How rosaries reinforce the effect of people doing physical work

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Mother Mary, January, 23, 2005

My beloved hearts, I come to give you the gratitude of Heaven for the magnificent work you have done with the Disaster Rosary and the other rosaries you have given. I want you to take a look at this disaster and see that even many of the medical experts are surprised that there has not been a widespread outbreak of contagious diseases. These experts did, in their professional opinions and assessment, expect such diseases to kill as many people as were killed directly by the tsunamis. I want you to understand that had it not been for your work with my rosaries, these epidemics surely would have come to pass.

I am not thereby asking you to in any way feel a conceited sense that you alone and the rosaries alone prevented these epidemics. Surely, many dedicated healthcare workers were on the scene and took the physical measures that were also a necessary ingredient in preventing the outbreak of disease. Yet I must tell you that when someone on Earth does the spiritual work, then the physical efforts of other people will have a far greater effect.

This is the principle that I desire you to understand by seeing how just a few people giving a rosary can have a positive impact on a situation as severe as the aftermath of the tsunami disaster. Your calls have also healed and consoled many, opened up ways to get critical supplies to the right places and made it easier for the survivors to start rebuilding. And truly your calls opened up for more generous financial aid.

Truly, this should give you a sense of comeasurement of what can be achieved when those who are the spiritual people of Earth use my rosaries to reinforce the efforts of those who are taking physical action to improve world conditions. This should give you the sense that truly there are no limitations for what can be achieved in terms of positive change on Earth, except perhaps the limitations you allow to linger in your minds.

Do you not see that you have been brought up, almost from infancy, to limit the power of God and God’s ability to change this world? And most especially, you have been brought up to limit God’s power to work through you. This is truly the greatest travesty on Earth, that those who are the sons and daughters of God have been programmed to deny their heritage, and thereby programmed to deny God the ability to work through them.

My beloved, do you not see that Jesus came for the primary purpose of shattering the illusion that God cannot work through a human being and bring forth positive change on Earth? He came to demonstrate that nothing is too hard for the Lord and that with God all things are possible. And you are with God when you go deeply within yourself, when you go into the kingdom of God that is within you, and find the God Presence that is truly deep within every human being.

And so my rosaries are no substitute for finding the Presence of God within you. And I would never want you to see them as such. Yet my rosaries are guiding rods, they are a ladder that helps you climb into the kingdom of God within you. The rosaries help you climb above the mass consciousness that pulls you down into accepting your mortality, or even accepting yourself as a miserable sinner who must passively wait for an outer savior to come and save you.


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