The basic dynamic that creates conflict between different groups of people

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Mother Mary, July 16, 2006.

My beloved hearts, you have asked and thus I will endeavor to give you part of the answer to your questions about the Middle East.  I understand that you are concerned about the situation in the Middle East and the potential for an escalation. Yet my beloved, I cannot say that I or the Ascended Host share your concern, for we look at the situation in the Middle East from a larger, broader more timeless perspective.

Thus, my beloved, let me attempt to help you step back from the situation in the Middle East and indeed gain at least a glimpse of the perspective we hold on the situation. The most important thing you can keep in mind is that planet Earth has been allowed to become a crossroads for lifestreams from many different evolutions. Originally, this planet was conceived as a protected sphere for the descent of specific groups of lifestreams, specific evolutions, which we have sometimes called the root races. Yet after the Fall of Man occurred and the consciousness of humankind began to descend into duality, it was determined that lifestreams that were not part of the original root races would be allowed to embody here in large numbers. These lifestreams have come from many different places in the Cosmos, even from other planets in this solar system.

Why was this allowed? Well, my beloved, as I have explained throughout this website, it was the original plan for planet Earth that the lifestreams who embody here would never lose their conscious awareness of and their conscious contact with their spiritual teachers. Yet my beloved, many lifestreams did indeed lose that contact and therefore they began to feel that they were abandoned by God.

Creating a downward spiral
As I also explain on this website, the material universe acts like a mirror. The matter light will outpicture in physical form the conditions you hold in your mind. The potential is that a wave of lifestreams can create a downward spiral for themselves. My beloved, this occurs because all of the lifestreams of that particular wave, of that particular root race, hold a very similar vision for the Earth and for them being abandoned by God. This vision will gradually become outpictured in physical circumstances, which is what caused matter itself to densify until it became impossible to perceive anything beyond the material universe with the physical senses.

Yes, my beloved, when the planet was of a higher vibration, people could – even with their physical senses – perceive the finer energies beyond what you today call matter substance. Yet as the consciousness of humankind became denser, the planet itself became more dense. Matter itself became more dense, and thus most people today cannot perceive anything beyond matter substance.

My beloved, do you see what happens in such a downward spiral? The lifestreams co-create their own circumstances and as matter outpictures what they co-create, they forget, or refuse to acknowledge, that they have created the outer conditions  they now see around them. Thus, they become completely convinced that their vision – that they have been abandoned by God – is entirely correct. And they take their outer circumstances as proof that their vision is correct. In reality, what they see is not an objective circumstance. It is a subjective circumstance that they have created. And thus, my beloved, the only thing that can break the downward spiral is that the people change their vision.

Yet when the people have lost contact, the direct contact with their spiritual teachers, how can we reach them and tell them they need to change their vision? This, my beloved, is the central dilemma on planet Earth. The question now becomes, “Since the people have turned their backs on their spiritual teachers, what can possibly break the downward spiral?”

Well, my beloved, the only thing that can break the downward spiral is that the people change their vision.  But because they will not listen to their spiritual teachers and because the matter light obediently outpictures their vision, something else is needed to break the downward spiral, the vicious circle.  What is that something else? Well, one possibility is that we allow a wave of lifestreams to embody on planet Earth, a wave of lifestreams that comes from an entirely different environment and therefore do not have the exact same vision as the lifestreams who are already on this planet. Thus, when these two waves of lifestreams interact, they will inevitably clash. And while this clashing will lead to conflict, it has the potential to break up the rigid mindset of both waves of lifestreams.

My beloved, do you see the essential principle I am explaining here? When you will not learn from your spiritual teachers, the only thing that has a possibility of teaching you life’s lessons is the school of hard knocks. And the more rigid a wave of lifestreams become, the harder the knocks that are required to break through their shell and make them rethink their approach to life.

The Earth is in an upward spiral
Thus, my beloved, it was determined a long time ago that Earth would no longer be an exclusive sphere for the original root races. Instead, many lifestreams from other systems of worlds, from other planets, from other galaxies, would be allowed to embody here. This, my beloved, does not mean that these lifestreams traveled here in the physical octave in spaceships. They did not.

My beloved, there are many lifestreams on Earth who have a sense that they came from somewhere else, from other star systems. And while some are simply deluding themselves with fantasies, there are some who are correct. They did come from elsewhere. But their souls were allowed to embody on Earth in human bodies. They were not transported here through material, mechanical means.

Thus, my beloved, when you look at planet Earth today, you see that it is indeed a crossroads of many different lifestreams, from many different backgrounds, with many different attitudes and approaches to life. It is, so to speak, a melting pot. And the highest potential of this melting pot is that when people see the diversity, they will change their attitude, they will learn from each other, they will take the best from each evolution and build a culture that is more balanced, more centered, more harmonious.

Of course, there is always a lowest potential, which is that the different lifestreams will focus on their differences, thereby creating conflicts between them leading to physical warfare. This, of course, is what you have seen over and over again on this planet. So my beloved, why did the Ascended Host take this calculated risk of allowing the Earth to become a melting pot? Well because if it had not happened, the original root races would have continued their downward spiral until they would have destroyed themselves.

What has happened instead is that – through the breaking up of the rigid mindset of the original root races – an upward spiral has indeed been created. This upward spiral can be seen when you look at planet Earth from the perspective and with the vision of the Ascended Host. It can even be seen by those who are perceptive and are willing to look at history with the purpose of looking for timeless elements of growth and transformation.

These elements can be seen in almost every culture. In fact there are very few cultures on this planet who have not been affected by the winds of change. In some cases one might say that change has not been for the better. But as I have tried to explain, when a certain culture is trapped in a rigid mindset, any change is actually a change for the better. For only when the rigid mindset is broken up is there a potential to reverse the downward spiral and create genuine growth. Obviously, this potential does not always come to pass and a group of lifestreams, even an entire culture, can create a new downward spiral instead of the old downward spiral.

Yet I must tell you that the entire planet has entered an upward spiral that is breaking up the rigidity of the cultures around the Earth. And when this rigidity is broken up, the people are often bewildered and distraught. They do not understand what is happening. They do not see that it is a potential for growth. Instead, they see it as a threat to their traditional lifestyle, which they have somehow – despite its obvious shortcomings and contradictions – come to believe is perfect or God-ordained and therefore should be maintained at all cost. This, my beloved, is tragic. But it is an occurrence that still cannot resist the winds of change and the wheel of time.


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