You can experience that the masters are real! 

This is a transcript of a talk given by Kim Michaels immediately after a dictation by Ascended Master Venus,  given at the 2020 Webinar: Being the Divine Mother.

I’m normally reluctant to speak after a dictation because I don’t want to say anything that could interfere with your experience of the dictation, your experience with the master. But I feel moved to share something with you here. Venus was talking about the love that has been streaming through this dictation and that the messenger has been feeling. So after the dictation was over I was contemplating: “Well have I been feeling the love.” Because normally when I receive a dictation I am in this neutral state of mind that I have been talking about. I don’t necessarily even really feel in a normal way what is coming from the master. I am just focused on being neutral, or I am just in that neutral state of mind. But I realized that I have of course been feeling the love, but then now that I could just go within and centre in my heart, I was allowing myself to open myself to it.

What I felt was not what you would normally call love on earth. What I sensed was this, which I have sensed before from the masters, this expansion of consciousness, this expansion of perspective. It is what has sort of driven my relationship to the ascended masters since I first heard about ascended masters. This was back in 1983/1984 where I became aware of the concept of ascended masters. At some point in the early stages there, I had a very superficial view of what the masters are. There came a point where I realized that they have value precisely because they are not in embodiment. Therefore, I could grasp at the time that they see something that I don’t see. Their perspective is much broader than mine.

It is like I am inside this little box and I have this small binocular that is giving me a very limited view of the world around me, and I’m looking at the world through this binocular. But the masters are not only outside of my box but they are not even on earth. They are looking at earth from a much broader perspective. This understanding has followed me ever since and it has been (sort of) the basis for my relationship with the ascended masters. Because I realized that I cannot tell the masters what they should say or what they shouldn’t say. I can’t with my mind, with the outer mind, I can’t fathom what they should say or what they shouldn’t say. Therefore, it’s pointless for me in my outer mind to have an opinion about what the masters should say or what they shouldn’t say.

I have over the years, both in the Summit Lighthouse and later. I have met a number of people who didn’t grasp that. They hadn’t had that experience, had that perspective. They were convinced that they could know what the masters were like, what the masters should say and especially what the masters shouldn’t say and it’s just not been in my consciousness. I have looked at these people and I couldn’t really understand where they were coming from. I know you could come up with various theories – they are doing this; they are doing that. I don’t want to analyse it here, I just want to say, for me I have realized that I cannot as a human being in embodiment on this very scary planet, it is pointless to have an opinion about the masters. What they should say or what they shouldn’t say. I can’t notice with my outer mind; I can’t analyse with my outer mind. If I think I can, I’m just out of touch with reality and I’m certainly – I put myself out of touch with the ascended masters.

I have met people who were convinced that they are in contact with the ascended masters, but still in their outer minds they have this very limited view of who the ascended masters are, how they should be or what they should do or not do. Over the years my relationship with the masters has of course developed because I have raised my own consciousness. So I can fathom more than I could thirty/forty years ago about the ascended masters and the spiritual path. So I have a much broader perspective that I have today but still I feel that with the greater understanding I have today compared to thirty years ago, I still can’t tell the masters what they should say or what they shouldn’t say. I can’t know, I can’t analyse, it’s pointless, it’s fruitless. I just experience as a reality this is nonsensical.

My role as a messenger is to always be open, to let the masters say what they want to say through me. It’s not my role to have an opinion about it, to filter it. The less I filter, the better messenger I can be.  So, where this leads to in terms of Venus’s dictation was that after this, I had this experience that I have had before that I wish all of you could have. Where it was like I was taken out of this situation I’m in as I am sitting here in this physical body. It wasn’t that I was taken to anywhere in particular, it was just that I had this spherical awareness, this enormous sphere and it was not like I was somewhere particular in that sphere, in a particular location looking down on earth. It was like I was just (if you want to put words on it) everywhere in the sphere, I just had this spherical awareness and I realised this is what the masters have. When they look at us they have this spherical awareness. It is so far beyond what we can have in the physical body because obviously we have a localised awareness. There is nothing wrong with that, that’s the nature of being in embodiment, at least on a planet like this. But it’s just so valuable to have had that experience, that there is such a much broader awareness than what we have here.

So for me, you can look at ascended master teachings and you can read them with the outer mind and you can say: “Oh they have such an amazing understanding and all these perspectives and all these insights you get.” Yes of course that’s valuable, but to me that’s not the most valuable that I have gotten out of my relationship with the ascended masters. The most valuable is these experiences of this spherical consciousness that they have. Some of you I know have experienced that as well but I also know many people haven’t. They have studied the teachings, there are people who have studied ascended master teachings for thirty/forty years, they know the teachings very well on an intellectual level but they have never had that experience of the consciousness of the masters.

So I guess what I wanted to share with you, is that it is not that the masters are withholding that experience from any of us. They give words to us, they give teachings to us that we can grasp with the outer mind. Their hope is that we will use those teachings to go beyond and have that direct experience of the master’s consciousness, so that we have that spherical awareness rather than this localised awareness that we have down here.  It’s not that we need to have this experience all the time, we may not need to have it very often. But if you have just had it once, you know there is a frame of reference, there is an alternative to this localized sense of consciousness. You are not trapped here. You are not the localized self; you are so much more than that.

I think that’s the most valuable we can get out of being ascended master students. When we experience that awareness – and each master has this awareness. You may look at a particular master (for example) in the Summit Lighthouse so many people had a specific image of El Morya.  At one point I experienced him totally differently as this pink love. Since then I’ve always had this awareness that the masters are so much more than we can fathom with the outer mind. We can experience the totality of the master’s being and consciousness but we have to open ourselves to it. They are already doing that and we have to neutralise that outer mind that wants to fit the master into its mental box so it feels it has even the master under control. I’ve known people who claim they loved El Morya but it was possessive love. They thought they had El Morya firmly in their mental box and they knew what he was going to say or not say. I have met people who rejected the masters or rejected a particular messenger because “the masters would never say this.” Once you experience the masters you realize that they are so much more than you can conceive with the outer mind. You also, and this is what I just had again now after this dictation, was this experience that the masters are real. They are so real! I mean it’s not a matter of using this outer mind to consider “are the masters real, or are they not real.” “How are the masters, is this master real or is this messenger in contact with the real masters or not!” It’s a matter of stepping outside of our own mind and experiencing the reality of the master. When you experience that, all of these considerations of the outer mind, they just melt away. The masters ARE real but you can’t know that through the intellectual reasoning. There is no proof that can be given. But you can experience it and once you experience it, everything else just fades away. So that was all I wanted to share.


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