Who you are – main page

There is an ancient axiom stating:

“Human, know thy self”

In this section you can find teachings from the ascended masters about the different components of your self and how you can use this knowledge to raise your awareness.

Why is it important to know your self?

Learn why knowledge of the different components of your self can speed up your spiritual growth.

What is the core of your (lower) being?

Learn what is the seat of your identity, your sense of self.

Your spiritual self

Learn about the spiritual part of your being, which cannot be affected by anything that happens to you on earth.

Your causal body

A part of your spiritual self that stores all of your positive learning experiences from your journey on earth.

The flow of energy between your spiritual self and lower being

How to increase the flow of vital energy from your spiritual being to your lower being.

Your Christ self

The mediator, the still small voice within, and how to receive directions for dealing with any situation.

Your threefold flame – and your sevenfold flame

How spiritual energy from your I AM Presence enters your lower being.

A deeper understanding of the soul

The word “soul” is used in different ways by different spiritual teachings. Learn a more precise definition of what the soul is and is not.

The container of self and your four lower bodies

What most people call the soul has four components, and it is very valuable to know about them and how they work together.

The human ego

Learn how to deal with the component of your mind that opposes all of your spiritual and psychological progress.

Mastering the Subconscious mind

Learn why it is essential for a spiritual seeker to learn how to master the subconscious part of your mind.

Knowing the components of self can transform your life experience

Using the knowledge in this section to create a better LIFE Experience for yourself.