Understanding the cosmic force behind growth

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Master MORE, October 27, 2007

MORE I AM, and I come in the Flame of MORE. I come to impart to you a fraction of that Flame of MORE, as you are able to receive it.

Thus, I ask you, during this dictation, to tune in, not only to the words that you hear spoken from an outer voice, but to tune in to your heart, to that Flame of MORE that is in your heart. For my beloved, there is not one of you who does not have that Flame of MORE in your heart. And rather than tuning in to the Flame of MORE as some external presence, I would see you tune in to the Flame of MORE within you. For did not Christ himself say that the kingdom is within?

So, my beloved, consider these images of the universe,* and consider that there was a time when these photographs and these images simply would not have been believed by most of the people on this planet. For they had grown up in a culture where they had been programmed with a world view that the Earth was a very small flat disc, and that the heaven was a dome covering that disc, with the stars being painted on the inside of the dome, and God residing on the outside.

In a sense, my beloved, this could have given the idea that God was closer. But did they really believe that God was closer, or did the belief that God was closer make any difference? For they still were programmed to see God as “up there” and not inside themselves. So, even though they thought God was closer in physical distance, they could never bridge the gap, and thus it truly is an expansion and a major progress that humankind’s world view has been expanded to the point, where almost all people accept that they live in a very large universe, and that the Earth is only a very small speck of dust in that large universe.

Now again, everything can be misused by the ego and those in the duality consciousness. For truly, many people in today’s world have looked at the immensity of the universe and have begun to believe in the idea that the Earth is insignificant, and thus they themselves are insignificant, and thus there is no real purpose to life—certainly, no purpose to their individual existence. And thus, what difference does it make? Why should they stand up for some higher principle? Why not simply follow the crowd?

Know the immensity of cosmic forces
Yet, my beloved, when you look at these images of the universe, one thing you might realize is that there are forces in this universe that are so immense, so huge, that there is no force on Earth that has any significance whatsoever compared to those forces. Consider, my beloved, that your planet Earth is revolving around the sun, but that your sun is part of a much bigger system called the galaxy. And that this galaxy is moving through space but it is not just moving randomly, for your galaxy is part of an even bigger system.

And ultimately, all of the billions of galaxies in the universe are interconnected and are moving like a large symphony, because there is this force that is causing the entire universe to expand. Causing all of the galaxies to swirl around in a pattern so intricate, that even if you took the most advanced mathematics known to humankind and the biggest computers that they can build currently, well you would not be able to calculate the intricacy of the movements of the galaxies.

My beloved, the image I want to give you here is that behind all the visible phenomena, there is a great unseen force, and that unseen force can be called by many names. But the name we have chosen is the River of Life, or the Flow of IS. This River of Life is a spiritual force, but it drives all of the galaxies in the material universe. And so, my beloved, when you begin to contemplate this, you realize that your Earth is not an island. As no man is an island, no planet is an island.

The Earth is moving with this gigantic system because the Earth is flowing along with the River of Life. And so you see that there is a force propelling humankind to grow. And you need to contrast this with the sense of hopelessness that so many have. As we discussed yesterday, the people of Britain have been infused with this sense that nothing will make a difference, so why even bother. Yet when you realize that behind everything is the River of Life, you realize that nothing is hopeless.

My beloved, consider what you know, that there are forces on this planet – embodied and disembodied – that are trying to stop the growth of humankind, that are trying to prevent the expansion of consciousness. You know that they have power, for they were able to basically slow down the progress of humankind for a thousand years during the Dark Ages. Yet my beloved, when you consider that these forces exist – when you consider that a very large percentage of the population don’t want to change but want to stay where they are comfortable and keep living the way they have always been living – well then you might consider how it is possible, then, that we have progressed so much in a century, in a thousand years, in two thousand years?

How did we ever get beyond the cave man stage? Well, it is because, my beloved, the River of Life will not allow anything to stand still. It is, as Saint Germain talked about in California, that the second law of thermodynamics is an expression of the River of Life, that when a system becomes closed, internal contradictions in the systems will eventually cause it to break down, and therefore a renewal must take place. The system must move on and expand, so it is no longer closed but at least allows some light to come in so that it can make a small or large step forward.

And so, my beloved, if you look at the past you will see that there has indeed been progress in human affairs, and it has happened despite the influence of a power elite, despite the reluctance of the people. Humankind has been drawn, pulled – kicking and screaming – towards a higher state of awareness. And so, you who are the spiritual people have a choice to make. We might say, beloved, that there is a stream of the mass consciousness, which is trying to flow in the opposite direction of the River of Life. So you have two movements, two forces moving, and my beloved, you know very well what happens when two tectonic plates are in contact with each other but are moving in opposite directions. Well, tension builds, my beloved, until suddenly there is a release and the Earth shakes violently. And this is why you have suffering, limitations, and any other limiting condition on this planet—because of that tension, that friction, between the backwards movement of the collective consciousness, and the forward movement of the River of Life.

But you see, my beloved, the Earth cannot stop the forward movement of the entire universe. This should be obvious when you think about it. Therefore, you realize that in the end, the River of Life will win out. So as the spiritual people, who aware of the spiritual side of life, your choice is, which one of the two streams do you want to tune in to in consciousness? Which one of them do you want to immerse yourself in?

And obviously I would hope for you that you would want to immerse yourself in the River of Life, in which I have immersed myself, in which all ascended beings have immersed themselves. And we have experienced that bliss, that bliss of the River of Life that is beyond that happiness and unhappiness that you know on Earth. And we want all to experience that – the bliss, the joy, the peace of mind, the total acceptance of who you are as a unique individualization of God.

Why spiritual people often feel depressed
So, my beloved, look at this nation of Britain and keep in mind the perspective of this immense, unstoppable force of the universe, and see how it has been working in the history of this nation. For this nation truly has progressed – although far from its highest potential – you will see that there has been a progression.

Even though we have talked about the false trinity, which has such a hold on the consciousness of the British people, you will see that there still has been progress, there still has been expansion. My beloved, do you not think that the three powers of this nation – the power elite, the class system, and the church – would gladly have prevented democracy from emerging in Britain? Surely, they would have stopped this if they could. So why could they not stop it? Well, because they are no match for the River of Life.

And thus, you should see that if the spiritual people of Britain would make that shift and attune to the River of Life – rather than attuning to the downward pull of the mass consciousness – well then the growth could be accelerated tremendously.

You see, my beloved, there are so many of the spiritual people who have fallen into the state of feeling hopeless, of feeling that nothing matters. But beloved, it is almost a state of depression that you see in the spiritual people, where you see that the majority of the population are completely unaware of what is going on. They are unaware of the power elite, unaware of a spiritual potential. And therefore, in a sense their happiness is a form of bliss, although certainly not the infinite bliss that we experience in the River of Life.

And so you see that the spiritual people have gone beyond the state of ignorance and they become aware that there are all these things going on in history and in society, and yet they also become aware of the spiritual potential and the spiritual realm. And so what happens to many spiritual people is that they now see the immense contrast between the darkness on the Earth and the potential for what things could be if the spiritual reality was manifest. And in seeing how big the contrast is, how far society is below its real potential, well they go through a period of a sense, almost that their hopelessness is deepened. Because they do not see how the darkness can be transformed into light within their lifetime. Yet, what I am trying to impress upon you is that this is an illusion, projected upon you by those dark forces who will do anything they can think of to prevent you from exercising your spiritual potential.

You see, my beloved, it is indeed possible that society in Britain – and elsewhere, but let us focus on Britain – can be transformed and begin to express the characteristics of a golden age society within your lifetime. But my beloved, how will this be possible? It will not be possible if you believe that Jesus is going to descend and turn things around. Or that some wonderful person is going to emerge and become the hero that can take the nation higher. It will only happen when you realize that ALL of you who are the spiritual people in Britain must play a part. But if you will, all of you, individually attune your consciousness to the River of Life instead of to the downward stream of the mass consciousness, then you will become the instruments for pulling the collective consciousness up, as I talked about yesterday.

And you see my beloved, when you align yourself with the River of Life, you overcome the dualistic consciousness, in which you fear anything, in which you fear defeat, in which you fear loss. You see, my beloved, I have in earlier dispensations brought forth the statement, “We were winning from the beginning.” And it is true because the River of Life WILL win and those of us who tune in, who immerse ourselves in that river, go beyond the dualistic sense where victory is opposed by defeat. We go to the real divine Victory that has no opposition and thus we know we can only win.

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