Glossary – D

Dark forces

Beings who have become trapped in the illusion of separation and duality. Many such beings reside in the astral plane. Everything in the material universe is sustained by a stream of energy from a higher realm. Yet when you begin to deliberately harm other self-aware beings, you are cut off from receiving energy from a higher realm. Thus, you can sustain an existence only by stealing energy from beings in the material realm. This means that dark forces can continue to exist only by stealing energy from humans, and they do this by getting us to misqualify energy through lower emotions and selfish acts.

Dark forces can take over the minds of human beings (if people let them), and most of the warfare and crime seen on earth is caused by dark forces. They do this by agitating people to violate others, and the pain caused releases energy that the dark forces can use to sustain themselves.


A spiritual technique for invoking high-frequency energy from the spiritual realm and directing it into specific conditions on the personal or planetary level. A decree is a worded expression, usually in rhyme, that is spoken aloud with great power and authority.


In Buddhist tradition, the sacred work that you came here to do. Also refers to your divine plan, which is the positive qualities you wanted to bring to earth before deciding to take embodiment here.

Dhyani Buddhas

Six cosmic beings of Buddhic attainment. In Buddhist tradition they are generally considered “meditation Buddhas,” but they are cosmic beings who never took embodiment on earth. Each Dhyani Buddha embodies and represent a spiritual quality, that serves as the anti-dote to a specific spiritual poison. The following list describes the Dhyani Buddhas, their qualities and the spiritual poisons:

  • VAIROCHANA: All-pervading wisdom of the Dharmakaya, eradicating the poison of ignorance and delusion.
  • AKSHOBYA: Mirror-like wisdom, eradicating the poison of anger and hatred.
  • RATNASAMBHAVA: Wisdom of equality, eradicating the poison of spiritual and intellectual pride.
  • AMITABHA: Discriminating wisdom, eradicating the poison of cravings, lust and greed.
  • AMOGASIDDHI: All-accomplishing wisdom of perfected action, eradicating the poison of envy and jealousy.
  • VAJRASATTVA: Wisdom of God’s Diamond Will, eradicating the poison of non-will and non-being.

Divine Mother

A spiritual office that represents the feminine aspect of God to planet earth. Currently, this office is held by the ascended master Mother Mary.

Divine Direction

Guidance that you receive from a higher source through your Christ self. The guidance can be from your I AM Presence, an ascended master or the cosmic being known as the Great Divine Director, who represents divine direction.

Divine Plan

A plan for what you want to accomplish in this embodiment. This includes the spiritual gift you want to bring to earth, experiences you want to have, lessons you want to learn and karma you want to balance. Often, this means there are certain people you want to meet and with whom you want to engage in various types of relationships.

Duality, duality consciousness

When the Conscious You sees with pure perception, it sees the underlying reality that all life is one and came from the same source. The duality consciousness obscures this oneness, and it makes it seem like matter is separated from spirit, humans are separated from God and people are separated from each other.

Duality also implies a negative polarity between two opposites that work against each other, one seeking to annihilate the other. Thus, duality always involves two opposing sides, and there is usually a value judgment attached to them, making one good and the other evil.

Duality is always an illusion, because nothing can change or destroy the oneness of all life. Thus, duality can exist only as an illusion in the minds of self-aware beings. As long as you are blinded by duality, you cannot attain Christ consciousness and thus cannot ascend.

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