God’s law is not punishment

If human beings are Gods in the making, how come they can descend into a state of consciousness in which they express qualities that are far from God-like? The reason is that the Creator did not create you as a robot who is forced to follow his will and obey his laws. You have free will, and your free will would not be complete if you did not have the option to disobey God’s laws.

However, having free will does not mean that you have to go against God’s laws or that you are only truly free when you do so. To illustrate this, compare your options in life to the road net. Roads are built to help you quickly go from place to place, and traffic laws are designed to help you travel safely. You can go just about anywhere on the roads, and if you decided to drive outside the roads, you would damage the environment and possibly get yourself stuck in a mud hole. Deciding to disregard traffic rules would potentially get you in an accident and hurt yourself and others. Thus, it does not make sense to say that roads and traffic rules limit your ability to travel. Likewise, it does not make sense to say that God’s laws limit your free will and your ability to express your creative faculties.

God’s laws are not a straightjacket. Following God’s laws does not mean that you have only one way to act or that you lose your free will. Unfortunately, some religions have presented God as an angry and judgmental being in the sky who will condemn you to hell for violating his laws. And this has made some people prone to rebel against God’s law or at least against religion. In reality, there are infinite possibilities for expressing your creativity within God’s laws. The laws are actually set up to help you express your creativity in such a way that you do not destroy yourself, other people or the planet upon which you live.

Consider the situation from the Creator’s perspective. By giving co-creators free will, God takes a calculated risk. It becomes possible that one co-creator can self-destruct or that co-creators can assemble into factions that seek to destroy each other. Thus, humankind could potentially self-destruct or destroy planet Earth. Obviously, this would defeat the purpose of co-creators growing in self-awareness, so God has to find ways to minimize the risk.

One way is to define a set of laws that guide how co-creators can use their creative powers. Another is to make sure co-creators start their journey under loving supervision, so they can easily learn from their experiments.

One of the basic spiritual laws states that everything is made from one substance, namely the Ma-ter Light. In order to create anything in the material world, you must have a quantity of Ma-ter Light that vibrates within the spectrum of the material realm. The natural way to get this light is to receive it directly from your I AM Presence. When you first descended into the material realm, you were given a certain amount of light as your starting capital. If you used it wisely, you would be given more, which would increase your creative powers. Thus, the stream of light from your I AM Presence would be increased and your life would become an upward spiral, leading to greater and greater self-awareness and material abundance.

As mentioned before, Jesus illustrated this law in his parable about the three servants who were given a number of talents by their master (Matthew 25:14). The master then went away for a time, but when he came back, he took stock of how the servants had used their talents. Two of the servants had multiplied their talents and they were both rewarded. However, one servant had buried the talents in the ground, and he lost what he was given. Although this sounds harsh, it actually illustrates an impersonal law.

The goal of life is growth, meaning that everything is multiplied. So if you multiply the light and your creative powers, you are lifting up yourself and all life. If you do not multiply what you were given, meaning that you act selfishly, you will degrade yourself and all life. Thus, the stream of light from your I AM Presence will be decreased, and your life will become a downward spiral. Your ability to create material abundance will be reduced and your self-awareness will become self-centered awareness, leading you to feel that life is suffering and that you are a victim who is being unfairly punished by an angry God.

In reality, God never punishes anyone. God has simply set up certain impersonal laws that affect all human beings. If you jump out of an airplane without a parachute, the impersonal law of gravity will drag you to the ground and kill you. Yet this is not God’s punishment but a mechanical consequence of your own – ignorant – choice.

The law of balance

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