Glossary – R

Rays, or spiritual rays

Everything is made from energy. Even Einstein’s famous equation, E=mc2, says that matter is created from a very high form of energy that is reduced in vibration by a factor (the speed of light squared). The masters teach that while Einstein’s theory is basically correct, there are seven of these reduction factors. In other words, the material universe is made from seven types of spiritual energy that are combined to form all phenomena in the material realm. These types of energy are called rays or spiritual rays. There is a total of 15 rays used to build the entire world of form. The following list describes the main qualities of each ray:

  • First ray: Creativity, the creative drive, expressed as will and power
  • Second ray: Illumination, understanding, the ability to see through the lies of the duality consciousness
  • Third ray: love, but a form of love that is beyond all conditions
  • Fourth ray: Purity, discipline and acceleration
  • Fifth ray: Truth, clear vision, healing and wholeness
  • Sixth ray: Peace and service, especially service to raise all life
  • Seventh ray: Freedom and the willingness to make creative decisions
  • Eighth ray: Integration of the previous seven rays
  • Ninth ray: Equilibrium
  • Tenth ray: Transparency
  • Eleventh ray: Transcendence
  • Twelfth ray: Rebirth
  • Thirteenth ray: Creative flow
  • Fourteenth ray: Sharing your Presence
  • Fifteenth ray: Unconditionality



Many ascended masters have a spiritual retreat that exists in the etheric or identity realm. We can make a call to go to such retreats in our finer bodies while our physical bodies sleep at night. A retreat is usually located over a physical location on earth, yet because the retreat is in the etheric realm, it cannot be detected through physical means. A retreat focuses certain spiritual energies that are released to earth. It can also be a focus for giving specific teachings to people who are ready.

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