Why be concerned about your personal energy field?

Most people open to this website are probably already aware that there is an energy field surrounding the human body, often called the aura. They probably also know that in this field are a number of centers, often called chakras, and there are 7 major chakras.

The purpose of this section is to give a brief description of your energy field. The chakras are described here. This is not meant to be a complete teaching, but the least you want to know in order to make effective use of Transcendence Tools.

Why bother?

As explained in several places, the main factors that limit you are limiting beliefs  and the low-frequency energies you have accumulated. Yet where are the beliefs and the energies stored? The answer is: in your personal energy field, which forms part of what traditional psychologists call your subconscious mind. ChakrasHires

It should be obvious from this fact alone, that your personal energy field has a major impact on your general sense of well-being. In the modern world, most people are aware of the importance of personal hygiene. Your physical body will obviously get dirty after a while, and it may even pick up bacteria or viruses that can cause disease. So if you stopped keeping your body clean, it would first affect your sense of well-being, then your physical health—and eventually it might cause the body to die.

Yet why is this that when your physical body gets dirty, it affects your state of mind, making you feel tired or “dirty?” It is because everything is energy, which means that every part of life has an energy component. When your body picks up dirt, that visible or physical dirt is only the tip of the iceberg. The dirt is made from several energy frequencies, some of which cannot be seen with your eyes. Yet these unseen energy frequencies will nevertheless affect your personal energy field.

The problem most of us face is, of course, that we have grown up in a society that does not teach us about unseen energies and their importance. Yet if our society was more aware, this would be common knowledge. In the not-too-distant future, this will indeed become common knowledge, and children will be taught in school about the anatomy of both their physical body and their higher energy bodies.

As has been explained, there are four levels of your mind, four levels of your energy field. These have in some teachings been called your “four lower bodies.” The simple fact is that in order to have complete personal hygiene, you need to keep all of your four lower bodies clean. The soap manufacturers will help you keep the physical body clean. Transcendence Tools will help you keep your energy “body” clean.

This is a general motivation for becoming aware of your energy field, but there is an even deeper one.

Which came first, the aura or the body?

Look at the old riddle: “Which came first: the chicken or the egg?” If you think about this, it is rather mind-boggling. The first chicken must have come out of an egg, but since eggs are laid by chickens, who laid the first egg? Well, fortunately we don’t have to be baffled about the relationship between the body and the aura.

As explained in greater detail in 36 Ideas, we have all grown up with a world view that is focused on the material universe as it can be detected by the physical senses and science. This has been reinforced by scientific materialism, which claims there is nothing beyond the matter world. In other words, the focus is on matter, making it easy to believe that matter is the primary substance, that matter is cause. We tend to think that the matter world exists independently of our minds, and thus the mind has little influence over matter—the mind can only react to matter, it cannot act upon matter.

So when we first hear the idea that there is an energy field around the human body, it is easy to think that the field is produced by the body; that the body is cause and the aura is effect. We have all been told that the magnetic field around a magnet is produced by the physical clump of iron, so we think the same about the aura. And you can indeed find teachings that portray the aura as a product of the body.

Yet with Einstein’s simple formula E=mc2, this view was proven to be scientifically incorrect. As explained in 36 Ideas, Einstein’s formula actually says that the world is made from only one substance, namely energy. Matter is really energy that has taken on a form, which makes it appear solid and unchangeable to our senses. Yet in reality, energy is the primary or underlying substance, meaning that energy is cause and what we call matter is simply the effect of what is happening at the deeper layer of fluid energy.

As quantum physics has proven, there is a realm of high-frequency energy beyond the material frequency spectrum. The world is created by taking this high-frequency energy, lowering it in vibration and then projecting a certain thought matrix upon it. This means something very profound: The magnetic field is NOT produced by the stick of iron. The stick of iron is simply the most dense part of a larger energy field.

Our physical eyes can only see the most dense part of this field, and that is why we have mixed up cause and effect. In reality, the cause is found at the higher levels of energy, and everything that is manifest in the realm of matter is only an effect of unseen causes. Which means that the human body does NOT produce the aura. The aura is a complex energy field that has several layers, made up of energies of different frequencies. The body is simply the most dense part of this field.

This means that the physical body is produced by the energy field. The energy that makes up your physical body came from a higher realm. It was first lowered in vibration to the level of your identity mind (or identity body) and here it took on a certain form based on your beliefs about your identity. This shaped energy was then lowered to the level of your mental body, where it became even more concrete and detailed. It was then lowered to the level of your emotional body, again becoming more concrete. And then, it was finally lowered to the material frequency spectrum, where it affects your physical body.

The importance of this knowledge is, of course, that a particular condition in your physical body is rarely caused at the level of the body. It starts as a limiting belief in your identity body, is then made more concrete by limited beliefs in your mental body and so on. Which means that if you want to effectively transcend a condition in your physical body, you cannot do so by working only at the level of the body, because this is the level of effect. You need to also work at the three higher levels, where you find the cause. And, of course, this is exactly the tools on the  Transcendence Toolbox website are designed to help you accomplish. The tools will help you in several ways.

How Transcendence Tools can help you purify the aura

Let us look at a specific example. Let us say we have a person who in his identity body has the belief that he is a separate being, living in a world where everyone is out to get what they want, and that they are willing to take it from him by force. As the high-frequency energy from his spiritual self enters this person’s identity “body,” it is colored by this belief and takes on the vibration of fear energy.


What now happens is that the belief in separation is combined with the fear energy, and it is then passed on to the mental body. The mental body is below the identity body in hierarchy. In other words, what is in a person’s identity body forms a framework, and the mental body can only work within that framework.

The mental body is open to a greater variety of ideas than the identity body. Thus, there can be many different beliefs in the mental body, and some of them may contradict or question the beliefs in the identity body. Yet the more fear energy is accumulated in the identity body, the more power will be behind the beliefs projected into the mental body, making them harder to override. That is why a person might intellectually understand the need to “do unto others” but is not able to live accordingly. The beliefs in the mental body simply cannot override the impulse coming from the higher identity body.

The belief that you are a separate being living in a hostile world, will then give rise to certain beliefs at the mental level. These beliefs will also generate low-frequency energy, and this creates a package that is sent on to the emotional body. Again, the more energy is accumulated in the two higher bodies, the less chance that the emotional body can override what it receives from above.

And, of course, the same holds true for the level of the physical body, which is what for most people is the focus of the conscious mind. The result is that you now have a person who firmly believes he is a separate being, who believes it is justified to use force or violence to defend himself against a hostile world, and who is therefore constantly engaged in a struggle against real or perceived enemies.

Let us now say such a person has an awakening experience (perhaps because he experiences an injury or his body gets sick), and he decides he wants to make some changes in his life. The person then starts looking at his own psychology to see why he always finds it necessary to fight.

From an outside view, it is obvious that if the person really is to change his life, he needs to engage in a process of systematically uncovering the limiting beliefs at the four levels of the mind, until he finally uncovers and consciously changes the belief at the identity level. The limiting beliefs form a pyramid, and the pyramid of beliefs has an apex, namely the belief in the identity body that he is a separate being.

The problem is that as the person begins to look at his psyche, his conscious mind will find it difficult to see clearly, and the reason is the low-frequency energy that has accumulated in the subconscious mind. Some of this energy is at the physical level, and it can make it difficult to even see what is going on at the emotional level. The energy accumulated at the emotional level blocks the vision of what is going on at the mental level and so on.

Given the fact that we live in a world where there is a lot of struggle, conflicts and violence, it is likely that most of us have accumulated a considerable amount of low-frequency energy at the four levels of our minds or energy field. Thus, it becomes clear that the immediate challenge is to start clearing some of this energy. As explained elsewhere, the efficient way to do this is to invoke high-frequency energy from the spiritual realm, as it will transform the low-frequency energy. This is, of course, one aspect of what Transcendence Tools can empower you to accomplish. Especially decrees are efficient for invoking light.

The other aspect is that you need to start uncovering and changing the limiting beliefs in the four levels of your energy field. And again, Transcendence Tools are designed to help you accomplish this, and the invocations LINK are particularly suited for this task. Of course, studying various teachings about spirituality and psychology are also part of this process.

Be aware of the central issue. Your energy field has a hierarchical structure. For most people, the conscious mind has become focused at the level of the physical body/mind. Yet this is the lowest level, the level of effect. You will only truly be successful in transcending the limitations at this level by going to the higher levels, the levels of cause. That is why you can benefit immensely by increasing your awareness of your energy field and by purifying your energy field.

How Transcendence Tools can help you protect the aura

If you have ever taken a First-aid course, you have probably learned that the first rule of First-aid is: Stop the accident. The idea is that when there has been a car-crash on the highway, the first job is NOT to care for the injured people, but to make sure there will not be another crash causing more injuries. Likewise with your aura.

It is, of course, important to purify your aura, but it is also important to protect it from taking in more impure energies. You live in a world where everything is energy. In any situation you encounter, you are walking around in an “energy soup.” Like attracts like, so if you have anger energy in your aura, it will attract to you more anger energy from the auras of other people or even the collective energy field that surrounds the entire planet.

It should also be noted that as there is a struggle for material possessions there is also a struggle for energy. There are some people who will attempt to steal your psychic or life energy from you. There are others who will attempt to control you by projecting low-frequency energy into your aura.

You might have noticed that there are some locations that seem to have a more intense or even agitating vibration, whereas others have a more calm or uplifting vibration. You might have noticed that after you have been shopping, you feel tired or have a lower vitality. This is partly because you have taken in low-frequency energy from other people and partly because they have pulled high-frequency energy out of your aura.

So what is the key to dealing with this problem? Well, in the short run, it is to invoke high-frequency light to form a shield of energy around your aura. You have probably seen science-fiction movies, where spaceships have an invisible shield that bullets or laser beams cannot penetrate. That is what you want around your aura.

The most efficient form of high-frequency energy for protection is the first ray energy, which has an electric-blue color. For more on the seven light rays, see this page. The first ray has two spiritual beings that can help you generate a protective shield around your aura. They are the Archangel Michael and the Elohim Hercules. You will find decrees to them in the Decree section. In the Invocations section, you will find an invocation to Archangel Michael, which is efficient for invoking protection

A protective shield around your aura has two functions. It has such a high vibration that anything of a lower vibration cannot pass through it. This means lower energies cannot enter your aura and higher energies are not as easily sucked out of it.

Yet it is important to keep in mind that energy is a wave, and it works like any other wave. When a wave of low-frequency energy hits the protective shield, it creates an interference pattern with the energy in the shield. The result is that the low-frequency energy is raised in vibration, and thus neutralized. Yet this also means that some of the energy in the shield is reduced in vibration, so it no longer protects you as effectively.

In other words, as you go through your day, the protective shield you have invoked will gradually break down (the speed of decay depends on how much low-frequency energy is in your environment). In other words, you need to reinforce the shield on a regular basis. For truly effective protection, you want to invoke blue-flame energy on a daily basis.

How free will can weaken the light you invoke

It is important to realize an essential distinction between the ascended masters and people or lower forces. The ascended masters have absolute respect for your free will, which means they will NEVER override your choices. Here is one way this works:

Say you give decrees every day to invoke a shield of protection around your aura. As you give a decree, the master sponsoring the decree – for example Archangel Michael – releases a certain amount of light to you. Once you have received that energy, it is out of the master’s control and you can do with it whatever you want.

Say you have a person who likes to go to bars. Yet the person also has spiritual interests and learns about decrees. The person makes calls to Archangel Michael, and the master releases a certain amount of protective energy. The person now realizes that he can go to bars without feeling so low afterwards. So he continues to go to bars and then simply invokes spiritual energy to protect himself from the consequences of his choices.

The release of spiritual energy follows a simple law, which was illustrated by Jesus in his parable about the talents. The situation is that a master is going away and gives different amounts of talents to three of his servants. When the master returns, he asks what the servants have done with their talents. Two have multiplied them, and they are rewarded. Yet the third has buried them in the ground, and he has something taken away from him.

When an ascended master releases light to you, the purpose is to give you something you can multiply and use to make choices that no longer limit yourself. If you use the light to enable you to continue to make limiting choices, the master will simply refuse to release more light to you, no matter how many decrees you give.

It is also important to be aware that your free will can override your protective shield. For example, say you use Transcendence Tools to invoke high-frequency love energy that is stored in your aura. If you have a protective shield, that energy cannot be forcefully taken from you—no force can suck it out of your aura. Yet if you engage in sympathy for another person, your choice will create an opening in your protective shield. We might say that spiritual protection does protect you from external forces, but it cannot protect you from yourself.

The point is that you cannot simply invoke spiritual energy and think you can now avoid being aware of your choices or your environment. The purpose of invoking spiritual protection is to calm your energy field. As your field becomes less turbulent, your vision will become clearer. You will now expand your sense for which activities cause high-frequency energy to be sucked out of your field, and which activities cause low-frequency energy to enter your field.This becomes the foundation for making choices that enhance your spiritual growth, until you no longer need spiritual protection. More on this next.

How Transcendence Tools can help you reestablish the flow of vital energy

Most of us have picked up so much low-frequency energy and so many limiting beliefs, that the light from our spiritual selves cannot flow through our energy fields in its pure form.  This means that our auras are not filled with high-frequency energy, and as a result there is a vacuum or empty space in our auras. You may have heard the saying that “Nature abhors a vacuum.” When there is an empty space, something will run in to fill it.

Yet as you use Transcendence Tools, you will gradually purify the aura of both low-frequency energy and limiting beliefs. The effect is that your aura is returned to its natural state, which means that the high-frequency energy from your higher self can now flow through you unhindered. It is neither blocked by nor diminished by what is stored in your aura.

The point is that in its natural state, your aura functions like a sun. There is so much high-frequency energy flowing through it, that there is no room for low-frequency energy to be stored. And any energy sent at you will simply be transformed, as any matter sent at the sun will be burned up by the light coming from the sun.

When you reach this natural state, you will not only be protected, you will also be able to use the high-frequency energy flowing through you in order to create something that will enrich the lives of everyone. You will become a sun that selflessly gives light to all around it. As more and more people become living suns, the entire planet will be raised.

It is wise to have this vision in mind. It is also wise to keep in mind that it will take time and a determined effort to transcend all of the energy and beliefs that block the free flow of energy through your aura. And an important step is to understand the energy centers of the aura.


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