What we can do for the ascended masters

Understanding the equation of earth

The ascended masters have as their task to raise planet earth to a higher level where all of the conflicts, limitations and problems we see today can no longer be manifest here. They even talk about manifesting a golden age with such immense progress that most people can hardly imagine, let alone accept it. The masters have the power to do this within a very short period of time. However, what would be the point in the ascended masters removing the problems that we human beings have collectively generated?

As explained before, planet earth is an educational institution for us humans. The earth is created so we can learn how to use the co-creative faculties of our minds. Therefore, the material world is designed to outpicture as physical circumstances the images we hold in our minds. We humans have collectively created (over a long period of time) the conditions currently found on earth, and if the ascended masters simply whisked these problems away, we would learn nothing.

Naturally, most people would say that we humans are not aware of what has just been stated above, so we don’t realize that we are generating our own problems. Yet this is not a natural condition. It has come about because most people on earth have refused to take responsibility for themselves and because we have been manipulated by a small group of beings who are not strictly human because they are entirely selfish and self-centered.

As a result of this, planet earth is today in a twilight zone where we humans crete our own conditions without realizing that we are doing so. We are not taking responsibility for the fact that the only way to change our external conditions is to change our internal conditions, the images in our minds. Instead, we use various distorted thought systems (from religions over political ideologies to scientific materialism) to project that we are the victims of external conditions over which we have no power.

The equation on earth is that the ascended masters have both the knowledge and the power to help humankind co-create entirely positive conditions on earth, but they can only help us to the extent we are willing to change ourselves. The ascended masters are not allowed to by cosmic law, and would never choose to, violate our free will. However, there is another group of beings who are indeed violating our free will and manipulating us into upholding the limitations that give them power over us. These self-centered, narcissistic beings form a power elite and, as can be seen throughout history, they always seek to manipulate the population into given them power and privilege, having no empathy with the human cost of doing so.

So the primary thing we can do for the ascended masters is to educate ourselves as to the actual situation on earth, and the masters have given numerous teachings to help us do this.

Giving the masters authority to change the earth

As explained, the ascended masters have the power to change all imperfect conditions currently manifest on earth. Yet because of the law of free will, the masters do not have the authority to do so. Who has this authority? Well, we do, we who are in physical embodiment. We do not have the power, but we have the authority. The ascended masters have the power but do not have the authority. The obvious solution is that we use our authority to give the ascended masters permission to use their power to change the earth. Even a relatively small number of people doing this will have a positive effect.

Because the earth is an educational institution, we cannot give the ascended masters permission to change the earth until we have personally learned the lessons that all human beings need to learn on this planet. As spiritual seekers, we can use the teachings given by the ascended masters to increase our awareness of how the world works and increase our awareness of how our own minds work. As we increase our awareness and heal the wounds in our psyches, we will raise our consciousness and thereby we gain the awareness to transfer our authority to the ascended masters.

There are two aspects of this process:

  • Those people who have raised their consciousness and learned their lessons can give the ascended masters the authority to remove some of the narcissistic from earth. These beings pull down on the collective consciousness and make it very difficult for the general population to see through certain illusions.
  • A critical mass of people can come to a point where they decide that a certain condition is no longer acceptable to them and they want to be free from it. These people do not need to have the same awareness as the spiritual people, but they need to reach a decision that “Enough is enough.”

An example of how this process works is the emergence of democracy. For most of known history, people lived under some form of tyrannical or authoritarian rulers, namely the narcissistic beings who form a  power elite. Eventually, a small number of more spiritually evolved people learned certain lessons that paved the way for democratic ideals to be released by the ascended masters. After more time had passed, a critical mass of people in some nations reached the decision that they had had enough of dictatorial rulers, and this then gave the ascended masters the authority to step in and bring about the first democracies. There is virtually no limit to how far this process can go.

In the future, more and more people will become aware of the existence of the ascended masters. This will open up for a conscious cooperation of people in embodiment and the masters, which will greatly speed up the growth towards a golden age.

Calling the ascended masters into action on earth

Because we are in physical embodiment, we have the authority to call the ascended masters into action. We can do this partly by invoking a release of spiritual energy from the ascended masters and partly by directing the masters to take action in certain areas.

The ascended masters have released a large number of practical tools for doing this. There are several categories of tools, but the most important ones are:

  • Decrees. These are a form of chant that rhyme and can be given in a very powerful, rhythmic way that invokes certain types of spiritual energies from the ascended masters.
  • Invocations use a combination of decrees and positive affirmations to call the ascended masters into taking specific actions.

Both of these tolls are very powerful for both your personal growth and for purifying the energies in the collective consciousness, thereby making it easier for a greater number of people to decide that “Enough is enough.”

Another aspect of calling the ascended masters into action is that we who are in embodiment have the authority to call forth the spiritual judgment of the narcissistic beings who form the power elite. A spiritual judgment means that a being who has been manipulating and abusing humans can be forced by the ascended masters to acknowledge what it has been doing and what the consequences are for others (something such beings often deny or explain away). The being is then given a choice between reforming its actions or being removed from the hearth.

Right now there are a large number of these abusive beings associated with earth and they have aggressively manipulated humanity into co-creating current conditions. They have created a hypnotic effect (a veil of illusions) that prevents most people from seeing what is actually happening on this planet. This creates the effect of pulling down the collective consciousness and it explains why many people can see the problems and would like them to go away, but yet the problems can persist for a long time. An obvious example is how the kings and feudal lords of medieval Europe kept the people hypnotized for almost a thousand years so they could not free themselves from this oppressive system that kept the population as slaves of a small elite.

Again, the ascended masters have the power to remove all narcissistic beings from earth, but someone has to give them the authority to do so. However, there also has to be a raising of the collective awareness so people are willing to look at what they can do to bring about change instead of expecting it to happen as a result of some external savior.

The ascended masters do not fit the popular image of an external savior who will one day appear in the sky and whisk away all problems. We who are in embodiment must become the saviors by raising our awareness so we can cooperate with, even form a symbiotic relationship with, the ascended masters. We can of our own selves do nothing, but with the ascended masters all things are possible. The ascended masters can of their own authority do nothing, but with our authority all things are possible.

Broadcasting ideas and energies into the collective consciousness

The ascended masters explain that the collective consciousness is currently very dense on this planet. There are many false ideas in the collective mind and there are accumulations of fear-based energies, such as anger, resentment, jealousy etc. This has the effect of overpowering the individual minds of most people so that people cannot grasp or accept the new ideas that could bring a solution to their own or society’s problems.

There is only one way out of it, and that is to send love-based energies to transform the fear-based energies into the collective consciousness. We also need to send new ideas that can free people from their current illusions. What we can do for the masters is to allow them to use our chakras to broadcast these love-based energies and new ideas. We can do this in several ways:

When the ascended masters give a live dictation through the messenger, the people listening to that dictation can allow their chakras to be used by the masters to broadcast the message with greater power. This means it can reach farther and free more people.

By listening to a recorded dictation the same happens, but with a slightly lower effect. Reading a dictation also works, but the effekt is a bit less.

Practicing the invocations and the decrees given by the masters will also broadcast energies and ideas. Decrees have the most powerful effect in terms of broadcasting energies, but they are not as powerful with ideas. Invocations are very powerful in terms of broadcasting ideas and also quite powerful in therm so energies.

The net effect of these efforts is that more and more people will become free from the magnetic pull of the mass consciousness. Thereby, they can more easily pull themselves away from negative reactionary patterns, setting their minds free to grasp, accept and act upon new ideas that they could not see before. This is a very important work for bringing the golden age into manifestation. Many spiritual people have volunteered to do this in this lifetime and it is part of our Divine plans. You can sense intuitively if this applies to you.

Manifesting a golden age

The ascended masters teach (as do many spiritual and New Age teachings) that there are certain spiritual cycles on earth. In each cycle, certain spiritual energies are released in order to help humanity learn certain lessons.

The past approximately 2,000 years have been the Age of Pisces. For each such age, there is one ascended masters who is the main overseer of the growth of humankind. For the Age of Pisces it was the Ascended Master Jesus. He took embodiment at the beginning of the Piscean age in order to exemplify the growth in consciousness that is possible for many of us during this cycle. In other words, many spiritual people have had the potential to manifest the same state of consciousness that Jesus exemplified, and there are now 10,000 people who could very quickly become consciously aware of this potential. To this end, the Ascended Masters Jesus has given numerous teachings on his website and in books.

Obviously, most people do not see Jesus as an example to emulate but as an external savior. This is because of the manipulation by the narcissistic beings, especially after the formation of the Roman Catholic church. One of the essential lessons that humanity was meant to learn during Pisces is precisely to overcome the unwillingness to take responsibility for ourselves, causing us to wait for an external savior to solve all of our problems.  Instead, we are the co-creators of current conditions and we do have the power to recreate the earth from a much higher vision.

By learning this lesson during the Piscean age, humanity would be prepared for entering the next cycle, called the Age of Aquarius. This age is overseen by the Ascended Master Saint Germain, who will be leading the growth of humanity for the next 2,000 years. His plan is to manifest a Golden Age, and he envisions that conditions will change dramatically from what we see today.

In fact, Saint Germain has said that his vision is so far from what we currently see that most people on earth simply cannot imagine or accept that such changes would be possible. Yet once again, a golden age must happen within the Law of Free Will, so it is necessary that some people raise their vision so they can grasp and accept the changed Saint Germain envisions.

A very important thing we can do for the ascended masters is to expand our awareness so we can tune in to Saint Germain and other masters working with the Aquarian age. We do this by generally raising our conscousness, but also by using the teachings and tools given by the masters to attune our minds to them. However, we also need to study topics that appeal to us so we have some practical, technical knowledge that allows us to grasp the vision.

Of course, grasping a vision is only one aspect, it also need to become a manifest reality. This requires people who have technical expertise in many fields of human endeavour, not only science and technology but also politics and culture.

We who are spiritual people can educate ourselves in certain topics that appeal to us. We do not necessarily have to become experts, but we can also make the calls that those who have the expertise will be able to receive new ideas from Saint Germain even if these people are not aware of ascended masters. The masters have said that not all people need to become aware of and accept their existence. The ascended masters are not interested in taking credit, they simply want to change the earth for the better and they will work with anyone who is open to some idea. We who are spiritual people can serve to help increase this openness so Saint Germain’s ideas can be received and manifest.

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