The container of self and your four lower bodies

Although the idea that you have four levels of your mind, or four lower bodies, is explained in several places, this page is meant to give you a quick overview.

The lower figure in the chart below represents you, the evolving lifestream. The chart shows your lifestream at its highest potential, meaning that you are free of the consciousness of duality and have put on the mind of Christ. Thus, your lower being reflects the perfection of your higher Being. You can be here below all that you are Above.


The Vitruvian man by Leonardo DaVinci symbolizes your lower being in a perfectly balanced state. The figure is surrounded by a circle, which represents the oneness of the spiritual realm. The square represents the material universe, created from the “squaring of the circle,” namely the process whereby Spirit becomes matter.

The square symbolizes the four basic elements, namely fire, air, water and Earth. This represents the four levels of the material realm and your four lower “bodies,” namely your identity body, your mental body, your emotional body and your physical body.

The lower figure on the chart is what might be called your container of self. It contains your four lower bodies. These are interpenetrating energy bodies that co-exist in the same space because they vibrate at different levels of frequencies:

  • The identity body, also called the etheric body. The contents of your identity body define your sense of identity. How do you see yourself, how do you see God, how do you see the world and how do you see the interaction between them? Do you see yourself as a spiritual being who is here to take dominion over the Earth or do you see yourself as a material being, a product of the Earth with no power to change it?


  • The mental body contains your thoughts. It is here you form a mental image of the specific things you want to do in the material world and how to accomplish them. This mental image will be based upon your sense of identity, which defines parameters for what you think you can or cannot do. Thus, if you identify yourself as a human being, you will limit what you think you can do.
  • The emotional body is obviously the seat of your feelings. Emotion means Energy in MOTION. Your thoughts are mental images, but in order to become actions or manifest forms, they must be set in motion, and this happens at the level of the emotional body. However, this body also contains your desires, and they can conflict with your higher goals. Ideally, your emotions should be reflections of your thoughts that are reflections of your sense of identity that again is a reflection of your Divine individuality. Yet it is common that the emotions take on a life of their own and seek to run your life instead of being controlled by your thoughts.
  • The physical brain and the carnal mind. Many materialistic scientists believe all of our thoughts and feelings are products of the physical brain. And while this is not correct, it is indeed correct that the physical brian is a very complex computer that is fully capable of producing many of our thoughts and sensations.

However, the physical brain is only the hardware for a level of the mind that the ascended masters call the carnal mind. This is the mind that is in charge of taking care of the needs of the physical body, such as the need for protection, food and propagation.

The essential question now becomes: which of your pour lower bodies is your conscious mind centered upon?

For a large percentage of humankind, their conscious awareness is centered on the physical body and the material world. This does mean that many of their thoughts and feelings are products of the physical brain and carnal mind. For example, many people focus most of their attention on the basic bodily needs of protection, food, clothing and sex.

Yet most spiritual people have expanded their conscious awareness to encompass at least parts of the three higher bodies. Continuing to expand this conscious awareness is the key to attaining mastery over your four lower bodies, so that they become vehicles that support your spiritual mission in this wold.

How you lost contact with your spiritual self

The essential concept you need to understand is that your four lower bodies form a filter that colors the light streaming into your lower being from your I AM Presence. Everything is energy, everything is created from the Ma-ter Light. What keeps you alive and gives you the ability to act in the material world is a stream of energy that flows from your I AM Presence into your four lower bodies.

Ideally, you should qualify this energy with a positive vibration – raising up yourself and all life – which will allow it to flow back up to your spiritual self. It will then be multiplied and you receive more energy in return, which increases your creative powers. This turns your life into a positive spiral that empowers you to fulfill your reason for being and take dominion over your material circumstances.

This flow of energy can be compared to the light coming from the light bulb in a movie projector. As this light passes through your four lower bodies, it is colored by the contents (images, beliefs and energy) of those bodies. It is like the light in a movie projector that is colored by the images on the film strip—only you have four film strips.

If you have beliefs and images in your four lower bodies that are out of harmony with your own higher Being – especially when you have self-centered beliefs and selfish desires – you will impose imperfect images upon the spiritual light. This will lead to unbalanced actions that produce suffering in your life, and it is possible to create a downward spiral that leads to more and more suffering.

Imposing imperfect images upon the Light will produce energy of a lower vibration. This misqualified energy cannot flow back up to your spiritual self and become your treasure laid up in heaven—it cannot enter the higher vibrations of the spiritual realm. Thus, selfish actions break the figure-eight flow and the misqualified energy has to go somewhere. The misqualified energy you produce will stay at that level of vibration indefinitely. The energy will not simply disappear but will be stored in your four lower bodies.

This energy will form a filter or veil – EVIL means Energy VEIL – that prevents you from maintaining contact with your spiritual self. This can gradually cloud your vision until you think you are a human being confined to the material universe with nothing beyond it. It also reduces your creative powers until you think your only option for doing anything on Earth is to use your physical body. The accumulated energy has robbed you of your mental powers.

When you understand that what occurs at the conscious level – including your outer circumstances – is simply an image projected unto the screen of your mind and the spiritual light, you realize that in order to change what is projected unto the screen of life, you have to go to the projection room and change the film strips in your four lower bodies. Life at the conscious level can be compared to the level of the movie screen. If you don’t like the movie that is playing in the theater, how much can you change the movie by working at the level of the screen? You are much more likely to be successful when you go to the source and change the images on the film strip, meaning the contents of your four lower bodies.

When you understand this dynamic, it becomes very obvious that there are two key elements for making progress on the spiritual path:

  • You must purify all levels of your mind – your four lower “bodies” – from the imperfect beliefs that cause you to misqualify spiritual energy and respond to life with negative feelings.
  • You must purify – transform – the misqualified energy stored in your four lower bodies. You must lighten your load before you start climbing a mountain.

And this is precisely what transcendence tools are designed to help you accomplish.

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