: To be or not to be: self-transcendence or self-annihilation
Throughout the ages people have speculated about who we are and why we are here. The short answer to that question is that we were all designed to serve a co-creators with God. God created the Earth as a platform for our growth in self-awareness, and we grow by exercising our creative abilities. The Bible says that God created human beings in his image and after his likeness (Genesis 1:26). The meaning is that we have the three main qualities needed to serve as co-creators:

  • Self-awareness. We know we exist, and we know we can do something to change our own lives—for better or for worse.
  • We have the imagination to envision a better (or worse) future. We can visualize something that is not yet brought into physical manifestation.
  • We have the will power to take action to bring about that future.

Mother Mary teaches that our creative abilities are far more powerful than we were brought up to believe. In fact, our creative abilities are the same as the creative abilities of God, only they are not presently as powerful. Yet Jesus demonstrated that when we develop our abilities, we can attain mastery over matter itself. How can this possibly happen?

Mother Mary teaches that everything in the material universe is made from one basic substance, which she calls the Mother Light or the Ma-ter light. This is the substance God created when he said, “Let there be light!” Even science has proven that everything is made from energy. Mother Mary says that the Ma-ter light has the potential to take on any form but that it cannot take on form by itself. To take on form, the Ma-ter light must be acted upon by a self-conscious being who has the creative abilities of God.

The Earth was created by spiritual beings who used their creative abilities to impose a mental image upon the Ma-ter light. When God’s representatives had created the Earth and the conditions for life, we were sent here with the command to multiply (multiply our creative abilities) and have dominion over the Earth. We have the potential to build on the foundation created by God and make this planet more beautiful and with more abundance than what was originally created.

We also have the potential to go in the opposite direction. We can choose to experiment with the duality consciousness, whereby we come to see ourselves as separated from God and from all life. This creates a mortal sense of self, which is focused on itself without considering the whole. This is what many psychologists call the human ego. We now begin to believe God’s laws restrict our creative freedom, and we might develop a desire to do whatever we want without facing any consequences. We might use our imagination to see ourselves as separated from others and as more important than others, thus believing we have the right to fulfill our self-centered desires without considering how it affects other people or the planet.

This illusion of separation causes us to imagine and desire things that are out of harmony with the laws of God. These laws are not set up to restrict our creative expression, but to guide us so we don’t harm ourselves or others—which is actually the same thing. Because we have free will, we have the right to create dualistic, self-centered images. Yet we cannot turn off our creative abilities, so any images we hold in our minds will be superimposed upon the Ma-ter light.

The inevitable consequence is that we will experience in our physical circumstances the images we hold in our consciousness. As the Bible says, we will reap what we sow. As mentioned before, the material universe is a mirror that reflects back to us what we send out. Thus, if we believe life is a struggle, we are projecting the image of a struggle upon the Ma-ter light. The light has no other option than to outpicture circumstances which conform to – and thus seemingly confirm – the belief that life is a struggle.

Idea 8: Our beliefs become self-fulfilling prophecies
Our beliefs, or world view, our paradigms become self-fulfilling prophecies. When you glance back at history, you will see that most human beings have been trapped in a very self-centered state of consciousness and have truly believed that life is a struggle. Over a very long period of time, this image has been projected unto the Ma-ter light by so many people that it has changed the material conditions found on this planet. This has created a basic imbalance upon this planet, and it has resulted in natural disasters, disease, the lack of resources and many other limiting conditions.

Some people have shown an all-consuming desire to have power and privileges over others, whereas most people have shown a desire to avoid making decisions for themselves. This has created societies in which a small elite rules the general population, often misusing their power to the extreme. It has also reinforced the global conditions of lack, which cause so many people to live in abject poverty.

Mother Mary explains that these conditions are so far below the abundant life God originally envisioned for us that it almost defies description. Or rather, we have been so programmed to accept the current conditions that our minds are reluctant to see what this planet could be like. Thus, we often cling to what is familiar and in so doing reject the abundant life that God is constantly offering us. We think limitations, lack and poverty are inevitable or even created by God. Yet as already mentioned, Jesus said, “Fear not little flock, for it is the father’s good pleasure to give you his kingdom.”

Ironically, we have created the current misery and lack, yet we often blame God for these conditions. We either think God is an unfair or unjust God or that he is punishing us for our sins. Mother Mary makes it very clear that God does not punish us. God has simply created laws, and when we violate them, we punish ourselves. If you pound your head against a concrete wall, it is not the wall’s fault that you get a headache. The wall did not cause the headache—your actions did.

Idea 9: Only we can stop the suffering
Mother Mary makes it very clear that no Being in Heaven wants to see the current conditions on Earth continue for a second longer. Our spiritual teachers are more than willing to help us stop creating lack and recreate the abundant life. Yet they also have absolute respect for the law of free will. Therefore, no matter how much people might pray, the Ascended Host cannot remove the imperfections and imbalances on this planet. We have created them, and we must use our creative abilities to uncreate them. However, our spiritual teachers can and will help us do so.

The bottom line is, however, that we must use our free will to separate ourselves from the duality consciousness. We must choose to look beyond the mental box created by the ego and accept a larger world view that empowers us to see and accept the underlying oneness of all life. This is what Jesus, the Buddha and all other true spiritual teachers have been trying to teach us for thousands of years.

Why is it so difficult for us to understand this lesson? Because the illusions of the ego are very subtle and very persuasive. In order to escape these illusions, we literally have to remake our sense of identity. We have to follow Jesus’ example and let the ego die so we can be reborn into a more spiritual sense of self (John 3:5). This is a delicate process that can be completed only by taking one small step at a time. That is why both Mother Mary and Jesus describe a spiritual path that is aimed at helping us escape the mental box of the ego, so we can “let this mind be in us which was also in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5).

You might recall that Jesus declared his oneness with God, “I and my father are one” (John 10:30), and with all life, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matthew 25:40). This is the state of consciousness we need to attain. To do so, we need to gradually let go of all of the dualistic beliefs held by the ego. We need to let our eye be single, so we can grasp the unified vision of the Christ mind and thus stop superimposing self-centered images upon the Ma-ter light. Yet we also need to purify the Ma-ter light from all imperfect images put upon it in the past. The teachings presented by Mother Mary on this website and the teachings presented by Jesus on his website are specifically designed to help us follow a gradual, systematic path toward this higher state of consciousness.

Idea 10: The burden of misqualified energy
Mother Mary teaches that the Ma-ter light is what scientists call energy—only it is a more fundamental form of energy than what is currently known by science. Yet, as all energy, the Ma-ter light is basically a form of vibration. When the Earth was created, everything on the planet vibrated at a much higher frequency than today. Yet when humankind began to experiment with the consciousness of duality, the imperfect images superimposed upon the Ma-ter light caused that light to become lowered in vibration. When the vibration of the Ma-ter light falls below a certain frequency, it can no longer flow back up to the spiritual realm.

The basis for our creative abilities is that we are constantly receiving a stream of light from the spiritual realm. This light comes through a higher part of our own beings, which Mother Mary calls the I AM Presence. Originally, we were meant to multiply these talents by using our creative abilities in harmony with the laws of God. Thereby, God will give us even more light, as Jesus described in his parable about the talents, “Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things” (Matthew 15:21). When we start lowering the vibration of our spiritual light, there is nothing for God to multiply, and thus we limit our creative powers. In a sense this is a grace because it prevents us from destroying ourselves or others.

What happens to the energy that we lower in vibration, the energy we misqualify? Science tells us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Therefore, the energy must go somewhere. Since Einstein, scientists have known that everything is energy, meaning that our physical bodies and the planetary body are truly made from energy. We might say that our physical bodies are simply the visible part of a larger energy field. Even the Earth has an energy field around it, and it acts as a storehouse for the misqualified energies generated by humankind since the fall into the duality consciousness.

Mother Mary teaches that this accumulation of energy can eventually become so intense that it has visible effects at the level of matter. While this sounds far-fetched at first, we must remember that over a century ago Albert Einstein proved that even “solid” matter is actually made from energy. Thus, a consequence of Einstein’s theory of relativity is that mind can affect matter. In other words, the human mind can generate energy waves, and when they accumulate and reach a certain intensity, they can begin to affect the more dense energies that make up matter. The most obvious example of this is the fact that modern doctors realize most diseases are psychosomatic, meaning they are caused by conditions in the mind.

Mother Mary teaches that certain types of misqualified energy can combine with the physical tension in the Earth’s crust to produce or at least trigger earthquakes. Other natural disasters are also either produced by of magnified by this accumulation of high-frequency energy. Considering the violent history of this planet, it is not hard to see that humankind must have produced a sizable amount of such energy, and thus there could well be a black cloud of low-frequency energy hanging over the planet.

In this age, we need to learn the lesson that if we continue to let such energy accumulate in our personal and the planetary energy fields, the energy will eventually reach such intensity that matter will begin to break down under the pressure. Thus, the only way to truly reduce the number and severity of natural disasters is to reduce the intensity of the negative energies in the planetary energy field.

Idea 11: The way out
Mother Mary teaches that at the end of the current spiritual cycle, we must learn the lesson of the oneness of all life. To learn this lesson, we must overcome the dualistic illusions we have come to accept. We must understand the deeper message behind Jesus’ statement “The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light” (Luke 11:34). One meaning is that our eyes are “evil” when our vision is divided by the consciousness of duality, also called the consciousness of anti-christ. That is why our “bodies,” meaning our energy fields, are filled with darkness—meaning misqualified energy. Only when our vision is undivided – because we see the one truth of the Christ mind – can our energy fields be filled with the spiritual light from our higher selves.

When we stop imposing dualistic images upon the Ma-ter light, we will reverse the downward spiral of moving away from the abundant life that comes from being one with our source. Instead, we will move closer to oneness with God and we will begin to co-create God’s kingdom on Earth. This will gradually manifest a state of both spiritual and material abundance. It will remove the imbalances in nature and thus reduce the number and severity of natural disasters. It will also restore proper balance in human society and open the way for equal opportunity for all people. Instead of a small elite being extremely rich, all people will share in the abundant life.

Mother Mary teaches that we can greatly speed up the process of purifying the planetary energy field by deliberately invoking spiritual energy and directing it into specific conditions. Even science has demonstrated that a wave of high-frequency energy can raise the vibration of a wave of low-frequency energy. Thus, spiritual light can replace or purify the lower energies created through the duality consciousness. In fact, most spiritual and religious rituals were originally designed to help us do this, although this fact has been forgotten in most religions. Many people have participated in such rituals and have felt uplifted afterward. The reason is that high-frequency spiritual energy was invoked, and it temporarily lightened our normal burden of misqualified energy. However, if you do not permanently change your consciousness, you can quickly generate more misqualified energy and feel as burdened as before.

Obviously, what can lighten the energies of our personal energy fields has the potential to do the same for the planetary energy field. Spiritual and religious people have indeed made invaluable contributions to purifying the planet, which has prevented many disasters. Nevertheless, it is Mother Mary’s goal to give us tools that will empower us to bring ourselves and the planet into a permanent upward spiral that will quickly lighten our load and stop natural disasters.

For this purpose, Mother Mary has released a number of new rosaries that are specifically designed to meet the needs of the hour. These rosaries have a double effect. They consist of affirmations that address specific dualistic lies and conditions, thus helping us separate ourselves from these illusions. In between these affirmations, you repeat a special Hail Mary that invokes spiritual energy, which is directed by your affirmation. This combined action has a very powerful effect, and most sensitive people will feel an immediate personal benefit from giving these rosaries.

When you experience the power of these rosaries in your own life, it is not difficult to envision the power they have on a planetary scale, especially as more and more people start using them. Mother Mary teaches that the effect of the rosaries is multiplied exponentially by the number of people giving them, so it is possible for even a few thousand people to have a major impact on the planetary energy field.

Mother Mary has released a number of rosaries that are designed specifically to address world conditions, yet all of her rosaries have planetary effects. She says it is possible for us to turn back most negative prophecies and instead bring about a Golden Age of peace, progress and abundance for all people. This is not a fantasy but a very real possibility.

Idea 12: Holding the immaculate concept
Mother Mary makes it clear that a Golden Age is a real potential but that it will not manifest unless the most spiritually aware people make a determined effort to raise their consciousness and the collective consciousness. Jesus has also given an important teaching about this. Part of raising our consciousness involves holding what Mother Mary calls the “immaculate concept,” meaning that we see beyond outer appearances and hold the highest vision for a brighter future. She says the imperfections currently seen on this planet are birth pains that the Earth must go through to give birth to a better age.

It is extremely important that the most spiritual people do not fall prey to the temptation to see imperfections as permanent or even as ultimately real. We must realize that all imperfections are produced because humankind has projected imperfect mental images upon the Ma-ter light. Yet the Ma-ter light can as easily outpicture a Golden Age as it can outpicture the current imperfections. Thus, we need to hold firm to the vision of a Golden Age and see the pure Ma-ter light behind all imperfect appearances. We need to hold true to the highest spiritual vision we can grasp and affirm its reality in our personal lives and on a planetary scale.

This does not mean that we ignore imperfections or go into denial. It means that we see imperfections but we never accept them as real, permanent or unavoidable. We see beyond them to the very real potential that the Ma-ter light can throw off all imperfect images and instead outpicture the Christ vision for God’s kingdom on Earth.

Mother Mary teaches that many spiritually minded people volunteered to take embodiment on Earth at this critical time to take active part in purifying the planetary energy field and raising the collective consciousness. This is our reason for being (here) and our spiritual labor of love. If you have always felt like life should have a deeper meaning, if you have been longing for a greater sense of purpose and mission, this website offers you invaluable teachings and tools for how you can reconnect to your divine plan. Every person has certain goals for what they want to accomplish in this lifetime, and for most spiritual people this involves doing something for the planet as a whole. If you sense that this might apply to you, please study the teachings on this website and Mother Mary’s rosaries. Nothing gives you greater fulfillment than knowing you are doing what you came here for and that you are making a difference in terms of bringing a Golden Age to Earth.

In conclusion, we might say that over the past several decades, many people have attained an increasingly global perspective. We realize that man-made pollution can have global effects and we are beginning to realize that as inhabitants of a rich nation we cannot simply ignore the fate of people in poor nations. Likewise, we see more compassion when a natural disaster strikes, even if it happens in a region far away from rich countries or large population centers. What Mother Mary is hoping is that the most spiritually aware people will take their global perspective to a slightly higher level by realizing that there is a spiritual component to every aspect of life.

If you really want to understand the cause of physical effects, including natural disasters, you need to understand the underlying spiritual cause. And when you understand that cause, you can be far more effective in working for a solution. Once again, “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” If you are a spiritually aware person, understanding the spiritual cause behind natural disasters can help you truly become part of the solution—the spiritual solution. Mother Mary offers us teachings and tools for being part of the solution—it is up to us to make use of them.


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