There is no ultimate system that will solve all problems

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Lanello, November 2, 2008

You have dominion over the Earth
We are indeed not human beings, and you are indeed not human beings—unless you think you are. For then we must, of course, bow to your free will and allow you to think that the power elite has power over you—while in reality you are the co-creators.  You are the ones who have been given authority by God to have dominion over the Earth. Do you understand this, my beloved?

The fallen angels were never given the authority by God to have dominion over the Earth. They may claim that they were given that authority—some of them believing that the entire material universe was created for their sake; but this is not the case. It is simply another reasoning of the duality consciousness. They were never given authority over this planet. YOU were given authority over this planet.

But when you did not take that authority, then the fallen beings were allowed to embody here. And that, then, became the problem, where the people now became even more embroiled in the consciousness of not wanting to take responsibility and authority. Instead wanting the blind leaders – who claim to have some ultimate authority – to lead them to the promised land—failing to realize that they would never get to that promised land. For by the time they got into embodiment again, they had forgotten the futile search for the promised land that they went through in the past 30 embodiments or more.

Questioning traditional doctrines in religion, politics and science
And yet in today’s age there are indeed many people who are beginning to realize that the Promised Land cannot be found here on Earth, that there must be something more to this search for the Promised Land that is integral to every human being.  And thus, they are beginning to question whether one can indeed find it in the Christian heaven, as has been promised now for 2,000 years. Or whether one can ever find it because it doesn’t exist as claimed by materialism or Marxism.

Or whether there really is more, whether it really is possible to find it in an entirely different realm that is not defined by human ideologies or doctrines or dogmas—that are beautiful outward, but inward they are like whitened sepulchres filled with dead men’s bones, my beloved. For that indeed is what they are made of: dead men’s bones—those who are filled with the deadness of the consciousness of anti-christ and have been bringing forth their false teachings, their ideologies, now for centuries.

Ahh, my beloved, it is a relief to me that so many people in Europe have begun to transcend the entire lure of the Marxist philosophy. For I must tell you that there is hardly any false teachings on this Earth that is more out of touch with reality than the teachings of Marxism. Although, as with all false teachings, there are some true statements in there, they are perverted to such a degree that it is almost a wonder that any mind could come up with such an intricate perversion. Disguising the truth in something that is so difficult to understand that almost anyone who reads it comes up with their own interpretation. Which, of course, is part of the design—that all may find a justification for outplaying their own egotistical tendencies, justified by this ideology. As you saw with Lenin and Stalin, who found the perfect justification, my beloved.

The essential question for spiritual people in Europe 
And so what we see is that we now have a growing number of people in Europe who are beginning to question these traditional approaches. And what you need to hold the vision for is that they go further in that questioning and they indeed begin to question whether there is any man-made system that will bring the Promised Land to Earth, that will bring the Promised Land to this continent.

Is it possible to create a system that will automatically bring the Promised Land? That is the essential question for the top 10% of the people on the European continent to ponder. That is the essential question, my beloved. For do you not see that the reality here is – as we have explained many times in different contexts – that there is no absolute system? The reality is that you are co-creators. You are meant to bring forth something that you co-create, and creativity is spontaneous. Creativity is NOT a system.

Creativity is a spontaneous expression of the Holy Spirit that bloweth where it listeth, and that which bloweth where it listeth cannot be fit into any system. The Holy Spirit is not a system. It is the River of Life that is constantly – not simply flowing like a river on Earth – but constantly transcending itself and becoming MORE in the process.

The essence of creativity
Thus, my beloved, this is the key to your own growth, to your own transcendence, and to you finding a way to make an impact on society. Dare to question any and all of the systems that promise this or that or the next thing. Dare to question it and make people aware that the real key to progress, the real key to the Golden Age of Europe, is indeed creativity.

And the essence of creativity is that you recognize you are more than a human being.  And you allow your own Higher Being to express itself through you, as Christ demonstrated 2,000 years ago when he said, “I can of my own self do nothing, it is the Father within me that doeth the work.” And then he allowed that Father to do the work and perform the miracles that he performed, even though they are denied by many today.

Nevertheless, it is not the outer miracles as such we desire to see brought forth. What we desire to see brought forth is the ideas, the understanding that will bring forth a new and higher society—a new approach to these age-old problems that have been unsolvable in the past because they have been approached from the exact same state of consciousness that created them in the first place.

Again, the concepts of the universal mirror and what you project into the mirror is what comes back to you. These are concepts, my beloved, that people, at least many people, can understand in this day and age, for they are prepared at inner levels. And I have indeed tutored many people at my retreat that are prepared at inner levels.

But they need some outer contact that makes this inner preparation break through into their conscious mind. Where you will see – when you present them with these ideas – they say, “Oh, I always knew that. I’ve been talking about this for years but I didn’t really understand it in the greater context, I did not see the greater picture. I did not fully understand what I was doing.”

Acknowledge who you are
And this, my beloved, is the recognition you will start to have when you fully allow yourself, as the Lady Masters (Link 1, Link 2) have said before me, to look in the mirror and recognize who you are—not as the limited human being with faults, but as the magnificent spiritual being that you are. And acknowledge that you have a right to be here, you have a right to plant your feet firmly in the soil of this continent and demand that this continent be changed. So that it is fitting to receive the birth of the King of Kings—not as coming from the heavens, descending on a throne but as being born as the Christ child in the hearts of millions of people. This is the transformation that must take place.

It has taken place before in some measure with the bringing forth of democracy and many other ideas, such as the entire enlightenment period. Which you might study, my beloved, in order to see how – after centuries of being restricted by the Catholic Church and its doctrines – suddenly the minds of the European people were freed to bring forth this burst of creativity. And this can indeed happen again in this age. This is what we are looking for.

You yourselves can be part of that burst of creativity, and there is hardly anyone in here who does not have the potential – not necessarily alone, but as part of a group – to be part of bringing forth those new ideas in various areas of society.

Europe is close to a breakthrough
This then is the reality we face, my beloved. The reality is that Europe is very close to breaking through to an entirely new level of consciousness. You may look at Europe and see the glass as half empty. You may see the many problems and even the smoldering conflicts. But nevertheless, that then is the parallel universe you choose to live in if you focus on the negatives.

We are asking you to realize that that universe is not the only universe. We are asking you to recognize that the motto of all true pessimists is, “I am not a pessimist, I am a realist.” But we are asking you to realize that if you are truly a realist, you are the eternal optimist. For you know that all that is manifest in matter is ultimately unreal. And you know that the Ma-ter light can instantly out-picture a better manifestation than what you see right now. You know that the power of God can conquer all things.

And thus my beloved, realism is realizing that although there are people trapped in the lower state of consciousness, there is a higher state of consciousness, there is an alternative. And when you choose to live in that higher universe, then you will pull up those in the lower universes.

For as Jesus has explained, when you raise the bar, when the top 10% raise the bar, well then it will also be raised at the lower end—and that is how you pull up an entire continent. As the analogy I used to give as Lanello, that if you pull up one corner of a handkerchief, you will eventually raise the entire handkerchief up, for it is all connected, my beloved.

People on this continent are connected in consciousness, and it only takes a few who dare to raise themselves up, forming that tip of the spear, and then pulling all the others up with them. Not against their free will, my beloved; but because by demonstrating that there is a higher way – that there is a higher parallel universe than the one people see themselves living in – you are giving them the opportunity to choose. And the vast majority of the people will indeed do better if they know better.  And they only need to see you or hear you speak in order to know better and to acknowledge that they know better and that there is a higher reality.


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