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In its broadest sense, the term refers to the process whereby a self-aware being descends into the consciousness of separation. Before the fall, you will see yourself as a being who is not isolated but is connected to something greater than yourself. After the fall, you will be convinced that you are a separate being, who has been abandoned or punished by God.

The important distinction is that after the fall, you will find it difficult to take responsibility for your own growth. Because the fall was caused by your own choices, it can only be undone through your own choices. Yet when you think you are a separate being, you think you can do whatever you want without considering the consequences for others. This causes you to engage in an ongoing struggle against other people, which can lead to a state of mind where you think you have to fight against other people, the matter universe or even God.

This state of mind becomes a catch-22, because as long as you will not accept that you have created your own situation as a result of your own choices, you cannot change those choices. Instead, you are seeking to create a change in your situation by forcing other people, the matter world or even God to come under your control. You are seeking to change the splinter in the eyes of others while ignoring the beam in your own eye.

Fallen beings or fallen angels

In its broadest sense, refers to all beings who are blinded by the duality consciousness. Yet the masters often use this more specifically to refer to a group of beings who fell in a previous sphere. The important distinction is that these beings had attained considerable attainment before they fell, which means they are often superior to the beings who started their existence in this world.

In world history, fallen beings have often become powerful but abusive leaders, and obvious examples are Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Yet many fallen beings hold important positions without visibly abusing their power and thus have a huge influence in society. Their main characteristic is that they are absolutely sure that they are right because they feel they are superior to most people on earth. There are also fallen beings who are not in physical embodiment, but who reside in the astral plane or the mental realm.

Fallen consciousness 

The consciousness of the fallen beings. In its broadest sense, the illusion of separation and duality. It can also refer more specifically to the consciousness of feeling superior to others, wanting to have special privileges or wanting others to follow you.

The main characteristic of the fallen consciousness is the belief that the ends can justify the means. This often causes people to believe they are engaged in an epic struggle and that it is their duty to use all means available to eradicate what they have defined as evil. Thus, the underlying belief is that you have the right to define what is good and evil, because you have a godlike status.

Four levels of the material realm

Everything is made from energy, so the entire world of form is made from energies of various vibrational qualities. There is a continuum of vibrations, ranging from the highest level, the level of the Creator, to the lowest. In between one can define several divisions, compartments or octaves of vibrations. For example, one major division is between the spiritual realm and the material realm.

There are several divisions in the spiritual realm, whereas in the material realm there are four divisions. They are, from higher to lower vibrations:

  • the etheric or identity level
  • the mental level
  • the emotional level
  • the physical level


Refers to written or spoken word that is inspired from a higher source and endowed with spiritual light. Words become cups or chalices that carry spiritual light.

Four lower bodies, four levels of the mind

Corresponding to the four levels of the material universe, the masters sometimes say that we humans have four lower bodies, the identity body, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body.

The masters also talk about four levels of the mind:

  • The identity mind houses our deepest sense of identity (who we are and what we can do).
  • The mental mind houses our thoughts (how we can do things).
  • The emotional mind houses our feelings (why we want to/have to do something).
  • The physical mind relates to the needs of the body.

Free will

The masters teach that it is extremely important to understand free will, especially in relation to the duality consciousness. Free will is the basic law that guides the function of the material realm. For example, the earth was created by the Elohim in a much higher state than what we see today. There was originally no lack of resources, no imbalances in nature and no diseases.

These limiting conditions have been created because a majority of human beings used their free will to descend into duality. Nature – meaning the elemental beings – had no choice but to outpicture as material conditions what was in the consciousness of a majority of the people. Human beings were created to have dominion over the earth, and the elemental beings can only take on the images we hold in our identity, mental, emotional and physical minds.

Yet the important point about free will is that we have the right to, at any time, transcend our previous choices. God and the ascended masters will never seek to stop us from transcending previous choices. It is only the ego and the dark forces who will seek to make us believe we are bound by past choices.

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