The greatest service you can render is to demonstrate the true spiritual path

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Mother Mary, October 20, 2006.

Why are you on Earth?
For my beloved, why did you descend to Earth in this embodiment? For most of you who are on the spiritual path, it was not to pursue personal goals. It was not to pursue any self-centered desires. It was to do a work for the Ascended Host in this age. And what is the greatest work you can do in this age? It is to demonstrate the spiritual path.

Now, my beloved, in the past too many ascended master students or very spiritual people from other spiritual organizations have been misled into another plot of the serpentine mind—of saying there is only one way to salvation. There is only one outer organization, teaching, messenger or guru or savior or incarnation of God, or whatever it might be, who has the key to salvation. And thus, instead of promoting the spiritual path, the path of self-transcendence, they have thought that they had to promote a particular outer organization or teaching or messenger.

But my beloved, that is not the case. Your highest love is to set people free. And humankind will not be set free by everyone coming into and becoming members of the same outer church or coming to believe the same outer doctrine. This is another lie that springs from the denial of the feminine aspect of being, which causes people to enter into black-and-white thinking or thinking that their religion is the only true one. For after all, if there is one God there can only be one religion—or so they reason.

But my beloved, the reality is, as I have said several times now in different disguises – and my beloved, this is an idea that you need to ponder and internalize – the reality is that the masculine aspect of being – be it God the Father, be it God the Son in the form of the Christian portrayal of Jesus, be it Mohammed, be it whatever outer thing you can imagine and envision – the masculine aspect of being will not save you and cannot save you. For my beloved, you came into the material realm to have dominion over the material aspect, the mother aspect of creation.

That is why you came, that is your calling. You came to have dominion and establish the figure-eight flow from Above to below and back. And until you fulfill that figure-eight flow, you cannot be saved or make your ascension or whatever you want to call it. So you see, my beloved, the masculine aspect alone cannot save you. Neither can the feminine aspect alone save you. What can save you is the integration of the masculine and feminine aspect of your own being, so that you are no longer a house divided against itself, but you come into oneness. Your eye is single, you see with the vision of Christ.

And therefore, there is no division because your lower being is in perfect alignment with your Higher Being and there is a figure-eight flow of teaching, direction and light from your Higher Being to your lower being, which is then expressed to help others in order to co-create the kingdom of God. And in that expression, you close the circle, you close the gap, you close the figure-eight flow, so that the energies can flow back up. And when they flow back up – and only when they flow back up – can they be multiplied, as only those servants who multiplied their talents received the reward.

And only when you receive that return current, can you rise to a higher level. And so only by continuing to rise to higher and higher levels, by continuing to be here below all that you are Above and to express here below all that you are Above, will you eventually rise to the level where you simply leave behind the material octave. For your consciousness is now so high that it cannot maintain a focus here anymore. And thus, you gladly and lovingly move on – out of your own free-will choosing – without missing anything on Earth.

Attaining integration
You see, my beloved, for you to go through this integration between the masculine and feminine aspects of your being, the first thing you need to overcome is the serpentine lie of the external God. You need to realize that the true God is within you and that you are open to knowing the true God, who is your own Higher Being, your spiritual Self, your I AM Presence. And therefore, it does not make any sense whatsoever to say that God’s will could be in opposition to your own will. For when God is not an external deity, then his will is not an external will. It is the will of your self, of your own Higher Being.

And how can the will of yourself be in opposition to yourself? Well, it can be in opposition not in reality but only in the mind, because the lower part of your being, the conscious self, has come to identify itself as being separated from God, separated from your Higher Being. And therefore, you think there can be two wills in your being. But my beloved, in reality there cannot be two wills in your real being. The only will that can be in opposition to your higher will is the will of the ego. And so, it is only when the Conscious You identifies itself with the ego that you can believe there is any opposition, that there is any division, any contradiction between your will and God’s will.

The will of the ego will forever be in opposition to God’s will. And so only as long as the Conscious You identifies itself with the ego, will you believe there is an opposition. Once the Conscious You awakens and realizes – and this can happen in a flash, my beloved, as I described in my book – that you are one with your Higher Being, then the Conscious You will see that its will – your will – is the same as the will of your I AM Presence.

You did not come here to rebel against that will; you came here to express that will. And that was the reason you chose to come here in the first place. It was only when you met the opposition in this world – when those in this world, those in the duality consciousness, did not want to receive your light – it was only then that you started thinking that maybe there was something wrong with expressing the light of your Higher Being. And maybe you should turn off that light or turn it down and not let your light so shine before men and not bear witness to your truth.

And that was when you started believing in the serpentine lie that you should adapt to the way conditions are now in the material universe, rather than multiplying your creative talents so that you can take dominion over those conditions and transform them and their present imperfections into the kingdom of God. And this, my beloved, is what has happened to the top ten percent of the spiritual people on this planet. And that is why those top ten percent are not being the force that they were meant to be, the force that they wanted to be before they came here.

And I must tell you that the top ten percent of the most spiritual people all chose to come here not for self-centered reasons but because they wanted to raise up this planet and help bring in the Golden Age of Saint Germain. And you who are beginning to awaken from the illusions, you need to start seeing yourself as the emissaries of the Ascended Host who have the potential to bear witness to this truth that you are now beginning to see. So that you can go out and awaken all those in the top ten percent to who they are and why they are here, so that all of these people can begin to fulfill their reason for being.

But my beloved, we are not asking you to convert everyone to one particular religion or belief system. We are asking you to see the universal teaching that transcends all outer religions, all outer organizations. Do you see, my beloved, the teaching on the ego, that we have brought forth now, is universal. It cannot be confined to this or that church, or this or that New Age organization, or this or that guru. No one in the physical octave can have a patent on the teachings of the Ascended Masters. They are our gift to humankind.

And in the Aquarian Age I can assure you that the old idea that there is one religion, or one church that has the ultimate teaching or the only true teaching, will fade away as it has already started fading away for the old religions in the West, where more and more people see beyond this black-and-white approach and realize that it is not true. And so, my beloved, can you see that the last thing we would want is an Aquarian Age organization which becomes trapped in that old mindset.

But this will require that the leaders and the members of such an organization are willing to overcome the ego, which has an eternal desire to feel better than others. And it will use any excuse for building the sense that, “Oh, we are surely better than others because we have the sophisticated teaching. We understand something that these other people don’t understand. So God must love us more. Surely El Morya must love us more because we are his chelas.”

But you see, my beloved, El Morya loves everyone more—when they are willing to become more by transcending themselves. And when people are not willing to transcend themselves, they cannot receive the love that all of us have for all of the people on Earth. We love everyone on Earth, and we desire to see everyone transcend their current level of consciousness and come up higher.

We do not give special favors to anyone because unconditional love cannot be expressed in a conditional way. And that is why you will see that in past organizations we have been careful not to elevate people, unless it was done specifically for a testing of their souls, of whether they would use that seeming elevation to build the value judgment that they were better than others or whether they would remain humble of heart or become humble.


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