Sound is a creative force—learn how to use it constructively

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Mother Mary, January 3, 2009.

Sound is a creative force
Look at the world, my beloved, and consider what I have said—that so many people are seeking for that ultimate way to secure something in the material world. Words – sound – are a creative force, as you see in Genesis. “And God said, ‘Let there be light.’” God, then, used words, used sound, to stir the Ma-ter light into manifesting a visible kind of light that could be molded into separate forms and that was set apart from the unmanifest void that Genesis calls darkness.

You see, my beloved, sound then is indeed a creative force, but so many people in this world – being trapped in the illusion that they need to find wholeness or nurturance in this world – are seeking for ways to use sound, to use the spoken word, to manipulate others. Some even seek to manipulate matter itself through various rituals and incantations, where they seek to use sound to create a rhythmic force that can actually break apart matter itself and in some cases produce nothing of value other than giving these people a sense of having power over matter. Which they have come to crave because they have reached an almost ultimate state of separation, of thinking, as we have said, that this is their kingdom, that they own it, that God is not here and that they have a right to do with it whatever they want. This, then, is the black magic of seeking to take heaven by force, by using the creative force of sound to gain some kind of power over matter, even if it is a destructive power or a power that is aimed at gaining something – be it material things or life energy – for the separate self.

My beloved, you who are the wise ones will of course realize that this is not for you. You are not seeking to use sound, including the spoken word, to force life or other people to give you what you think you need in a state of lack. When you pass the initiations of the fifth ray, you are not in a state of lack, and thus you realize you need nothing from this world. You also realize the reality of free will, and thus you are not seeking to use the creative force of sound in order to, so to speak, force the world to become better—even if it is for the greater good of the world. For you recognize that the greater good of the world is that people are awakened through their free-will choices. And thus, you seek to use sound, you seek to use speech, in order to help people make the choice without forcing them to make the choice.

That is why, my beloved, you use spiritual techniques such as my rosaries, to transmute the dense energies of the mass consciousness, thereby lifting people’s burdens, lightening their burdens, until they are not so bogged down by the negative energy. And thus, they can begin to make more free choices, where they realize that there is an alternative to responding in certain ways; to being trapped in negativity.

You can also come to the point of using words in a way that seeks to uplift people, even challenge their illusions – as Jesus so often did with the scribes and Pharisees – in order to give them a choice between their database and a higher reality. These are all perfectly legitimate, when they are done with a purity of motive that comes from the sense of wholeness—that you are lifting up others, not by forcing them but by assisting them in making better choices. Whereby they come from within to the same realizations that you have come to, and thus choose the MORE rather than the less.


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