An energetic world view – energy hygiene

If you go back a couple of centuries, people simply did not know about bacteria or dangerous chemicals. Thus, they did not understand the need to keep their bodies clean and to prevent their food from going bad. We might look at that time and consider it primitive compared to what we know today. We might consider that people back then were lacking in hygiene.

Yet what if people in the near future will look at our time and consider us primitive, because we too are lacking in hygiene? The reason would be that even though we know that everything is energy, we have not understood or accepted what this means. Thus, we simply have not seen the need for energy hygiene to complete our personal hygiene.

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Einstein’s discovery that everything is energy has implications for every aspect of life. If everything is energy, your mind must also be made from energy. This is not hard to envision, because thoughts and feelings are obviously forms of energy. Yet thoughts and feelings are the contents of your mind, so what is the mind itself?

Energy can behave in two ways. It can be a wave that is moving through a medium, such as sound through the air or a wave in the ocean. Yet it can also take on the form of an energy field that stays in one place. It follows that the mind itself is an energy field and that thoughts and feelings are waves that either originate in the energy field or enter it from the outside. Once in the field, they can and either stay in the field or be sent into the outside world.

How can you envision the energy field of the mind? You know that a bar magnet has an invisible field around it and you have probably seen pictures of the field. Even the entire planet has an invisible field around it. It is therefore not difficult to envision that your mind is an energy field that surrounds your physical body.

The existence of such an energy field, or aura, has been postulated for thousands of years. Some clairvoyants can see the energy field and use it to diagnose physical or mental illnesses. In recent decades, a few scientists have used scientific instruments to measure the human energy field.

Although this has not yet become mainstream science, and certainly not general knowledge, the existence of an energy field around the body rests on sound scientific grounds. Already, certain digital cameras hooked up to computers can make the energy field visible on a computer screen, and it is likely that this technology will be developed into a tool for diagnosing illness. This will then make the existence of a human energy field mainstream, but why wait?

The advantage of recognizing the existence of your mind as an energy field is that you can begin to understand how the conditions in this field affect your conscious thoughts and feelings. You can then begin to take control over the energy field instead of being controlled by it. This leads to several very important considerations.

The need for energy hygiene

Your energy field is not an isolated unit. When you interact with another person, your energy field is interacting with – exchanging energy with – the field of that person. The person can send energy into your field or take energy from your field. You have probably experienced that a person yells at you in a fit of anger, and you end up feeling depressed or angry. The reason is that the person’s angry feelings formed energy waves that were sent into your energy field and affected your own feelings. You have probably also experienced being around a person who was sad or depressed only to feel tired or “drained” afterwards. The reason was that the person literally drained energy from your energy field, leaving you running on empty.

You can now divide energy into high-vibration energy that makes you feel better and low-vibration energy that makes you feel worse. Since everything is energy, it follows that all feelings have a specific vibration. It is not hard to see that anger has a distinctively lower vibration than love. It now becomes obvious that you need to set up a screening process to prevent negative energy from entering your energy field while letting positive energy in. This is comparable to the immune system of your physical body. You can improve your well-being by protecting your energy field from negative energy


What happens to the negative energy that has already entered your field? Science tells us that once an energy wave has been given a certain vibration, it can stay in that state indefinitely. In other words, once low-vibration energy has entered your field, it can stay there for a long time. Such energy can even continue to accumulate, making you feel progressively worse. You might have seen people who become so affected by anger that they lose control over themselves and are in a constant state of agitation. One component of this is that the energy of anger keeps accumulating in their energy fields. Likewise, depression is partially caused by an accumulation of negative energy.

Your conscious mind – thoughts and feelings – are made from energy. Just as a magnet can attract iron filings, energy also has a certain electromagnetic force. Thus, an accumulation of anger waves in your energy field can exert a magnetic pull on your conscious mind and make you more prone to respond to situations with anger.

It now becomes clear that stress is an accumulation of low-vibration energy in your energy field. Thus, the key to successful stress-management is to learn how to protect your energy field from lower energies and purify it from energy that has already entered. The positive aspect of this is that it is quite easy to transform lower energies into a higher vibration. As your mind has the ability to generate lower energies such as anger, it also has the ability to transform such energy. This will be explained in more detail later.

The mass consciousness

This now leads to another level of consideration. Your energy field exists within the larger energy field of the entire planet. Part of this field is what psychologists have long called the “collective unconscious.” This may now be explained as an energy field that surrounds the planet and acts as a storage space for some of the mental and emotional energy produced by humankind since the beginning of time. Since energy can stay at a certain vibration and accumulate, it is easy to envision that this collective energy field contains a large amount of energy, such as fear, anger and hatred. If your personal energy field is open to the mass consciousness, you will find it very difficult to take control over your life.

One example of how the mass consciousness can influence individuals is a crowd. There are numerous examples of how people’s minds have been overpowered by a crowd and they have done things – such as killing – that they normally would never have done. This can also explain why some people always follow along with trends, be they public opinion or fashion trends. An essential part of taking control of your life is to set yourself apart from the mass consciousness.

A downward energetic spiral

Obviously, lower energies do not have to enter your energy field from the outside. You are quite capable of producing such energy on your own by engaging in negative feelings, such as fear or anger. This can also cause negative energy to accumulate, which can take you further into a downward spiral that eventually leads you to lose control. You now see that part of taking control of your life is to learn how to avoid responding to life with negative feelings. This can be done by resolving self-destructive beliefs and transforming lower energies—exactly what transcendence tools are designed to do.

As a final consideration, consider that in order to feel well, you also need to generate higher energies in your personal energy field. This involves learning how to respond positively to life’s circumstances, but it also involves learning how to receive more energy from the source of such energy. To understand how this can be done, you need to know about your Higher Being and the natural flow of energy between your higher Being and your lower being. This will also make it clearer how you can protect and purify your energy field. This is a summary of the important ideas about your energy body:

• You must learn how to prevent negative energy from entering your energy field.

• You must learn how to purify your energy field of energy that is already in the field.

• You must learn how to stop generating negative energy from within your own mind.

• You must learn how to expand the flow of positive energy from the higher part of your being.

The ascended masters have given us a wide variety of tools to help us accomplish all of these tasks. They are found on the Transcendence Toolbox website.


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