Glossary – C

Carnal mind

Sometimes used by ascended masters to refer to the entire lower consciousness, including the ego. Can also be used more specifically to refer to that part of the subconscious mind, which is designed to take care of the functions of the physical body. This includes certain basic instincts, such as protection, food and propagation. The carnal mind will seek to satisfy these needs without any regard for long-term interests and thus needs to be under the control of your conscious mind.

Causal Body

An energy “body” surrounding your I AM Presence. It stores all of the attainment gained and the lessons learned from all of your embodiments. When you raise your consciousness sufficiently, you can make use of this attainment for fulfilling your divine plan.


Described by the popular saying “you can’t get there from here.” It is a seemingly impossible situation that you cannot get out of. The ascended masters use this to refer to the mechanisms created through the illusion of separation and duality. The mind of anti-christ creates innumerable catch-22s in order to stop or slow down our spiritual growth. They are always based on an illusion, which means you can transcend them by changing your perspective. Note that a catch-22 often appears as a problem that you have to solve. Yet the problem has no solution, so the real solution is to walk away from the struggle.


A focal point within your aura. There are seven major chakras, corresponding to each of the seven spiritual rays. If your chakras are pure, high-frequency energy from your I AM Presence can stream through them, and this gives you maximum creative powers. If your chakras are polluted, the stream of higher energies is reduced, and instead the chakras can become open doors for lower energies to enter your aura. Severely polluted chakras can open you to energies from the astral plane.

Chela, chelaship

A Sanskrit word that is often translated as “slave.” This refers to Indian spiritual tradition, where a person makes him- or herself the virtual slave of a spiritual teacher, or guru, who will thereby expose the student’s ego. Used by the ascended masters to refer to a sincere student, who is willing to submit to the disciplines of the spiritual path, designed to expose the ego.


For each of the seven spiritual rays, there is an ascended master who serves as the leader or main teacher. This spiritual office is called the “chohan.” The following list contains the names of the seven chohans:

  • First ray: Master MORE, also known as Morya, El Morya, M, Master M and Bapu
  • Second ray: Lord Lanto
  • Third ray: Paul the Venetian
  • Fourth ray: Serapis Bey
  • Fifth ray: Hilarion
  • Sixth ray: Nada
  • Seventh ray: Saint Germain with assistance from Kuan Yin
  • Eighth ray: The Maha Chohan, who is also the leader of the chohans.


In its broadest sense, this refers to the basic consciousness out of which everything in the world of form is created. The purpose is to maintain the oneness between the Creator and its creation. This is especially relevant for beings with free will, who have the option to descend into the illusion of separation, thereby believing they are separated from their source. The Christ consciousness ensures that no matter how far you descend into separation, you always have the option to return to oneness with the Creator. Because the Christ consciousness is within everything that is created, you can never go to a place where you are unreachable for Christ.

In a more specific sense, Christ refers to a being who has overcome the illusion of separation and has attained the Christ consciousness. There are degrees of Christ consciousness.

Christ Self

A mediator sent by ascended masters to assist beings who have become trapped in separation and duality. Most people know their Christ selves as intuition or the “still, small voice within.” The Christ self does not actually tell you what choices to make. It seeks to give you a frame of reference for making better choices. The Christ self will not necessarily give you an ultimate or absolute truth. It will give you an insight that is a bit higher than your present state of consciousness.

Christ discernment

The ability to see through the innumerable illusions created through the consciousness of separation and duality. Also the ability to see the underlying oneness behind all visible phenomena.


When a being has attained the Christ consciousness, that being is said to have put on Christhood.

Conscious You

The core of your lower being. It is the Conscious You that descends from the spiritual realm as an extension of your I AM Presence. It is the conscious you that is the seat of your free will. However, you make choices based on the perception you have. It is possible for the Conscious You to have pure perception, which means it serves as an open door for the I AM Presence. However, when beings go into separation the Conscious You projects itself into an outer self or role, and it now perceives everything through the filter of that separate self. Thus, it will often make choices as if it really were a separate being.

The important point is that the Conscious You is and will always remain pure awareness. This means that while the Conscious You can project itself into any role it chooses, it can never lose the ability to extricate itself from that role and attain the Christ consciousness in which it can say with Jesus: “I and my father (my I AM Presence) are one.”

Cosmic Being

A spiritual being who holds a specific spiritual office, usually a focus of a certain divine quality. Cosmic beings have never taken embodiment on earth as they ascended in a higher sphere.


The being who created the particular world of form in which we exist. There are other worlds of forms created by other Creators. A Creator must create a world of form out of its own Being, meaning the Creator experiences everything that happens in a given world.

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