Saint Germain

The Ascended Master Saint Germain is the primary spiritual overseer or hierarch for the earth for the next 2,000 year period, known as the Age of Aquarius. He has plans for manifesting a Golden Age with immense progress in technology, government and culture, but first of all in the spiritual growth of the people on earth.

Saint Germain is also the Chohan of the Seventh Ray of freedom.

Saint Germain had numerous embodiments, including as Joseph, the father of Jesus, Roger Bacon, Francis Bacon and le comte de Saint Germain. He ascended on May 1st, 1684.

During the 1930s Saint Germain received a dispensation from he Karmic Board to publicly release knowledge of the Violet Flame, which he did through an organization called the I AM Movement, started by Guy Ballard.

Saint Germain maintains a spiritual retreat called the Cave of Symbols.

Dictations by Saint Germain

Decree to Saint Germain

There are several other decrees to Saint Germain.

Invocations to Saint Germain

There are many invocations to Saint Germain, especially in the books mentioned below.

INV26 Saint Germain, Transmute It All

WINV26: Saint Germain’s call for a sound money system

WINV27: Saint Germain’s call for sustainable growth in the economy

Books by Saint Germain:

The Mystical Initiations of Freedom

Envisioning Saint Germain’s Golden Age

Manifesting Saint Germain’s Golden Age

Accepting Saint Germain’s Golden Age

Help Saint Germain Stop Poverty