Your threefold flame – and your sevenfold flame

Traditionally, the ascended masters have taught that the driving force in your life is spiritual light that descends from your I Will Be Presence. This light first enters your lower beings in the 8th Ray chakra, called the “Secret Chamber of the heart” and located behind the heart chakra.

In the secret chamber, the light is split into what is called your threefold flame. This is often depicted as a physical flame that springs from a small white spark and has three “plumes.” These three plumes are:

• Blue, which corresponds to the first ray of will power.

• Yellow, which corresponds to the second ray of wisdom.

• Pink, which corresponds to the third ray of love.

The importance of this teaching is that you will not get beyond a certain level on the spiritual path until you have balanced your threefold flame. If you misuse one of the three plumes (power, wisdom or love) the size of your threefold flame will be reduced, until it has just enough light to keep your physical body alive.

For example, you can see some people who have great determination and will power, but they often lack the wisdom of how to use it in sustainable way and the love to avoid hurting or controlling others. You can also see some people who have great intellectual understanding, but who lack the ability to get anything done or who lack the love that lifts understanding to the level of wisdom. You also see some people who can easily express love, but who often do so in an unwise way, or who end up in codependent relationships because they do not have the power to say no.

When your threefold flame is unbalanced, you will misqualify  energy through the unbalanced expression. This energy will accumulate in your energy field, but as you use transcendence tools, you can transform it and raise it, so it can flow back up to your Presence. Many of the Invocations will help you overcome the subtle beliefs that cause your unbalanced expression, and you will thus gradually bring your threefold flame back into balance.

Once your threefold flame is balanced between power, wisdom and love, you have the option to use the fourth ray to accelerate yourself to a higher level. You can then begin to express the qualities that correspond to the fifth, sixth and seventh rays, turning your threefold flame into a sevenfold flame that expresses the full potential of your Presence on all seven rays.

This requires you to find a balanced expression of the fifth ray of vision or wholeness, the sixth ray of peace and service and the seventh ray of freedom. Transcendence tools will help you accomplish this also.

For more on the seven rays, see this page.

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