How one person can – and cannot – make a difference

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Saint Germain, December 29, 2007

My beloved hearts, you have heard various variations of the joke, “How many electricians does it take to change a light bulb? How many politicians does it take to change a light bulb?” But I, Saint Germain, want to present you with a new thought. How many ascended master students does it take to change a planet?


I am waiting for your answer, my beloved.

Audience: [Laughter]…. “One!”

Right the first time! It takes one. For my beloved, there is immense value in one person making up his or her mind that this or that manifestation of imperfection is no longer allowed on my planet.

You see, my beloved, from the cradle to the grave human beings are bombarded with energies and ideas that are designed for one purpose only—and that is to prevent you from exercising your co-creative powers in making this planet a more godly place to live. You are being programmed to be passive, to live like all other people, to think that one person cannot make a difference, that you do not have the power to change your society – even on the small level – and certainly not the power on a planetary level. But I tell you, my beloved, we have explained, over and over again, that everything on this planet is determined by the free will of human beings in embodiment.

And thus, one person CAN make a difference by making up his or her mind with absolute total unwavering determination. Which is something that is not actually an act of will, as you normally conceive will. For it is, as you spoke about in your discussion, an act of Being, of Being who you ARE, being in contact with a higher part of your being, so that the light from your higher being shines through the lower mind.

And that way you can come to a determination that is not the outer will – that can easily be shifted by this or that impulse from without – but is an inner determination—an inner knowing that this is the new reality on your planet, because you are being that change. And you are willing to BE the change in the world by holding the spiritual balance for that change, my beloved. So that you hold the vision – unwavering – that this or that manifestation will not come to be on this planet.

Understanding the power of “One”
You see, my beloved, many years ago this messenger was very concerned – at a young age – about nuclear war. He went deep into meditation one night and cried out to God – feeling a greater degree of oneness with God on the issue of nuclear war – he cried out to stop this. And he felt a return current, a reassurance that there would not be a nuclear war, at least a large-scale nuclear war on this planet. But that was because – unbeknownst to his outer mind – he had vowed to play a part in holding the balance so that there would not be such a war.

Yet, my beloved, one person cannot necessarily hold a balance if millions of people pull in the other direction. Because, again, the law of free will must outplay itself in giving people the lessons they need in order to change their consciousness. And so, you will know that, in the previous dispensation, I gave warnings about the potential for a nuclear war. And that was because, from a realistic assessment, not enough people had made that determination, that a nuclear war could completely be avoided.

And so you see, my beloved, while there is value in one person shifting his or her consciousness, there is in most issues a certain critical mass that must be reached, so that there is a counter-balance between those who are willing to raise their consciousness and those who are not, including those who are simply indifferent without knowing better.

So when I say that it only takes one ascended master student to change a planet, this is true in the sense that one person making up his or her mind will shift the collective consciousness. But it takes a certain critical mass of individuals to prevent certain outer manifestations. For if one person, or just a very few, could remove some ungodly condition from this planet, well how would the majority learn the lesson and come to the point where they have decided that they too have had enough of this or that manifestation?

So you see, my beloved, the power of one must be understood at different levels of consciousness. And so you see that there is value in YOU making up your mind, but that it is also necessary that you realize that you are not a separate individual living in a world with six billion other separate individuals. It is necessary that you contact the oneness in your own Being, which gives you the sense of oneness with your own I AM Presence, but also takes you to the next step of realizing your oneness with all other people.

And thus you realize, my beloved, that it is not always enough for you to come to an inner determination based on oneness with your own higher being. It is also necessary for you to fulfill the Omega requirement and go out and seek to awaken others, so that they can come into oneness with their own higher beings. And so that, eventually, a critical mass of people can come together in oneness on a particular issue, and therefore shift the collective consciousness

The critical mass
So, my beloved, what is the percentage? What is the critical mass? Well, as was spoken of earlier with the abolishment of slavery, there came a shift in the collective consciousness of humankind, where it became obvious to many people that it was not acceptable any longer that people could be owned as property. And that shift occurred when the top ten percent had come to that realization. So the magical number, in terms of truly shifting the collective consciousness, is ten percent.

If the lower ten percent are in agreement that a certain manifestation is acceptable to them – and this is what they want out of their own self-interest – well then if there is not a counter-balance of the top ten percent saying, “No, we will not allow this on our planet,” well then according to the law of free will, the lower ten percent will pull the population down.

But when the top ten percent come into alignment, come into agreement, well then they will pull the population up, and a positive shift would occur. And then – suddenly – many among the population can now see what they could not see before, because they were blinded by the duality consciousness, by the mass consciousness.

And thus, you see that even many of those who had experienced slavery themselves did not have enough awareness to speak out and say, “This is not right, this is not acceptable.” And so, right up until the shift had occurred, the majority of the population simply could not see what seems obvious to most people today—that human beings are not things that can be bought and sold in the marketplace. But when the top ten percent had shifted, well all of a sudden many among the population – without being consciously aware of the shift – realized, “Oh yes, this is obvious!” And now they supported the outer change.

Thus, again, everything begins with one person. But there is great strength in numbers. If two people in two different parts of the world – with no outer connection between them – reach the same determination, then it will count. But if those two people establish some sense of oneness between them with their outer minds, then it will count exponentially more. And thus, the whole is more than the sum of the parts.


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