There really is only one conflict that has simply been repeating itself over and over again

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Lanello, November 2, 2008

I stand with a firm stance, for I have my feet firmly planted on the ground in this nation of Germany. For as some of you know, we of the Ascended Host have etheric retreats in the etheric realm, located over specific physical locations around the globe. And I and my beloved consort do indeed have a retreat over the Rhine valley in Germany, the centre of which is near the Lorelei cliff.

Thus my beloved, I have a long history of embodiments on this continent. I have a great investment of spiritual light here, in those that have been my chelas and students over these many lifetimes, where I have served in various ways as a teacher and leader. I also have many who have never heard of the Ascended Masters but who are nevertheless my students on inner levels, and therefore are open to receiving ideas and concepts from the ascended realm through the life-stream, the Flame that I AM.

And thus, I indeed have been part of this continent, part of its past. I have fought my battles, my beloved, as while I was still in the duality consciousness and thought, as so many of us – I dare say almost all of us – have believed in the past, that if we could only defeat this particular manifestation of evil, then all would be well on planet Earth.

Learn from history—or repeat it
Well, my beloved, if we had only understood the reality of the inner teachings of Christ—that there is no way to defeat evil by fighting it but that we must turn the other cheek. How much bloodshed, how much warfare, could have been avoided on this continent, if more of us had had that understanding in past lifetimes. Certainly, as an Ascended Being, I AM not lamenting the past, but nevertheless when one is on a continent such as Europe, it is necessary to recognize that this continent does indeed have a past—a long and somewhat bloody past, my beloved.

And so, for the people of Europe, who are embodying here today, to rise above that past, it is indeed necessary to look at the past, to learn the lessons from history. For has it not been said that unless you learn those lessons, you are destined to repeat the mistakes of history.

And how many times have we seen that outplayed on this continent, where one conflict sets the stage for the next. And where the emergence of one power elite created a conflict that then – when they became the established power elite – they attracted the opposite polarity and a new conflict was born. Ah, what a pattern, what a pattern has been repeated so many times that it is nauseating if one looks at it.

There is only one conflict on Earth
And thus, I do indeed intend all of you to look at it, whether it makes you nauseated or not; for there comes a point where you go beyond it—you go beyond that sense of hopelessness and despair. For when you dare to actually look at what has been going on – when you dare to look at why it has been going on – you see that even though there is a seemingly endless stream of conflicts on this planet and this continent, you see, my beloved, that there really is only one conflict that has simply been repeating itself over and over again in different physical circumstances.

And that conflict is, of course, the conflict between what we have called the power elite and the people of God. It is the conflict between those who have fallen, as Maitreya explains in his ground-breaking and magnificent book—that I dare say, I wish it had been possible to bring that forth while I was still a messenger in embodiment, for it would have explained so many things; so many questions that were left hanging to the teachings that could be brought forth at the time.

Nevertheless, reality is reality, the now is the now, and so when you see that these fallen beings fell because they honestly, seriously, sincerely – or should I just say naively – believed that they were smarter than God and knew better than God how to run an entire universe. And so they fell into the duality consciousness, ended up on Earth, have embodied here over and over again ever since.  And they have repeated the same old pattern of seeking to attain ultimate control over the people in the mistaken belief – the absolutely naïve belief – that that could prove God wrong and prove them right.

As if my beloved – when you consider what you know today in the modern world about the vastness of the material universe – as if what happens on one little planet such as Earth would actually prove God wrong—the God that strung the Pleiades, that strung the galaxies. How could what happens on this little planet ever be significant in the grand scheme of things?  But such is the intense blindness of the human ego—that it actually believes that it has the power to change the fate of the universe. What folly, what folly I might say.

God cannot be mocked
This is what must be seen by the people—that it is completely, utterly naïve to believe that God can be mocked by human beings. And only when you have that realistic sense of reality of the Law of God – the actual, absolute immovability of the law of God – only then will you see that you need to escape that illusion.

And you need to stop following the blind leaders, those who are trapped in that illusion. For if you do not stop following them, then you are like a ship without a rudder that is being carried by the current down the Rhine and will be wrecked on the Lorelei Cliff, as a representative for the rock of Christ. For do you not see that the very force that is at work in the second law of thermodynamics is the Rock of Christ that breaks down all closed mental boxes. It breaks down all closed systems and reduces them to the lowest possible energy state, for without the constant infusion of the life of Christ nothing is sustainable.

And thus, those who in some higher sphere chose to cut themselves off from the eternal stream that is the life of Christ, well then they have only a certain time. Their days are numbered, my beloved, and there does indeed come a point where they are ready to be taken because they have had enough opportunity to be expressed.

The need for Christed ones
But then there is – as we have spoken about – that condition that someone must be raised up to the level of Christhood out-pictured [as a perversion] by these self-centered, egotistical beings. And unless there is someone who dares to step forward and accept that they are the Christ – accept that they are a son or daughter of God – unless that happens, well then they cannot be taken.

And I can tell you that there are right now a number of these beings, who have had their lawful opportunity, and they are simply being sustained on this planet by the fact that nobody has dared to claim their Christhood. Which, of course, is the very plot that they have engineered from the very beginning—even while Jesus still walked on the Earth.  And they attempted to set the stage, thinking that they could kill him physically. And then, of course, when that did not work, going to Plan B and killing his teaching and example—that no one dare to step forward.

And thus, some of you have indeed realized – and had a conversation just before this release – that this is a dark cloud that hangs especially over the European continent. Certainly, every other continent has its own version of what suppresses the people, but here on this continent of Europe – because the Catholic Church was here, because Christianity spread here first – there is indeed a stigma that you can do or say almost anything you want to do or say—except that you are the Christ or a representative of the Christ on Earth. For the very beings who have embodied the consciousness of anti-Christ have claimed that as a monopoly for themselves.

Oh, my beloved, it is indeed time that people wake up all over Europe and realize this is a complete lie. It is a complete and utter denial of the very mission of Christ, the very mission of Christ to free the Christ in every human heart and to make every human being acknowledge their Christ potential, my beloved. This has always been the goal of Christ, this will always be the goal of Christ, and it is time that the people on this continent wake up.


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