The essence of the ascended master world view

The ascended masters give a complex world view that has several layers and therefore can explain all of the questions spiritual people have about how the world works and how it was created. To fully grasp this world view will take some studying and mental retooling, but this section provides the essence of the world view given by the ascended masters.

The world view presented by the ascended masters can most easily be explained by referring to some of the discoveries of modern physics. This is not done to imply that science has validated the existence of the ascended masters because this website is not meant to present arguments for why ascended masters exist. The existence of the masters and the validity of their teachings can only be confirmed inside your own mind through intuitive experiences.

An energetic world view

We have all been brought up with a world view that is out of touch with the discoveries of science. This is partly because our physical senses are so convincing in terms of making us think that we live in a world made of solid matter. Yet as far back as 1905 Albert Einstein challenged this world view with his simple formula: E = mc2.

Einstein’s theory of relativity and the later theories of quantum physics have proven that solid matter really does not exist. It is a mental construct that our minds have created based on our sensory experiences. In reality, matter is not solid because all matter is made from energy and energy is a form of vibration. Energy is no more solid than a ray of sunlight or a wave on the ocean—it is ever-vibrating. However, vibrating energy can take on a stationary form, called an energy field and this makes it appear solid to our senses. 

Energy is charaterized by its vibration. For example, red light vibrates at a lower vibration than blue light. This means we can create a scale of vibrations, ranging from lower to higher vibrations, and an example is the octaves on the tonal scale.

Our eyes can only see certain vibrations of energy, which we normally call visible light. Yet science is able to measure forms of vibration that are beyond what any of our senses can detect. For example, infrared light vibrates below and ultraviolet light vibrates above the visible spectrum. Science has therefore opened up for the existence of energy vibrations that are beyond what our physical senses and current measuring technology can detect. 

The basic conclusion is that science has opened up for the possibility that there is a realm of energetic vibrations that is beyond what we humans can currently detect with physical instruments. Perhaps this realm is even beyond what could ever be detected with material instruments. This is parallel to what virtually all religious and spiritual teachings have been saying for all of recorded history, namely that there is a spiritual realm or heaven world beyond the material universe.

The world view presented by the ascended masters says that there is indeed a material world in which we human beings live, and beyond that is a spiritual realm in which the ascended masters exist. However, contrary to the way this is presented by some religions, there is no impenetrable barrier between the material and the spiritual realm. Both realms are made of the same basic substance, namely energy. The difference is not a qualitative but a quantitative difference because the material realm is made from spiritual or high-frequency energy that has been lowered in vibration.

The spiritual world has an enormous range of vibrations, whereas the material world has a more limited range of vibrations. We cannot detect the spiritual energies with our physical senses because our senses are calibrated to detect the vibrations that make up our physical bodies, what we call solid matter. The ascended masters do not say that matter does not exist, but they do say that matter is made from energy that vibrates within a certain spectrum and it is not the only spectrum of energies.

If we human beings experience life through our physical senses, and if spiritual energies cannot be detected by material instruments, how can we ever know that the spiritual realm exists? We can know because we have access to an instrument that is beyond the senses. This instrument is the mind, or rather a specific aspect of the mind.

Scientific materialism has created a barrier between the mind and matter, but this barrier was invalidated in the 1920s when quantum physicists discovered that all matter is made from subatomic particles and that the human mind can interact with this basic level of matter. Materialists claim that a scientist can be an objective observer who is not affecting the phenomenon being observed. They say this must be done by eliminating all influence of the mind, which materialists claim can only be subjective. 

Quantum physics has invalidated the dream of an objective observer. At the most basic level of matter (where vibrating energy takes on the form of “solid” matter) there is no objective observer. The mind of the scientist becomes part of the “entire measurement situation,” meaning that the mind of the scientist is actually co-creating what is being observed. 

The ascended masters explain this by saying that the mind of the scientist is an energy field. The subatomic phenomenon being observed is also an energy field. And the instrument being used (a particle accelerator) is also an energy field. When these three energy fields interact, they create what scientists call an interference pattern, and it is this pattern that is being observed. 

In other words, even the most dedicated scientist is not observing a subatomic particle as it really is. The scientist is observing a phenomenon that is partly created by his or her own mind and therefore influenced by the mind. This is parallel to what several philosophers have said. For example, Immanuel Kant said that we can never observe the “thing in itself,” we can only observe something affected by our own perception filter.

This means that we cannot truly understand the world or make accurate observations until we begin to study the mind and how the mind influences our observations. In a sense, all teachings and tools offered by the ascended masters are designed to help us attain knowledge of and mastery of our own minds. 

Incidentally, quantum physics has proven that the materialist dream of an objective observer cannot be attained by excluding the mind but only by fully understanding the mind. Thus, the mind should be the most important field of scientific study as everything we do is affected by our minds. Of course, the mind is also the most important field of spiritual study.

Who are we?

According to the ascended masters, the logical conclusion based on these discoveries is that the material world forms a kind of reality simulator. The solid matter we see is not actually solid. Everything on earth is made from vibrating energy, but when seen through the perception filters of our senses and outer minds, it appears as a world of solid matter. This has caused many human beings on earth to believe that they are limited by the capabilities of the physical body, even that our minds are the products of our physical brains.

The ascended masters teach that we are spiritual beings, meaning that the core of our minds was created in the spiritual realm. We then descended into the material energy spectrum where our minds entered into these dense physical bodies. Over a long period of time, most people have forgotten their spiritual origin and come to believe in the two most common illusions found on earth, namely that we were created as sinners by an angry God or that we are entirely material beings, a form of evolved animals.

People have forgotten their origins partly because of our unbalanced use of free will and partly because we have been manipulated by certain narcissistic beings who want to set themselves up as a power elite. The path offered by the ascended masters  is designed to help us free ourselves from both of these influences.

The ascended masters say that even if we have forgotten that we are spiritual beings who originated in a higher realm, we can never lose our ability to regain this awareness. We can at any time start a conscious process, called the spiritual path, of freeing ourselves from the illusions that entrap most people on earth. While this is not a quick-fix, it is a viable path that can dramatically change the experience we are having of life on earth.

Our life experience

Why are some people happy and content with their lives while others are unhappy and dissatisfied? Why do some people have a positive approach to life while many feel life is a burden that has been forced upon them? We all live on the same planet so why are there so many different ways to experience life on earth?

The ascended masters teach that there is indeed a physical environment called earth. We all live here, and although different parts of the world present us with different circumstances, we all have the same mechanism in our minds. Our minds are interacting with our environment, but what produces our inner experience is NOT our external circumstances but our internal circumstances.

Our environment is an energy field. Our minds, including our subconscious minds, are also energy fields. Two people can be interacting with the same external circumstances, but their life experience is created inside each person’s mind. The experience of each person is determined by the contents of that person’s mind, including the subconscious layers of the mind. This is why two people can have the same external circumstances and have different inner experiences.

Most people have been brought up to believe that there is only one way to improve our life experience, namely to change our external circumstances. We were all brought up to believe that our inner experience is a product of our outer circumstances. This is deeply disempowering because there are certain conditions, including other people, that we do not have the power to change. This explains why most people feel disempowered and feel they have limited options for improving their lives.

According to the ascended masters there is an obvious alternative to this disempowering approach. It is to realize that our life experience is primarily determined by our inner circumstances and that we have the potential to attain mastery over our own minds. When we do so, we will improve our life experience, even if our external circumstances do not change. Yet the ascended masters also say that as we do take command of our minds, we will become able to change our external circumstances to a much higher degree than we can do today. This requires us to understand how the world was created.

The creation of the earth

The masters explain that planet earth was created by seven ascended masters, called the Elohim. They used spiritual energy that they qualified with seven different types of vibration. They then formulated a common vision and used the power of their minds to project this vision (these thought matrices) upon the primordial spiritual energy. The energy then took on the form of the mental images projected upon it, and this is how any form is created.

The Elohim originally created the earth in a much higher state than what we see today. As hinted at in some creation stories, human beings originally lived in a higher state. This is because in the original purity, we could co-create everything we needed through the power of our minds, meaning we did not have to perform physical work in order to sustain our bodies.

Through a process that will be explained elsewhere, we lost the original awareness of our creative powers, and we descended into a lower state of self-awareness where we forgot our origin. Since then we have co-created all of the limitations and conflicts we see today, and that is why we have to work out our living “at the sweat of our brows.”

In other words, we human beings have taken the original design of the Elohim and we have co-created our current circumstances. Yet these circumstances are created out of energy by superimposing impure mental images upon the energy. Therefore, they can also be uncreated by us by superimposing pure images. Yet in order for us to do this, we must obviously purify our minds of all impure images and energies. 

We can do this individually, and this is the spiritual path that the ascended masters offer us. By following this systematic path, we can improve our own life experience first and then our individual circumstances. As more and more people do this, we will also improve the overall circumstances because the planetary conditions were created through the collective consciousness. As we raise our individual minds, we will eventually raise the collective.

The ascended masters offer us a viable path for returning the earth to its original purity and then even building on it to create higher circumstances than what were there in the beginning. The Elohim only gave us a foundation, and we are meant to use our co-creative abilities to improve upon it.

The layers of our minds

The ascended masters explain that the material world was created by taking energy from the spiritual realm and lowering it in vibration. Only the ascended masters have the power to do this, and this is one of their functions. As they lower spiritual energy to the material frequency spectrum, they give some of this energy to us, and this is what drives our co-creative efforts. We have complete free will as to what we do with this energy.

We are meant to be co-creators with the ascended masters, and we do this by receiving a stream of creative energy from the masters and then superimposing images upon it through our minds. This means the entire material universe is upheld by a stream of spiritual energy that the ascended masters are allowing to flow into the material spectrum. It is this flow of energy that keeps us alive and gives us self-awareness. Most people are not aware of this flow and they only have a limited amount of creative energy available to them. By following the spiritual path offered by the masters, we can increase our awareness of how we use energy and thereby receive a greater quantity of light that can make us more creative.

In order to increase our creative powers, we have to be willing to take a look at the contents of our minds, because there are conditions in our minds that can block the flow of creative energy. This requires us to be willing to take a look at our beliefs, but it is not enough to look at conscious beliefs. We need to recognize that we have a subconscious level of our minds, and it has a profound impact on our creative abilities and our life experience.

The ascended masters teach that we have four levels of our minds: 

  • The conscious level, where we are aware of our thoughts and feelings and make conscious decisions.
  • The emotional level, where our feelings reside.
  • The mental level, which obviously is where our thoughts take place, but many of them are subconscious. 
  • The identity level where we have our deepest sense of who we are.

Much of the emotional, mental and identity level activity is hidden to our conscious awareness and this impacts us in profound ways. For example, we can have reactionary patterns that cause us to always react a specific way to certain situations, which means we are not making a conscious decision about how to react, nor are we able to stop or change our reaction with the conscious mind. An essential part of walking the spiritual path is to take back conscious control over these subconscious mechanisms and free ourselves from the ones that are limiting us.

What was given above was a list of the four levels beginning with the conscious mind. However, the full understanding is that the four levels can be put on a scale according to their vibration, and then the order is reversed. As explained before, there is a spiritual realm beyond the material and it is made of the same energy as the material, but the spiritual energy has a much higher vibration. The material world is created from spiritual energy that has been lowered in vibration. We can therefore say that there is a stream of energy that flows from the spiritual to the material realm. However, this energy does not flow directly into the material or physical realm.

Between the material and the spiritual there are three other realms of vibrations, and they correspond to the levels of our minds. The highest of these levels is the identity level, which naturally corresponds to the identity level of the mind. The next is the mental level and then comes the emotional. This means spiritual energy is first lowered to the level of vibration of the identity level of our minds. The energy will then take on the thought matrixes we hold at that level. For example, if we see ourselves as evolved animals, the energy streaming through our identity minds will be lowered to a level that restricts our creative abilities.

After the energy streams through the identity level, it is lowered to the mental level. Again, here it takes on the matrixes of our thoughts and this can lower the energy even further. If we think we are material beings, our thoughts will further limit our creative abilities. 

The energies are then lowered to the emotional level and now stream into our feelings where they again take on the forms of the matrices found here. Only after the energies have passed through the three higher levels of our minds do they reach our conscious minds and are available for us to do something consciously. Yet if the energies have already been limited by the three higher levels of the mind, there may be only limited options that we can see with our conscious minds, 

The deepest thought matrices we have are in the identity mind. Once the spiritual energy has taken on the form of these matrices, the mental mind cannot override them. Likewise, the matrices in the mental mind cannot be overridden by the emotions. However, the emotions can become so chaotic that they block our conscious awareness of our thought matrices. Many people have such turbulent emotions of frustration and anger that they cannot use their conscious minds to become aware of the reactionary patterns defined in the three higher levels of the mind. Therefore, they literally become slaves of these patterns and how they are triggered by external circumstances.

Consider also your ability to make free choices. If you have a limited sense of identity, this will limit what you think you can do in this world. This then sets certain boundaries for your thoughts because there will be certain possibilities that you think are unrealistic. Your thoughts will set the stage for certain emotions and cause you to react with a sense of fear or being limited. So when you face a given outer situation, your reaction to it is almost fully predetermined by the contents of the three higher levels of your mind. You have limited ability to consciously override this and make a truly free decision with the conscious mind. By following the path offered by the ascended masters, you can gradually take back your ability to make free conscious choices.

Changing the collective consciousness 

The ascended masters offer us a path whereby we can take conscious control over all four levels of our minds, we can make the subconscious limitations conscious and dissolve them. The immediate effect of this is that we can free ourselves from self-destructive emotional patterns. In the little longer perspective we can free ourselves from limiting thought patterns. And on a longer time scale we can uncover and consciously change dis-empowering patterns in our identity minds.

This process can first of all change our life experience for the better. We become able to choose a more constructive response to external situations and this gives us a sense of inner peace. In the longer run, it will also empower us to change our external circumstances and co-create a better life for ourselves. And when enough people follow this individual path, it will (as it already has) affect the collective level.

The ascended masters teach that as we have four levels of our individual minds, there are four levels of the collective mind, and they exist in the four levels or energy frequencies that make up the material universe. Most people on earth are overpowered by the matrices and reactionary patterns in the collective minds. For example, many people in the Middle East are overpowered by the energies of anger and resentment that are so common in the entire region. 

As we begin to walk the spiritual path, we will systematically free our individual minds from the influence of the collective. For example, by freeing our emotional minds from anger energy, there will be no energy in our minds that the anger energy in the collective mind can pull on and use to overpower our individual will. 

Naturally, it can be a limitation that we are affected by the collective mind. Yet as we free ourselves from the magnetic or gravitational pull of the collective mind, our connection to the collective now becomes an advantage. As we raise our own minds, we being to pull up on the collective, and this means we can make a powerful contribution to reducing and eventually removing destructive activities from the planet.

The ascended masters are very clear that the real key to improving conditions on earth is to raise the collective consciousness. The reason is that all limiting conditions on earth are co-created through the collective consciousness. In other words, violence is constantly being recreated because spiritual energy streams through the collective consciousness and is qualified with the thought and feeling matrices of violence.

The key to changing physical conditions is not to make changes at the physical level. The key is to make changes at the three higher levels whereby the physical changes will be much easier to manifest. For example, democracy cannot be forced on a group of people if their collective consciousness is not ready for it. Yet once the collective consciousness has been raised, it will be much easier to create a democratic nation.

The ascended masters explain that this is how a relatively small number of spiritually aware people can help bring about major changes in society and eventually even in the physical planet. Many spiritual people sense that this is actually why we are in physical embodiment. We are here to help bring about major changes and eventually help manifest a golden age. The ascended masters offer us the most powerful teachings and tools for fulfilling our purpose for being here, our reason for being.


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