36 ideas for transcending your world view

In order to grasp the world view of the ascended masters, you need to shift your world view beyond the common, sensory-based view and beyond the view provided by traditional religion and materialism. One way to do this is to look at how science itself has pointed the way to a new world view.

Given that you are open to studying this website, you have likely already shifted your world view. Yet it might be helpful for you to understand the following ideas. 


Have you ever considered that the material universe is a communications tool, almost like a radio that is broadcasting a message? What is the basic message we receive from the material universe? It is that we are limited by – trapped in – material conditions. Yet is this true?

Every situation you encounter in the material world presents you with a basic question: “Will you accept that you are limited by this condition, that you cannot change it, that the material world has power over you—and over your state of mind?” Behind this is an even deeper question: “Will you accept that your state of mind depends on material conditions?”

In most cases, we do not even realize that we are facing these questions, because we have already accepted the limitations and accepted that we cannot transcend them. Yet is this true—or is it just a product of limited perception? What can be attained by exposing our subconscious illusions and making a conscious effort to transcend them?

When you understand the following ideas, you will see that everything in the material world is a matter of perspective—that everything is relative, as Albert Einstein put it.


The human senses give us a dualistic view of the world. They tell us that the world is made from many separate “things” or forms, even many separate materials. There are many types of solid matter but also many types of fluid energy.

This corresponds to the view of scientists before Albert Einstein discovered the theory of relativity. Scientists thought the world was made from matter and energy; two separate substances that did not mix.

The consequence of this dualistic world view is that matter has permanence or at least continuity, which means matter is difficult to change. And more specifically, because matter is fundamentally different from thoughts – which are clearly energy – the human mind does not have the capacity to change matter.

Unless you transcend this world view, you will not be able to transcend the limitations you face in the material world. You will believe these circumstances are real and have some actual power over you.


With his simple formula:

E = mc2

Einstein disproved the dualistic world view. He proved that the world is NOT made from two separate elements, because there is only one basic substance, namely what he called energy. Matter is simply a form of energy that has taken on a vibration that makes it appear solid to the human senses.

In reality, matter DOES NOT EXIST. It is a construct of the human mind. Or we might say that matter is not solid, permanent or unchangeable. The “unchangeability” of matter is an illusion created by the human mind. Given that matter is simply a form of energy, Einstein proved that “solid” matter can be changed as easily as fluid energy.


Energy is a form of vibration, often pictured as a wave. The form of a wave can be easily changed by changing the vibrational properties of the wave.

Once you begin to realize that what seems like unchangeable matter is simply made from energy waves, you realize that if you can find a way to change the energy waves that make up matter, you have the potential to transcend ANY limitation you face.

Thus, the key to transcending limitations is to learn how to change the vibration of energy waves. This is part of what Transcendence Tools are designed to accomplish.


Let us take another look at what Einstein’s formula is telling us. Here is something we all learned in school. You can take a mathematical equation and divide with the same factor on both sides of the equal sign:



Obviously, the two versions of C2 on the right side eliminate each other, so you now have the following equation:



You now have a new equation, which says something very profound. It says that the material world was made from a basic form of energy, called E. This form of primordial energy has a very high vibration.

Everything we can detect in the material world was created by taking high-frequency energy and reducing its vibration with a certain factor. Einstein saw the reduction factor as the speed of light squared, but in reality the picture is more complex.


There is more than one type of high-frequency energy and there is more than one reduction factor. Which means that everything in the material world is a product of the following process:

A certain type of high-frequency energy was reduced in vibration by a certain factor. The reduced energy manifested as what we can detect as fluid energy or stationary energy (matter).



This opens up for a new world view that unifies science and religion—once you are willing to go beyond both dogmatic Christianity and dogmatic materialism.

We all know from school that our eyes can see only certain types of light. In other words, there are light rays which vibrate within the range or frequency spectrum that our eyes can detect. Yet science has proven that there are many other forms of light rays that our eyes cannot detect. This leads to a multi-layered view of the world:

The material universe is made from energy that vibrates within a certain spectrum. Some of this energy still has such a high vibration that it is fluid and appears as what we normally call energy (light, sound, electricity, magnetism and so forth). Yet some of it has been reduced in vibration to the point, where it has become captured in a stationary matrix and thus appears as solid matter.


The material world is NOT all there is. The material world is simply one spectrum in a larger continuum of energy vibrations. There could be many layers of energy spectra above the material world.


Yet the important point for now is that the material world is created by taking energy from the spectrum just above it and reducing it in vibration. The question now becomes what provides this reduction factor?


Many see Einstein’s theory of relativity as the greatest scientific breakthrough of modern time. Yet for the purpose of using Transcendence Tools, the greatest breakthrough was provided by quantum physics. Here is why.

Before quantum physics, scientists believed in a myth called “the objective observer.” It said that when a scientist was making an observation through the scientific method, the mind of the scientist would not influence the observation. Quantum physics has proven this to be a fallacy at the subatomic level.

Quantum physics studies the most fundamental level of matter. This is the level where – according to Einstein’s formula – energy becomes matter, manifesting first as subatomic particles that combine into atoms and so forth.

What quantum physicists have abundantly proven is that at the most fundamental level of matter, the consciousness of a scientist will interact with the phenomenon being observed.

In other words, when a scientist is studying a subatomic particle, the particle did not exist before the observation was made. The particle was co-created by the scientist because it was the observation that brought the particle into existence in the material world. This has led some physicists to talk about an observer-created universe.


We can now see that the subatomic world is actually the boundary region between the material frequency spectrum and the frequency spectrum that is right above it in vibration. Thus, it is at the subatomic level that fluid energy is transformed into “solid” matter.

Here comes the important point. It has been proven by numerous actual experiments, that at the subatomic level, the mind of a scientist does interact with matter. Denying this fact means denying 80 years of scientific experimentation. This leaves us with two options:

  • The human mind can interact with inanimate matter.
  • There must be a deeper explanation.


The deeper explanation is Einstein’s theory, which says that matter is not separate from mind, because everything is one substance, what Einstein called energy. This means that the energy waves produced by your mind can interact with the energy waves that exist at the subatomic level. And as these energy waves interact, they produce subatomic particles; the building blocks of all matter.

This leads to a stunning conclusion: There is a form of consciousness present at the subatomic level, and THAT larger consciousness is what our human consciousness can interact with. This, of course, requires a quantum mind-leap that no materialist is willing to make.


Traditional religion, such as Christianity, portrays a dualistic world. There is heaven and there is the material world, and you cannot get to heaven by your own powers, which is why you need the external religion. Materialistic science also portrays a dualistic world, because there is the material world, which has an objective existence, and there is the realm of the human mind, which is entirely subjective.

Yet because the human mind can interact with the most fundamental level of matter, it has been proven scientifically that there are no divisions. Any divisions are creations of the  human mind, because in reality the world is one interconnected whole, made from the same basic substance.


Matter is created from high-frequency energy that has been lowered in vibration by a certain reduction factor. We can now see that what determines the characteristics of this reduction factor is consciousness.

This means the world was NOT created through a mechanical process guided by chance. Yet NEITHER was it created in its present form by an almighty God sitting in heaven.

The world is a creation of consciousness, and the consciousness of human beings was definitely part of the equation. Yet is our consciousness the only factor, or is there a consciousness beyond ours?


Traditional religion, materialism and common sense agree that the earth was created before human beings appeared. Thus, human beings cannot have created the material universe. Which means the universe was created by beings who have a capacity of consciousness that is beyond what we humans have.

There is a realm of high-frequency energy beyond the material universe. This realm has many layers that form a hierarchy leading towards successively higher vibrations. In this realm is a hierarchy of self-aware beings, ranging from beings who exist in the realm right above the material world to the ultimate level of consciousness.

The material universe and the earth were created by beings who exist in the realm of vibration that is right above the material realm. These beings used their consciousness to step down the vibration of the primordial energy and organize it into matrices that we see as the physical universe.

These beings are known in many spiritual traditions and have been called by many names, such as Elohim, Spirit guides or ascended masters.


After these high-awareness beings had manifested the material universe, they sent self-aware extensions of themselves to take on the kind of bodies that the physical universe supports. On earth, this is what we call human bodies.

Thus, we are truly self-aware beings who have descended into physical bodies, and we use these bodies as vehicles for experiencing the world and for expressing ourselves in the material world. The purpose is that by doing this, we serve to help co-create the material world.

Yet on an even larger scale, our purpose is to help raise the vibration of the entire material world, until it becomes part of the higher realm. By doing this, we grow in self-awareness so that we can also ascend to the higher level. And this growth in self-awareness is the higher purpose for the existence of the world as a whole.


The material universe was created by seven spiritual beings, called the Seven Elohim. These beings have the capacity of consciousness to take spiritual light and lower its vibration to the frequency spectrum that makes up the material universe. They provide the reduction factor mentioned earlier.

Each of the seven Elohim represent a certain type of spiritual light, also called a spiritual ray. Thus, the universe was created from a raw material of the seven spiritual rays reduced in vibration by a certain factor.


After reducing the vibration of the spiritual light, the Elohim can then superimpose a thought matrix upon it. This causes the light to take on the form of what we call fluid energy and subatomic particles. These “building blocks of matter” then organize into the forms envisioned by the Elohim.

The Elohim do this from a level of consciousness that is far above that of most human beings. The Elohim create from an awareness that all life is one and that they seek to raise the whole.


Ideally, we human beings – or rather spiritual beings in human bodies – are meant to serve as co-creators who create within the framework created by the Elohim. However, we do not start out with the same level of awareness as the Elohim. The reason is that the purpose of the material universe is to serve as a schoolroom, in which we gradually grow in awareness by experimenting with our creative abilities.

One might say that the material universe forms a gigantic feed-back machine. As co-creators we have the same creative abilities as the Elohim, yet our abilities have a lesser capacity. As we experiment with our abilities, the material universe outpictures the thought matrices we project upon the light. And if we honestly analyze the result, we can expand our awareness.


Everything that exists on earth is the product of a certain level of awareness. When we begin to understand how a certain level of awareness always produces the same result, then we can transcend that level of awareness.

There are 144 levels of awareness available to us on planet earth. A new co-creator starts out at the 48th level. At this level, we have a very localized self-awareness, yet we still have a sense that we are connected to a whole that is larger than ourselves.

If we retain this sense of connection, we can gradually expand it, until we grow to the 144th level of awareness. At this level, we are ready to ascend from earth and become immortal beings in a higher realm.


The only way to grow in self-awareness is to exercise our free will. It is by making choices and experiencing the results that we have the opportunity to grow.

Yet for us to have truly free will, we also have the option – not a necessity but an option – to choose to go below the 48th level of awareness. The only way to do this is to deny that we are part of a larger whole and then start acting as if we are separate beings who can do whatever we want without considering the consequences of our actions.

In order to deny our connection to the whole, we have to accept a set of illusions, which form a veil that distorts our perception of the world. This has in the Buddhic tradition been called the veil of Maya. In the Christian tradition it has been called the prince of this world or the devil.

Yet it is truly a set of illusions that make us believe, that we are separate beings and that we can define what is right and wrong based on the view that we are separated from God and from other human beings. Thus, we can believe that what we do to others will not have negative effects on ourselves.

In a sense, we begin to believe that the universe is not a feed-back machine, because we can avoid experiencing the consequences of our creative efforts.


In reality, the basic function of the entire universe is not in the least affected by what human beings believe on this small planet. Yet if a majority of the inhabitants of a planetary system decide to go below the 48th level of awareness, then they are allowed to experiment with the lower levels of consciousness.

Of course, conditions on their planet will inevitably outpicture the thought matrices that people project upon the light through the lower levels of awareness. This explains all of the imbalances currently seen on earth, from wars, to poverty, to limited life-span, to diseases, to lack of resources and man’s inhumanity to man.

Once you enter into the veil of illusions that make up the lower levels of consciousness, you will be subject to these main illusions:

1: There are certain things you cannot change. There are certain limitations you cannot transcend. (This is in a sense correct, because as long as you are below the 48th level, there are many things your mind cannot change.)

2: You – or humankind collectively – have not created your current circumstances. This has been forced upon you by an unconscious universe or by an angry god in the sky.

3: Underlying this sense is an often subconscious belief that this is wrong and that these conditions have been forced upon you through an act of injustice. This springs from the separate self’s belief that it should be able to do whatever it wants; thus limitations are unfair. Meaning the separate self thinks the universe should function according to its world view.

4: Thus, the problem is not you or within you. The problem is outside yourself. The cause is that God, nature or other people do not comply with your view of the world.

The effect of these beliefs is that you now engage in a struggle to get God, the universe and other people to comply with your vision and will as a separate being. And you use force to accomplish this. Needless, to say this can only lead to an ongoing struggle that never brings you peace.


The problem with these beliefs is that they form a catch-22, a closed circle, from which there is seemingly no escape. As long as you believe that you are a victim of circumstances over which your mind has no power, there is no escape from these circumstances.

This is what the Buddha meant, when he said that the first noble truth is that life is suffering. When you have descended below the 48th level of awareness, life can only be suffering, namely what the Buddha called Samsara.

This causes you to be enveloped in an ongoing, seemingly endless, struggle to get what you want by using force to take it from nature or from other people. And given the law of cause and effect, what you send out will always come back to you. The more you struggle, the more resistance you encounter.


Of course, you have free will, so you have the right to engage in this struggle for as long as you want. By observing the world, it becomes clear that many people actually enjoy struggling against other people, nature or even God.

Transcendence Tools are only meant for people who have come to the realization, that they want to rise above the struggle. So the question now becomes how you transcend the human struggle, and the answer is simple: Stop re-creating the struggle.

When you understand how the struggle is created, it becomes far easier to see how to stop recreating it.


Let us return to the idea that the material universe was created by seven spiritual beings, the Elohim. The Elohim started with seven types of high-frequency energy, in several spiritual traditions called the seven rays.

The Elohim then used their consciousness to reduce the vibration of these rays to the frequency spectrum that makes up the material universe. The purpose was to create an environment where energy/matter is so dense that it makes it possible for beings to start out with a very localized sense of awareness and then expand from there. The density also makes it possible for beings to believe they are separate beings.

After reducing the energy, the Elohim then superimposed certain thought matrices upon the energy, causing it to organize into the structures we observe, such as planet earth, the solar system and galaxies. The original blueprint for the earth was completely balanced and had none of the inharmonious conditions we see today.

A long time ago, waves of self-aware beings descended to earth and took on bodies here. Yet in the beginning all of these beings used their free will within the framework of the whole. They attempted to raise up the whole, and thus they never descended below the 48th level of awareness but grew from there until they ascended.

These beings acted as co-creators by taking the energy provided by the Elohim and using it without reducing its vibration further, instead increasing its vibration. They superimposed thought matrices upon the energy, but these matrices only sought to raise up all life.


At some point, a wave of lifestreams descended, and many among them did choose to go below the 48th level. The overall effect of this was that these beings now started seeing themselves as separate beings, and thus they started seeing themselves as being in competition with or in opposition to others.

This had two specific effects:

  • The “separate” beings now took the energy provided by the Elohim and they lowered it in vibration. One way to do this is through selfish emotions, such as anger or hatred, but even a perversion of love.
  • The “separate” beings superimposed thought matrices upon the reduced energy that were not based on seeking to raise all life. Instead, they sought to raise themselves by putting others down.

It is the de-creative efforts of beings trapped in the veil of separation that has superimposed lower matrices upon the original blueprint for planet earth. This is why there are natural disasters, why there is a limited food supply, why natural resources seem limited and why there is old age and disease.


Here is the essential realization. These limited conditions are NOT permanent. In fact, in the material universe, nothing is permanent.

To understand this, compare the universe to a movie theater. The images on the movie screen might seem very real and very absorbing. Yet we know they do not have an actual or permanent existence. They are created by projecting a stream of light upon the screen, and if you turned off this stream, the images on the screen would instantly disappear.

Similarly, if you change the images on the film strip, then the images on the screen would instantly change accordingly.


You now see the fundamental teaching behind transcendence tools. The circumstances you are experiencing are like the images projected unto the movie screen of the basic energy that makes up the material universe.

You are constantly projecting these images, and the basic energy can only take on the form of what you are projecting upon it. Thus, the essential key to transcending your current circumstances is to STOP seeking to change something outside yourself. Instead, you need to look at your own mind and do two things:

  • Uncover the subconscious beliefs and mental images that cause you to project images upon the screen which limit you. Then replace them with higher beliefs, so you no longer project the limited images.
  • Recognize that over time these images have caused you to generate a certain amount of lower energies. Only when these energies have been raised in vibration to their original level or beyond, will you be free of the old circumstances.

In short: Transcendence Tools are designed to help you transform low-frequency energy and overcome limited beliefs and self-images.


In order to fully understand how you co-create your own circumstances, it is helpful to be aware that there are four levels of the mind:

  • The highest level of the mind is the identity level. This is where your basic sense of identity is stored, but this is not simply your name and nationality. It is deeper beliefs about what kind of being you are, how you related to the world in which you live, and what your abilities and limitations are.
  • The next level is the mental level, which is obviously the level of thought. here you find more detailed beliefs and understanding about how the world works. The beliefs in the identity mind determine what you think you can do, and the beliefs in the mental mind determine how you think you can do it. dialmindeps
  • The next level is the emotional mind, the seat of feelings. Here you also have certain beliefs, for example you might believe that if other people do certain things, then it is acceptable or unavoidable for you to respond with anger. You might even believe it is justified to harm other people in order to get what you want or protect yourself.
  • The physical mind, which truly is certain aspects of the mind related to the physical body, meaning it contains beliefs related to the physical body. Yet for most people, the physical mind is also what their conscious minds tend to identify with. At this level you might also have certain beliefs about what you can and cannot do.

Anything you do and have ever done involves all four levels of your mind. What keeps you alive and gives you the energy to co-create is that you are constantly receiving a stream of high-frequency energy from a higher part of your being. This can be called your higher self, your spiritual self or in some spiritual traditions your “I AM Presence.” 

As this energy enters your identity mind, you will superimpose certain images upon the energy and this will qualify the vibration of the energy depending on the nature of these images/beliefs. Some of this qualified energy will be stored in your identity mind and some of it will move into your mental mind, where it is likewise qualified by the beliefs found here.

This process continues in the emotional mind. Which means that when a creative impulse reaches your conscious mind, it has already been colored by the beliefs and images found at the higher levels.


You now see that the four levels of your mind form a hierarchical structure. The beliefs in the identity mind are deeper than the beliefs in the mental mind. Which means that it is impossible for the mental mind to override a belief in the identity mind.

Once an impulse has passed through the identity mind, the mental mind can only work with the impulse as it is colored by the identity mind—it cannot override what enters it from above. The same holds true for the emotional and physical minds.

You now see the essential dilemma faced by all us, when we seek to change our circumstances. If your conscious mind is identified with the physical mind, then you will be able to change beliefs at this level. Yet you will NOT be able to consciously override what enters the physical mind from the higher levels. You will ONLY be able to work with the creative impulse that has already been colored by the beliefs and energies from the three higher levels.

Thus, if this was your only option, you truly would be stuck, and from the level of the physical mind, you would have no way out.


What is the way out? It is to recognize that your conscious mind does not have to be identified with the physical mind/body and the material world. The core of your being is something we might call the Conscious You, and it is a form of pure awareness that has the ability to project itself wherever it wants. Chartwebsite

For example, the Conscious You can project itself outside the physical mind and into the emotional mind. Thus, it can see a belief in the emotional mind and resolve it at that level, which will change the creative impulse entering the conscious mind. And now it becomes much easier to change your physical behavior, because your creative impulse is less colored. The same, of course, can be done to resolve beliefs at the mental and identity levels.

However, it must be recognized that if the Conscious You has been identified with the material world for a long time, it will take a process of hard work to purify all four levels of your mind. For most people this begins with questioning beliefs that reside in the physical mind. The next step is to question beliefs in the emotional mind and so on.


Yet here is where many people who are into self-help or spirituality fail to understand the mechanics of the situation. The mechanics are simple. When a creative impulse enters the identity mind, it is colored by the beliefs found there. Yet this process produces a certain amount of energy, and some of this energy will accumulate in your identity mind. Likewise, of course, the beliefs in the other levels of the mind produce low-frequency energy that is stored at those levels.

The effect of this accumulated energy is twofold:

  • When you attempt to consciously look into a higher level of your mind, the accumulated energy will make it more difficult for you to clearly see the belief that produced the energy.



  • The accumulated energy will seem to reinforce the belief, meaning you tend to think that the belief is not a belief that is based on an illusion. Instead, the more energy you have stored, the more real the belief will seem, meaning you think it does not have to be changed.

The essential realization for all who are serious about transcending their limitations is that energy reinforces belief.

Let us consider an example. At the level of the identity mind, a person has accepted that he is a separate being living in a world that opposes his ability to do whatever he wants. As a result of this deep belief, the person’s mental mind contains the belief that he has to take what he wants by force and that he has the right to do so. At the emotional level is the belief that it is okay for him to be angry when other people will not comply with his will. And at the physical level is the belief that it is okay for him to strike at others before they can strike at him.

It should be obvious that these beliefs have turned this person’s life into a constant struggle. And as a result of the struggle, the person has accumulated substantial amounts of misqualified energy at all four levels of the mind.

Any person can at any time reach the realization that he or she does not want to continue the same old patterns, but wants to change or that there must be more to life. Yet in order to be successful in transcending limitations, any person must uncover and consciously change subconscious beliefs.


Once you uncover a belief and see how it is limiting you, it is not that difficult to change it, because we will not consciously harm ourselves—when we truly see what we are doing. Yet the problem is that it is often impossible to uncover a subconscious belief, precisely because what makes it subconscious is the amount of low-frequency energy that has accumulated at all four levels of the mind.

Thus, an essential key to changing your life is to overcome this energy. There are various techniques that can enable you to release this energy. The problem is that while this might give you a temporary relief, the energy is still somewhere and you are ultimately responsible for your use of energy.

Thus, the only permanent way to transcend limitations is to requalify the energy by raising its vibration to a higher level. This is very simple to do, when you understand what science has uncovered about the behavior of energy.


All energy is a wave, yet some energy can take the form of a stationary or standing wave. This is what has happened to the energy that has accumulated at the four levels of your mind.

A wave has certain vibrational properties, such as frequency, amplitude and wavelength. Yet there is no wave that is an isolated unit. In other words, the vibrational properties of ANY wave can be changed.

The way to change the vibrational properties is very simple. When two waves meet, they create what scientists call an interference pattern. This pattern results in a new wave that is a combination of the two original waves.

For example, the way to change low-frequency energy in your emotional body is to use a tool for invoking high-frequency energy and then directing it into your emotional body. As the high-frequency energy meets the low-frequency energy, it creates an interference pattern. The result is that you will now have a new form of energy with a vibration that is lower than the high-frequency energy but higher than the low-frequency energy.

The result is that you have now – paertly – purified your emotional body, which makes it a bit easier to see limiting beliefs. Of course, if you have accumulated low-frequency energy over many lifetimes, it can take some time to completely purify your emotional body. Yet for each time you take one step towards purification, you will feel lighter or more energetic, and this can give you the impetus to keep going until you break through to a distinctly higher level of awareness.


Transcendence Tools are designed to help you invoke high-frequency energy and direct it into the low-frequency energy stored in the four levels of your mind. However, for you to make maximum use of these tools, it is important to understand two things:


  1. High-frequency energy can ONLY come from a level that is beyond the material universe. The energy that is already at, say the mental level, cannot transform the energy misqualified at that level. Not even the energy at the identity level can transform the energy at lower levels.
  2. Invoking high-frequency energy is NOT a mechanical process. When you look at history, you can see that there is nothing that human beings cannot misuse. Thus, there is a safety mechanism built into the process of invoking high-frequency energy.

The safety mechanism is that high-frequency energy must be released by self-aware beings in a higher realm. These beings have a capacity of consciousness that makes it possible for them to work with human beings individually. Thus, they can evaluate a person’s motives and they will release only the amount of energy that the person can handle and will not misuse.

In other words, in order to invoke high-frequency energy, you have to make an appeal to a being in a higher realm, such as one of the seven Elohim. This is what Transcendence Tools are designed to do, and the tools are in fact given as a direct revelation by beings in the spiritual realm.


Transcendence Tools allow you to invoke the Presence of a spiritual being, who will then release an amount of energy that is adapted to your needs and your purity of motive. This is partly to make sure you do not receive more energy than you can handle (as the energy always stirs up the low-frequency energy) and partly to make sure you do not misqualify the energy and thus makes your situation worse.

As you build a momentum on invoking energy and demonstrate your willingness to examine your subconscious beliefs, you will gradually receive more energy and thus grow faster. If, on the other hand, you use the energy to make yourself feel better but continue the same old patterns, you will receive less energy until you feel the tools are no longer working for you.

It is important to understand that our spiritual teachers are beyond ego and beyond human judgments. They are not looking at you in order to condemn you; they are only seeking to help you grow.

Yet the assistance we can receive from spiritual teachers is guided by the law of multiplication. This is illustrated in the old saying: “God helps those who help themselves.” It is also illustrated in Jesus’ parable about a master who gave different amounts of talents to three of his servants and then went away. When the master returned, the servants had to give account of what they had done with the talents. Two servants had multiplied the talents and were given more, whereas one had buried the talents in the ground and thus could not receive more.

The law that guides all growth is that our spiritual teachers will give us an initial amount of energy when we ask for it. Yet what we receive after the initial grace period is completely determined by our willingness to multiply what we have been given.


Quantum physics has proven the following:

  1. Everything in the material universe is made from one basic substance. It can take on the form of subatomic particles, but these are truly energy waves.
  2. The subatomic reality responds to our consciousness. The energy waves of our mind can interact with the energy waves that make up all matter.

This leaves an obvious question: If our minds can influence matter at the subatomic level, why cannot our minds influence matter at the normal or macroscopic level? Why can’t we perform the so-called miracles performed by Jesus? Why can’t we move mountains—or at least manifest good health and material abundance? And why can’t we collectively manifest a peaceful world with abundance for all people?

There is only one logical answer. In reality, our minds CAN influence matter at the macroscopic level, but we do not believe we can and thus we are not exercising our ability. We are not exercising our full potential as co-creators who are meant to have dominion over the earth.

And why can’t we believe in our potential, our birthright? Because in the four levels of our minds, we have adopted certain limiting beliefs. And these beliefs have then generated low-frequency energy that blurs our vision and makes it seem like we really do live in a world that limits us. The energy veil (evil) makes it seem like the current conditions in matter are real and have some real power over us.

In reality, of course, we are spiritual beings, and no condition in matter can have more power over us than we allow it to have. Thus, the key to transcending any limitation is to overcome the beliefs that cause us to limit our co-creative abilities.

When we overcome these beliefs, there will no longer be a gap between the subatomic and the macroscopic level. We will be able to consciously work at the subatomic level and thus affect changes on the macroscopic level. Effect must follow cause, and once we uncover our ability to work at the level of cause, the effects will follow.

Transcendence Tools have only one purpose, namely to help you close the gap between who you really are and who you currently think you are.



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