The concept of holding the spiritual balance

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Surya, October 25, 2009

Surya, thou perfectly balanced one. This is my identity my beloved.  Balance is indeed a God-quality that I have embodied for eons, and thus from the God Star Sirius I hold the balance for the Earth.  So few people on Earth have understood this concept of holding the spiritual balance for those who have descended into duality.

Do you see my beloved, as Jesus said to his disciples, “Ye are bought with a price,”  when someone uses their free will to go into the dualistic consciousness, they create an imbalance in their local area of influence?  But you see my beloved; the most basic law of the universe is the Law of Balance.  There cannot be imbalance in the universe.  This is a law.  And thus, this law would mandate that those who go into an imbalanced state of consciousness will immediately create an opposite reaction to their imbalanced action.  And as this reaction is instantly reflected back to them by the cosmic mirror, well then they are instantly destroyed by their imbalanced action and the reaction to it.

This then, would seem to make it impossible for anyone to use their free will in an imbalanced way, and indeed it is so.  But, what makes it possible for beings to go into duality is that there are Beings in the Spiritual Realm who vow that they will hold the balance, they will add their spiritual light and momentum, so that balance in the overall sense can be maintained for a time, while these beings who have chosen to go into duality are extended an opportunity to experience a less extreme manifestation of their unbalanced state of consciousness. So that they are not instantly destroyed but actually experience a milder version of what they have created.

Thus, through having that experience—being given the opportunity to gradually have enough of what is offered in duality. Until then, with higher awareness, they use their free will to say, “This is enough, I want something more.  I want to move on from this unbalanced state.  I want to come back home to a true state of balance, the balance between Alpha and Omega, between the masculine and feminine aspects of my own Being.  I want to come home to the Spiritual Realm, where the balance was never broken, where there is indeed perfect balance, perfect transparency, perfect equilibrium,” my beloved.


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