All positive change begins with an idea released by the ascended masters

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Saint Germain, December 29, 2007

New ideas are released by the Ascended Host
So you see, my beloved, every positive change that has happened on this planet started with an idea released from the realm of the Ascended Host, which then descended through the four levels of the material universe—the identity, mental, emotional and physical realms.

We are constantly releasing such ideas, but they will not have an effect in the physical until one or more people grasp that ascended master idea with their outer awareness, and either start expressing it as an idea of what needs to change, or start expressing it as a practical innovation, as a practical invention, that suddenly brings forth a technology that revolutionizes some aspect of society.

So what we are looking for, my beloved, is, of course, that more and more people will be able to tune in to the ideas we are releasing. For as Jesus said 2,000 years ago, “Fear not little flock, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” The Father’s good pleasure is executed by we of the Ascended Host who are working with humankind on Earth.

And I can assure you, as this messenger was expressing in his talk, that we of the Ascended Host have solutions to every problem you find on planet Earth. The catch is, my beloved, that those solutions cannot be given unless people are willing to change their consciousness. For as we have said before, you cannot solve a problem with the same state of consciousness that created or precipitated the problem. This is simply not possible. And that is why it is essential that the consciousness shifts, so that people can reach beyond the old way of looking at a particular problem and thus be open to receiving the solution.

What you have seen in the past, my beloved, is that typically one person was able to raise his or her consciousness, tune in to the ascended masters and receive an idea—whether it be a political or spiritual idea, or a practical idea about a particular invention. But you have also seen in a few instances, where two people independently of each other made the same discovery or came forth with the same invention.

And what we are looking for, my beloved, is a situation where so many people are open and attuned to the Ascended Host that many people at the same time – all across the planet – will tune in to a particular idea. And this, of course, is especially important when it comes to ideas about political changes or spiritual changes, where it is not enough that one person brings forth a technical invention, but where many people need to catch on to an idea before it will begin to have an impact on society.

The Golden Age is an age of community
For, my beloved, it was a Piscean-age phenomenon that you had one Christed being, one person who would stand up and claim to be the Son of God and speak out for a higher understanding. In the Aquarian age it is not the matrix that there should be one person who stands out above all other people. For as you saw with Jesus, when one person brings forth a new idea—well either that person will be killed or that person will be idolized. And either way there is a limitation put on how the idea can spread to the population, so that people can internalize it and make it their own.

And thus, in the Aquarian age, we need thousands, and tens of thousands, and millions of people to be so attuned with the new ideas we are releasing that many of the people catch that idea as soon as it is released and immediately start speaking about it. So that all around the world there is a mushrooming in the awareness that something has changed, or something needs to change.

Because now there is that new awareness and a new determination that these old problems are no longer acceptable to us and we want a change and we want it NOW. Not because somebody says so, but because we say so, because we know it in our hearts that this is true, that this is right, that this is necessary.

And so, my beloved, we are not looking at the Aquarian age as an age in which we have a few remarkable leaders, but where we have millions of remarkable people who dare to stand up and speak the truth that they know in their hearts—even if they cannot argue for it in rational, analytical terms, or by pointing to any outer authority, but simply by speaking out from their hearts.

Speaking from the heart
My beloved, surely you can look at the world today and say that if one person starts speaking from his or her heart, it will have little impact on society. But I can assure you that if more and more people start speaking from their hearts – simply stating the truth and stating the need for change – then it will begin to have an impact on society.

And you will see a shift beyond what most people can even imagine. Because part of the programming that I spoke about in the beginning is precisely this idea that change is brought by the powerful people, by those who are in positions of authority, be it in church or the government or science. That any new change in society must come from that realm, and only what is approved by the elite will actually be carried out in society. Whereas I tell you, my beloved, the true positive changes that have happened on this planet have always happened because a number of so-called ordinary people embraced the idea.

My beloved, if George Washington or Thomas Jefferson, or any single person had signed the declaration of independence, it would have gone nowhere, I can assure you. But because 50 people were willing to sign it and risk their lives, it created a chain reaction. And because many more people were willing to support it, even to the point of being willing to risk their lives to do so, then it created that momentum that became the United States of America. The first country in the world to truly be based on the concept that human beings have rights that are not defined by any authority on Earth – be it the king or the emperor or the Pope – but are defined by a higher authority that no government on Earth has the right to override.


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