Your Divine plan to rise above evil

If you have ever felt a desire to help free this planet from such atrocities, you now see the only way this can be done. Because of the law of free will, you cannot force other people to abandon their ignorant ways. You can seek to enlighten them, but the best way to do this is to teach through example. Thus, you must begin by raising your own consciousness and putting on the mind of Christ. When you purify your own mind, you will remove the elements that give dark forces an inroad into your consciousness. You will then attain the state of spiritual invulnerability that Jesus described when he said, “For the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me” (John 14:30).

Raising your own consciousness is not a passive or self-centered measure. As has been explained, there is an underlying oneness of all life. Your individual mind and energy field exists within the collective mind and the energy field of the planet. When you raise up your own consciousness, you will inevitably pull on the whole, and it is only as the collective consciousness is raised that certain ignorant manifestations will be eliminated from the planet.

Jesus knew this principle, and that is why he said, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me” (John 12:32). You have now seen that you have the potential to put on the mind of Christ and do the works that Jesus did. Thus, the best possible contribution you can make to the future of this planet is to focus on attaining your personal Christhood. Thereby, you will raise the collective consciousness to the maximum degree and become the open door for new solutions to old problems. When a critical mass of people do this, their collective light will bring the dawn of a new and better age.

Before you came into embodiment, you worked with your spiritual teachers to create a Divine plan for this lifetime. It incorporates the overall purpose for which your I AM presence decided to send you into this world. This purpose is to express your Divine individuality, which is a particular spiritual gift, spiritual flame, that only you can bring to Earth. As Jesus said, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matthew 5:16). Yet after you fell into a lower state of consciousness, you made karma with other people, accepted incorrect beliefs and misqualified energy. Thus, an important part of your purpose for this lifetime is to overcome your past by following the spiritual path outlined in this book.

Be aware that many of the most spiritually aware people have the potential to balance all karma and resolve all imperfect beliefs so they can permanently ascend after this lifetime. And precisely because you have a strong desire to ascend, you might have taken on an extraordinary amount of challenges. You literally chose to take on as much karma and as many problems as possible in order to get them out of the way and win your permanent freedom.

Also, be aware that many spiritual people have taken on karma, misqualified energy and imperfect beliefs from the mass consciousness or from specific other people. This can explain many of your burdens, but remember that you are not here to simply be burdened for life. Part of your Divine plan is to demonstrate for others that it is possible to rise above human limitations by changing your state of consciousness. Thus, if you truly apply yourself, you can overcome your problems and thus demonstrate the path out of darkness and into the light.

In summary, your Divine plan is very likely to include that you wanted to walk the path to personal Christhood in order to demonstrate this path for others. After all, many people find it difficult to identify with Jesus and follow his example. Yet if thousands of people in this age demonstrate the path to Christhood, people cannot ignore it and many will be awakened to their spiritual potential.

Based on the connection between consciousness and matter, it should be obvious that every problem on Earth is a reflection of the collective consciousness of humankind. Thus, the only way to effectively overcome any problem is to raise the collective consciousness. In reality, this can be done only by the top ten percent of the people. This does not refer to riches or position in society but to spiritual maturity and Christ consciousness.

The majority of the population, around eighty percent, are so overpowered by the mass consciousness that they tend to follow either the top ten percent or the bottom ten percent, meaning the people with the lowest state of consciousness. These people often want power and thus form a power elite that has caused most of the atrocities in history because they operate on the dualistic philosophy that the end can justify the means.

The way to counteract their influence, is that the top ten percent raise their consciousness and then bear witness to the higher truth they see. This will raise the collective consciousness and once a shift occurs, a particular problem will be seen as no longer acceptable and conditions in society will begin to change. This is how democracy came into being and how slavery was officially abolished. No problem can be solved without raising the collective consciousness. Yet doing so must start with one person—YOU. Thus, the only question left to answer is, “Will you choose to be the Christ, or will you choose not to be the Christ?”


Copyright © 2012 by Kim Michaels