The 144 Levels of consciousness

The purpose of this page is to give a brief summary of a teaching that there are 144 levels of consciousness possible on earth—and why this is important.

The central idea is that for those of us who are in embodiment on earth, there are 144 different levels of consciousness available to us. When fully understood, this teaching can explain a lot about the spiritual path and your interaction with other people.

There are three major divisions in the 144 levels of consciousness:

•Below the 48th level.

•Between the 48th level and the 96th level.

•Above the 96th level.

When a lifestream takes embodiment on earth for the first time, it (generally) comes in at the 48th level of consciousness. It then has two options:

•To start the upward path by seeking to pass the initiation that takes it to the 49th level, continuing to the 144th level, from where it can ascend back to the spiritual realm.

•To refuse to pass the initiations of the upward path and thereby start a downward path that takes it to the 47th level and below.

At the 48th level

When you start at the 48th level, you have two important characteristics. One is that you have a sense that you are connected to something greater than your self. This something greater is your I AM Presence, but at the 48th level, you do not have a clear or direct experience of the Presence. Yet you do have a sense that there is a higher reality, and you also have a sense of being part of a whole in the material world. The importance is that you sense that your actions will have consequences for yourself and for other people. Thus, at the 48th level there are many selfish actions that you simply will not choose.

The other important characteristic is that you sense there is more to know about life or reality than what you currently know. This makes you open to a spiritual teacher or teaching, which is the only way for you to pass the initiations and rise higher.

Given that you cannot stand still, you must either rise to the 49th level or descend to the 47th level. If you choose to descend, you do so by refusing to take the initiation of rising. In other words, the 47th level is a perversion of the 49th level and so on, meaning that the lowest level is a perversion of the 96th level. Let us take a closer look at the divisions.

Below the 48th level

Why would any lifestream choose to go below the 48th level? There are two main reasons. One is that it observes other people who are below this level, and it sees that they can commit selfish acts and seemingly get away with it. Thus, the lifestream decides that it also wants to have this experience of acting as if you are a separate being. It may even be deceived by the logic of anti-christ, which says this is the only way for the lifestream to make truly free choices.

Another option is that a lifestream sees the people who are doing selfish acts as a threat to itself or to a greater purpose, even God’s plan for saving the world. It then begins to feel that it must seek to either save these people or force them to stop doing what they are doing. It then becomes deceived by the false logic that the ends can justify the means.

The essential understanding is that you can go below the 48th level ONLY by neutralizing your inner sense of being connected to your spiritual self and to all life. And in order to do this, you create the lower ego, which is meant to justify your choices and actions as a separate being. Thus, the ego is created out of the logic of anti-christ, which is also called serpentine logic. This is a reference to the Bible and the story of how Eve was deceived by a serpent into eating the forbidden fruit.

The deeper symbolism in the story is that the forbidden fruit is the consciousness of seeing yourself as a separate being, called the consciousness or separation or the consciousness of duality.  It was not actually forbidden, but it does represent a very specific initiation, because once you enter this state of mind, you no longer have a frame of reference for getting back out of it. In an ideal situation, you would not actually deal with this until you approach the 96th level.

You can enter this dualistic consciousness only by neutralizing your sense of being connected to a greater reality, and you do this by believing in the logic that you have a right to define your own reality. You become “as a God knowing good and evil,” in the sense that you define what is good and evil, meaning you are always right and those who oppose you are always wrong.

The problem is that once you enter this state of consciousness, there is no longer a connection to reality that you can use to pull yourself out of it. It becomes a self-reinforcing spiral, where you begin to believe that you have the ability and the right to define what is real and unreal—regardless of any authority outside your – separate – self. Some examples of historical persons trapped in this mindset are dictators who believed it was perfectly justifiable to kill anyone opposing them, even to kill an entire race. Yet you also see some religious or spiritual leaders who thought they were God’s only representatives on earth or even thought they were the exclusive incarnation of God.

When you are in this downward spiral, you will not be open to listening to a spiritual teacher from the ascended realm. Yet you can regain this openness by having an awakening or “hitting bottom” experience, where you acknowledge the need to change yourself. At this point, you can start an upward spiral, but this will be much more difficult than if you were at the 48th level.

The point being that the turnaround is only achieved when people have a physical experience that shatters their sense of being in control and being self-sufficient. For you to escape the prison of a separate self, something must shatter – or at least crack – the separate self. Obviously, this can often be a very difficult and painful experience.

After a turnaround, you still face a difficult climb back up to the 48th level or beyond. The reason is that you carry the ego you have created with you. For example, say you descended to the lowest level. In that case you do not get rid of the controlling ego until you pass the initiation of the 96th level. And if you refuse to pass this initiation, you will “fall” right back down to the lowest level.

Between the 48th and the 96th level

If you start at the 48th level and start climbing from there, you engage in a path that leads you through the initiations of the seven spiritual rays. From the 48th to the 54th level, your primary, or Alpha, ray is the 1st ray. Yet you also have a secondary, or Omega, ray. Here is how this works.

At the 48th level, your Alpha is the 1st ray and your Omega is the 1st ray. At the 49th level your Alpha is the 1st ray but your Omega is the 2nd ray—and so on until at the 54th level your Alpha is the 1st and your Omega the 7th ray. At the 55th level, your Alpha is the 2nd ray and your Omega the 1st ray and so forth.

The purpose here is that by walking this path, you will learn how to make use of the seven basic energies that the Elohim used to create the material universe. You will also find a balance on all seven rays, so you can use them without going into extremes. For example the 1st ray embodies will and power, but obviously history is littered with examples of people who used power in an unbalanced manner.

As you rise towards the 96th level of consciousness, you become more and more aware – through an inner knowing and direct experience – that you are more than a material being. You begin to accept that the material world has no power over your Spirit.

You also begin to accept that you are not a separate self that is either independent (as below the 48th level) or connected to something higher. You begin to see yourself as an extension of your I AM Presence. You see a vertical oneness with your Presence and a horizontal oneness with all life.

The crucial distinction is whether you begin to acknowledge that while you have indeed climbed towards the 96th level by raising your – connected but still individual – self beyond the mass consciousness, you can only rise above the 96th level by giving up the sense of raising an individual self and instead focus on raising the whole. If you will not give up the separate self, you can indeed fall down to the lowest level (as you can fall to the corresponding level at each level between 48 and 96).

At the 96th level

The 96th level represents the level where the Christ appears and you transition from an individual sense of self into a universal sense of self. The remaining levels up to the 144th level represent degrees of Christhood, where you gradually become more and more universal or global in your outlook. As this happens, you become more and more self-sufficient, in the sense that you do not rely on an outer teaching or teacher but begin to get directions from your I AM Presence and directly from the ascended masters.

However, this is not the same as the illusory sense of independence that you have below the 48th level. You have now let go of the individual self and see yourself as simply an open door for the Presence, as explained in the teaching about the Conscious You.


The teachings and tools on this website are primarily designed for people who are on the upward path between the 48th and the 96th level. This is where you walk the path of the seven rays, the Path of Transcendence.

Obviously, the teachings are also valuable for people who are below the 48th but have experienced the turnaround and are willing to create or reinforce an upward spiral. You descended below the 48th level by refusing to take one of the initiations of the seven rays, so you can also use the teachings and tools to pass such initiations.

There are also some teachings and tools that talk about the 8th ray, which is the Ray of Integration, requiring you to integrate all seven rays. You will also find some teachings that talk about non-duality, which is the main challenge for going beyond the 96th level.


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