Until you speak out, the Golden Age will not be manifest

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Gautama Buddha, February 14, 2010.

Mind projections
I have described how, building on Saint Germain’s discourse, that which you are not willing to look at in your own being becomes something that you – without seeing it, without seeing that you are doing it – you project upon other people. If you have anger in yourself, but you have left the twins of your anger in the forest to die – for you will not face them and deal with them – well then, that anger will grow into an angry ego. And the collective anger of a group of people will grow into a collective beast, that will eventually seek to take over their society or civilization.

As Saint Germain described, that a vestal virgin was impregnated and gave birth to Romulus and Remus, that vestal virgin was – according to the legend – impregnated by the God Mars, the God of war. And thus, Romulus and Remus represent the two dualistic polarities who are constantly warring with each other. And even though they attempted to divide Rome between them, there could be no peace, for none of them could have peace as long as there was the rivalry between them. And thus, eventually one had to kill the other, but of course that did not mean that the remaining one was in peace. For there can be no peace through this consciousness of anger and warfare.

And so, what I endeavor to explain here is that when you are still in denial of something in yourself, you are projecting it upon others. And as we have recently explained, your perception is not passive. It is an active perception that becomes a projection, and so what you are not willing to see in yourself is what you project onto others. And then, you literally see in your mind’s eye that other people are angry. You see anger in them, but you fail to see that you are the one projecting it. And what you are seeing is not just their anger – even though some of them may have anger – but it is, first of all, your projection that you see. And this is, of course, why you are trapped, as we have explained here in Rome and in many other discourses, where we have approached this from different angles.

Not being willing to call a spade a spade
Yet there is another aspect that I will address here, for there are indeed those on Earth who have been willing to see something in themselves. There are millions of people who have come to the point of being willing to look at the beam in their own eye, as Christ put it, and at least see some aspect of the duality consciousness. Yet I must tell you that this awakening is being held back by a certain state of consciousness, that has been put upon humankind by the fallen angels in a last-ditch attempt to hold back a widespread awakening.

You see, when you come to acknowledge an element of duality in your own being – what you might call a fault or a flaw in your own mind or character –then – even though you work through it, surrender it and raise yourself above it – it is very easy to begin to believe in a toxic idea put out by the fallen ones. And that is that if you have had a flaw in your own mind – even though you may have raised yourself above it – you should still be tolerant towards those who have that flaw. And thus, you should not speak out against it, if you see it displayed in your society. It is, so to speak, a variant of the old saying, where you think that two wrongs can make a right. And you now think that if there is a wrong that you see in society, yet if you have had some wrong in yourself, then the wrong in you should cancel out your willingness to speak out against the wrong in society.

Thus, there are many, many people who are honestly working on themselves and have made great progress in terms of removing at least part of the beam in their own eyes. Yet these people have become so reluctant to speak out, either against other individuals or against some collective problem, that they are not having the impact upon society that they are meant to have, here in the Age of Aquarius. I must tell you straightforwardly that you will not see the manifestation of a golden age as long as those who are working on themselves are not willing to speak out and openly address what you see in other people and in society.

This is something that almost all of those who are the non-aggressive, non-forceful people – those who are the honest people, those who are the meek, that Jesus talked about – that all of you have. You can see in the description by this messenger of how he went through histransformation in Israel, of realizing that there was something that he had not been willing to see in the Jews, something he had overcome in himself and thus was able to see, but he was not willing to use that ability.

For you see, as Jesus said, first remove the beam in your own eye—and then you will see clearly. And when you have removed the beam in your eye, then you will see that beam or that splinter in the eyes of others or in society. For when you have been willing to face something in yourself, you are no longer in denial, and thus are no longer projecting that anger or whatever it may be upon others. And when you no longer project out, then your perception is not polluted by the projection, by the denial. And thus, you can see clearly what is going on in the minds of other people, what is going on in society.

How will the meek inherit the Earth?
And so, you see that Jesus said that the meek shall inherit the Earth. And the meek are those who are willing to work on themselves, who are willing to see something in themselves, to look in the mirror, to look at something in their own eye. Those are the meek, but how will they inherit the Earth? Not by God simply coming in and giving it it to them but by they being willing to overcome, and then to speak out to help others overcome.

I am not here talking about criticism. I am not talking about condemning. I am not talking about judging other people. I am not talking about accusing others of being wrong or demanding that other people change. I am talking about demonstrating that there is a higher state of consciousness, demonstrating it by living it. But also by speaking out and simply – without any accusatory energy, without any anger, without any blame – but in a straightforward, loving manner speaking out and saying: “I see this and this and this; and this just is not right, it is not necessary, it is not benefiting anyone; it is only hurting people, hurting yourself, hurting society in this way and this way and this way.”

It is possible, my beloved – when you have worked on yourself that you have overcome anger and fear to a certain level – it is possible to speak out in a very direct manner, but also in a very non-emotional – in terms of lower emotions – manner, in a very straightforward manner, where you are simply calling a spade a spade. You are being neutral and objective, and although some may take offense, you will be surprised at how many people will listen. For they are not used to this kind of energy; they are so used to the negative emotions of anger, blame and the projection.

And therefore, when someone speaks without projecting blame, or anger or negative emotions, they will listen with the heart instead of listening only with the emotions—and thus rejecting the emotional energy projected against them. For they know they have a right to live without having other people’s emotions projected against them, and therefore they will not listen to the truth behind the vibration when the vibration is not pure. And in many cases, of course, they cannot listen because their own emotions are stirred by the emotional projection that comes against them. And therefore, their minds are taken over to the point where they cannot listen to what is being said behind the energy.


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