This world is designed to give certain beings an opportunity to deny God’s Presence

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Mother Mary, April 7, 2007.

My beloved hearts, you have earned my Presence with you, for you have given this rosary with such love that I desire to share with you the Presence of the Divine Mother, the Presence of the nurturing love that truly all of you have need of. For you have – for a long time – embodied in a world that is not only devoid of love but is filled with anti-love.

And so it is impossible to be in this world without being wounded, without being hurt, by those who are so trapped in anti-love that they actually feel threatened by anyone who expresses love.

And so, when they are exposed to those who express love, they feel they have to somehow silence them, beat them down, stop the flow of love through them, so that they can overcome the sense of panic that literally makes them believe they will die if they receive true love.

Recognize that Earth is a planet with much anti-love
And so, my beloved, the view I would give you is a view that has been expressed in my own book and in Maitreya’s book. But I would express it in a slightly clearer way. You should look upon this planet not the way you were brought up to look at it—whatever that might be. You should look upon it as a world that is designed specifically to give certain beings an opportunity to live in a world where they can deny God’s presence for as long as they like—or almost as long as they like.

And so, you who are the spiritual people should realize that you have come here as a sacrifice. You came here because you desired to descend into this world, where so many beings had become trapped in anti-love and you wanted to bring the sunlight of love, to give them an opportunity to experience that there is something beyond anti-love. And so, when you look at this, you can realize that you volunteered to come into a situation that you knew would be very difficult. You knew that your love would be rejected, you knew that you would be hurt and bruised.

And, my beloved, I am not saying this to justify the hurt, to justify the abuse. I am saying it because when you accept the reality of this planet, you can overcome the very dysfunctional and non-productive attitude of feeling that you should not have been treated this way, that something is wrong, perhaps even feeling, as has been mentioned before, that “God should not have allowed this to happen to me.”

And you see, my beloved, when you go into that frame of mind – of feeling that some injustice has been done to you on Earth, possibly even that God has been unjust toward you – then you inevitably become a victim of the consciousness of anti-love that you came here to eradicate.

And then you cut off the flow of God’s love through your being. And now you feel that God has abandoned you, for you no longer experience that love. But, my beloved, it is not that God has abandoned you. It is, as is said in this wonderful rosary, that when you do not feel God’s love flowing through you, you do not feel God’s love for you.

For love is not a static force, it cannot be captured, it cannot be controlled, it cannot be put in a mental box. It can be experienced only when you allow it to flow. And so when you allow yourself to become trapped in the consciousness of anti-love, then you shut off the flow and now you no longer experience unconditional love. So then what is left?

Well, only conditional love is left—the worldly form of love, that even those who are trapped in anti-love need. For surely there is not one being who can live without love. But the problem is that so many beings cannot receive the true unconditional love, and so they are on an impossible quest, a never-ending quest, to fill the desire for love. But they are seeking to fill it with conditional love, thinking that the love they receive should live up to certain conditions and that they should seek to possess the love or the persons through whom that love is being expressed.

You came here to bring love 
You see, my beloved, this becomes a Catch 22. And so, as Saint Germain so eloquently put it last night, we who are your spiritual teachers face the dilemma of how to awaken you without shattering your self-esteem, or even your sense of identity. And truly, the only way to truly escape the duality consciousness is by reconnecting to the love that is still there in the core of your being.

For my beloved, I realize you are in this world and you look at life and the universe from inside the mental box of this world. But I tell you that you did not come here, you did not decide to descend here, with the limited perspective you have now. And so even though you may have been bruised and hurt and have shut off the flow of God’s love and feel abandoned by God, I can assure you that you came here out of love.

I realize that there are some of you who have come here from higher realms and who feel that you have been unjustly sent here by God. But nevertheless, you did not start in that higher realm. You started in an even higher realm. There was a point where your lifestream decided to first descend into the world of form, into the latest sphere in the world of form. And that decision was based on love, the desire to express your true God quality, your true divine individuality, and bring that gift to the world, to light up a world.

And so it is possible for you to go beyond the outer facade and reconnect to the core of that love in your being. And when you do so, you will realize that you love something more than what you are experiencing right now. And I tell you, my beloved, it is only when you recognize that you have a love for something more than what you have right now that you can overcome your current limitations. For you can overcome your current limitations only in one way, namely, as we have explained many times, by letting the old sense of identity die. And in order to be willing to let the old die, you must have a love for something more. Which then makes you realize that letting the old die does not mean a loss, for you will be reborn into a higher state of identity.

You see, my beloved, when you have the negative awakening that Saint Germain talked about – where you realize that you are a terrible person and you need to change, you are a miserable sinner – then your sense of self-esteem is shattered and you feel like in order to overcome the bad aspects of yourself, you have to destroy your sense of self. Because you think there is no sense of self beyond the ego.

You cannot overcome selfishness by destroying the self
So my beloved, there are indeed people in this world, both in traditional religions and even in new spiritual movements, who believe that the way to spiritual growth is to destroy all sense of self, all sense of a separate self. But you see, my beloved, this is coming from a negative. This is coming from wanting to eliminate a negative by creating another negative or by destroying the first negative which is another negative action. And so as two wrongs do not make a right, you cannot correct an imperfection by acting out another imperfection.

So there is no way to destroy something, for deep within you, you have a basic survival instinct that is even beyond the survival instinct of the body and the survival instinct of the ego. Because your true divine individuality wants to survive and wants to grow and wants to express itself in this world—it wants to fulfill its original reason for being, its reason for coming here. And so, if you try to destroy all sense of self, you end up working against yourself, seeking to destroy not only the false sense of self of the ego but also the true sense of self of your divine individuality.

And this simply cannot be done. You may actually be able to destroy much of your sense of self but you will eventually come to a point, where the inner conflict becomes so intense, so illogical, so contradictory that you simply cannot stand it anymore. And so this is not the way. The way to salvation is not through self-denial or self-destruction. It is through self-transcendence.

You are not seeking to destroy the old self. You are simply seeking to transcend it and be reborn into a new self, a higher self, that replaces the old. Yet, the trick, my beloved, is – as Jesus demonstrated on the cross – you cannot be reborn into the new until you allow the old to die.

And so here is where the scary part comes in. For there will be a cosmic interval between the death of the old and the resurrection of the Conscious You into a higher sense of identity. And so, when you let the old die, you will literally feel like you are plunging yourself into a vacuum.

I say you will feel like it, because in reality you will not. Your conscious self will not lose consciousness. It will remain conscious. But as you are at the moment of having to give up the old self, you will feel like there will be nothing after that old self. And that is what Jesus experienced on the cross when he cried out, “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?”

What was it that pulled Jesus beyond that state of fear and paralysis, that state of panic? Well, it was that he had integrated into his being the higher love that brought him into this world. He had uncovered that love, and so he knew in his conscious mind why he originally came here. And therefore, he did not feel like a victim of life. He did not feel that God had unjustly sent him into this world. For even though he had his trials and tribulations, deep within him he knew that he had volunteered to come here and he knew what could happen to him.

So because he had the conscious awareness of the deeper, innermost love of his being, he realized that he simply needed to give up the ghost of the last vestiges of the separate self. And in his love for God he was willing to do that. And so what I am saying to you is that the essential key to everything is to reconnect to the deeper love of your being, the innermost love of your being, that originally caused you to volunteer to descend into the denser sphere to bring your light and your love. And so this is a topic you might meditate upon as you go from here.

Reconnect to your original love
This is something you can take with you, the idea of seeking to reconnect to the original love of your being. And, my beloved, my entire book is designed to help you reconnect to that inner love. And I assure you that that book was designed to help a broad range of people, even those who for a very long time have been trapped in the consciousness of anti-love. And so no matter how far you might have descended into anti-love, if you will keep reading and re-reading and studying and absorbing my book while you give the rosaries, then you will eventually break through.

For I assure you that I am a capable spiritual teacher. And I am capable of taking a child by the hand, even if it is an unruly child, and bringing that child to my heart—even if the child comes kicking and screaming. For my beloved, I have dealt with my share of unruly children, one of which bore the name of Jesus, who was by no means an easy child, as he well knows. [Laughter] And as we have often sat together and chuckled about some of his naughtiness, some of his stubbornness, some of his extreme sense that he was right. [Laughter]

So you see, my beloved, when you are in a human body, you have certain human imperfections. But so what? They are all unreal, they can all be transcended, they can all be left behind. There is not one of you who cannot transcend your imperfections. But you can only transcend them by letting them go. And you can only let them go when you know that there is going to be something to take their place, something that is more than the imperfection.

And you can only know that through love. Because when you reconnect to the original love, you also reconnect to the source of that love. And therefore, you know that you came from that source. And therefore, you know that you are infinitely more than your present sense of identity.

My beloved, think back to the meditation of yesterday of seeing the images of distant galaxies and the vastness of this physical universe, and see how it gives you a different perspective. And you realize how small the Earth is compared to the vastness of the physical universe. Well, when you reconnect to your original love, you take that broader perspective to an even higher level. You magnify it a billion, billion times. For God’s love is infinitely greater than the vastness of the material universe, and so you have an entirely different perspective.

And it is through that perspective that you can see how ridiculously insignificant are these things that you have held on to on this planet, and that other people hold on to. And that is when you can let them go. And that is when you can reconnect to your original purpose, so that when the angel of God appears to you within your heart – in the form of your Christ Self – to remind you that it is time to start some aspect of your own divine plan then – instead of rejecting it, instead of explaining it away, instead of finding some clever reasoning why you cannot possibly do this now—perhaps in 10,000 lifetimes but not today – then instead of this reaction you can simply come to that point of surrender and say, “Oh Lord, be it unto me according to thy will.”

For you realize that the Lord is not the remote being in the sky who is seeking to force his will upon you. The Lord truly is your own higher being. And you are only being reminded of the higher choices you made when you had the broader perspective that has been lost as you entered the denseness of this world.


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