Preventing war or natural disasters

Natural disasters: Become part of the solution instead of the problem

Kim Michaels summarises Mother Mary’s teachings on how spiritual people can mitigate natural disasters. This is expressed as 12 ideas that explain exactly how spiritual people can have a positive impact on raising the earth beyond natural disasters.

The Earth will not instantly shift and out-picture the kingdom of God

Jesus explains that earth is a mental image projected onto the energy called the Ma-ter Light. If the image was change, the earth would change with it. However, this cannot happen instantly because humanity needs time so people can adjust their mental images and accept the potential for a more pure planet.

How Mother Mary’s rosaries can prevent a war

Gautama Buddha explains how there are times where the energies have been building in the collective consciousness, and they are liking water being held back by a dam. Yet a little more pressure can break the dam. When we give our decrees and rosaries, we can transform the energies and prevent the pressure from reaching a critical mass where a physical event, such as the outbreak of war, occurs.